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1. "Many have argued that a vacuum does not exist, others claim it exists only with difficulty in spite of the repugnance of nature; I know of no one who claims it easily exists without any resistance from nature."
Author: Evangelista Torricelli
2. "Good people hire people better than themselves. So A players hire A+ players. But others hire below their skills to make themselves look good. So B players hire C players. C players hire D players, etc."
Author: Guy Kawasaki
3. "The hot water pools are steaming, Fagan and Monsanto and the others are all sitting peacefully up to their necks, they're all naked, but there's a gang of fairies also there naked all standing in various bath house postures that make me hesitate to take my clothes off just on general principles. (p. 106)"
Author: Jack Kerouac
4. "Always see the goodness in others for it will sent you to righteousness,.. Amen"
Author: Jinnul Jr.
5. "May our effort, confidence and concern for others be the altar from which we pray for personal abundance."
Author: Laura Teresa Marquez
6. "Authors from whom others steal should not complain, but rejoice. Where there is no game there are no poachers."
Author: Marie Von Ebner Eschenbach
7. "Search others for their virtue, and yourself for your vices."
Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
8. "Encouraging others can be the catalyst to unleashing their greatness."
Author: Rob Liano
9. "Certain people will be upset when you speak the truth. They might get mad. They might get really mad. That's because they are still living the lie you've exposed. Stay strong. Speak truth. Do not allow yourself to get pulled back into their lie just to make others happy and yourself miserable. You are free. Stay free."
Author: Toni Sorenson

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