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1. "Daca te dai batuta fara sa încerci ?i imposibilul nu are rost sa te mai nume?ti conducatoarea lor. Tu ai puteri incredibile, pe care nimeni nu le cunoa?te deocamdata. E?ti o fiin?a speciala pentru ei, numai ca ai nivelul tau de originalitate ?i puterile tale se lasa a?teptate. Dar asta nu te face mai pu?in capabila pentru ceea ce e?ti cu adevarat în sufletul tau."
Author: Adina Speteanu
2. "Puterile lumii sint trei: inetligenta, forta si fericirea."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
3. "Many of the touted advantages of electronic voting can still be achieved with paper ballots if you use a computerized ballot marking scheme."
Author: Avi Rubin
4. "The entire health care system is now being organized around machines instead of human beings. Not prioritized to reduce human suffering, but rather to optimize a computerized recordkeeping system. This is a tragedy."
Author: Carolyn Jourdan
5. "Your beautiful password is dead. It was simply too complex and too damned exquisite to live in your humdrum world, your humdrum mind. Now you must face the ignominy of clicking the password reset button for the 58th time this year. And as you trudge dolefully toward your inbox, waiting for the help letter to arrive, the cruel laughter of His Computerised Majesty rings in your ears. You have failed, human. You have failed."
Author: Charlie Brooker
6. "Si poate ca si el avusese dreptate, cunoscandu-se cum se cunoastea, sa se abtina de la orice promisiune. E adevarat ca ma poftise sa fac un experiment si sa-l pun pe el la incercare. [...] Un privilegiu extraordinar, de care insa nu ma puteam folosi. Vor fi existand poate femei care se bucura de aceasta onoare. Dar nimic in puterile si instinctele mele nu ma plasa si pe mine printre ele. Lasata singura deveneam pasiva, apatica; odata respinsa, preferam sa ma retrag; iar daca eram uitata, buzele mele n-aveau sa murmure niciodata vreo vorba si nici ochii mei nu i-ar fi adresat vreo privire, spre a ma face amintita."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
7. "Kamu benar, Puteri. Perasan itu sudah mengkristal.Dan akan kusimpan. Selamanya."
Author: Dee
8. "Beyond that, states had to also have electronic voting machines that made it possible for people who are physically handicapped to vote in private... and the computerized voting machine made it very easy for, particularly, the blind."
Author: DeForest Soaries
9. "Property is no longer about power, personality andcommand. It's not about vulgar display or tasteful display. Because it no longer has weight or shape.The only thing that matters is the price you pay. Yourself, Eric, think. What did you buy for your onehundred and four million dollars? Not dozens of rooms, incomparable views, private elevators. Not therotating bedroom and computerized bed. Not the swimming pool or the shark. Was it air rights? Theregulating sensors and software? Not the mirrors that tell you how you feel when you look at yourselfin the morning. You paid the money for the number itself. One hundred and four million. This is whatyou bought. And it's worth it. The number justifies itself."
Author: Don DeLillo
10. "Fiziologii ar trebui sa mai chibzuiasca înainte de a afirma ca in¬stinctul primordial al unei fiinte organice este instinctul de conser¬vare. Fiinta vie nazuieste înainte de toate sa dea curs liber puterii sale -viata, ea însasi, este voita de putere -: instinctul de con¬servare fiind doar o consecinta indirecta, una dintre cele mai frec¬vente ale ei. - Pe scurt, aici precum si în alta parte, atentie fata de principiile teleologice inutile! – cum este acela al instinctului de conservare (pe care îl datoram inconsecventei lui Spinoza). În acest fel se ordoneaza metoda ce trebuie sa fie, în esenta, economie de principii."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
11. "Fire?te,n-o sa sparg zidul cu fruntea daca într-adevar nu am putere ca sa il sparg, dar nu o sa ma resemnez în fa?a lui doar pentru ca am în fa?a mea un zid de piatra ?i nu m-au ?inut puterile sa îl sfarm."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
12. "We have a reliable computerized network devoted to counterterrorist activities."
Author: George Pataki
13. "Numai moartea e o for?a la fel de absoluta, dar în lupta de veacuri dintre aceste doua puteri, dragostea este cea care ia moartea de gât, îi pune genunchiul în piept, o bate ziua ?i noaptea, o învinge în fiecare primavara, o urmare?te pas cu pas ?i-n fiecare groapa pe care aceasta o sapa, dragostea arunca samân?a unei vie?i noi."
Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz
14. "The Library was outmoded and archaic—it had been so even in Ebling Mis's time—but that was all to the good. Pelorat always rubbed his hands with excitement when he thought of an old and outmoded Library. The older and the more outmoded, the more likely it was to have what he needed. In his dreams, he would enter the Library and ask in breathless alarm, 'Has the Library been modernized? Have you thrown out the old tapes and computerizations?' And always he imagined the answer from dusty and ancient librarians, 'As it has been, Professor, so it is still."
Author: Isaac Asimov
15. "My war - and I have yet to win a decisive battle - is with the modes of thought that and conditioned feelings that prevail in psychology and therefore also in the way we think and feel about our being. Of these conditions none are more tyrannical than the convictions that clamp the mind and heart into positivistic science (geneticism and computerism), economics (bottom-line capitalism), and single-minded faith (fundamentalism)."
Author: James Hillman
16. "Cu siguranta, nu-l ura. Nu, ura trecuse cu mult timp in urma si cam tot de atunci se nascuse senzatia de rusine pentru ca avusese fata de el un sentiment care s-ar fi putut numi astfel. Respetul fata de el, generat de credinta ca avea calitati de pret, desi cu greu acceptat la inceput, incetase de la un timp a-l mai considera in neconcordanta cu simtamintele ei, iar acum respectul acesta crescuse, se modificase, devenise un soi de prietenie, datorita marturiilor ce-i fusesera atat de favorabile si datorita luminii atat de bune in care se plasase in ziua aceea. [...] Il respecta, il stima, ii era recunoscatoare, ii dorea numai binele, ar fi vrut doar sa stie cat dorea el ca binele acela sa fie legat de ea si in ce masura ar fi fost spre fericirea amandurora sa-si foloseasca puterile, pe care-si imagina ca inca le mai are, pentru a-l face sa-si reinnoiasca cererea."
Author: Jane Austen
17. "Turn left in two hundred feet " the computerized voice said in a cheery voice. "There is no turn in two hundred feet you bitch " I yelled toward the screen. "Zoom out." Nothing happened. "ZOOM. OUT " I said again louder before the screen responded to the voice-activated command."
Author: Jenn Bennett
18. "Puterile mele active sunt dezacordate si cufundate într-o trândavie plina de neliniste; nu pot sa stau fara sa fac nimic, si totusi nici nu sunt în stare sa fac ceva. Nu mai am pic de imaginatie, nu mai simt nimic în fata naturii, iar cartile ma dezgusta. Când ne lipsim noua însine, totul ne lipseste. Îti jur ca, de multe ori, as vrea sa fiu muncitor cu ziua numai ca sa pot avea dimineata, când ma scol, o nadejde în ziua care începe, un imbold, o speranta."
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
19. "Taj Mahal adalah bangunan yang menjadi bagian dari salah satu tujuh keajaiban dunia. Dibangun oleh Shah Jahan sebagai pusara bagi istrinya Mumtaz Mahal yang meninggal karena melahirkan sungsang ketika peperangan sedang berlangsung. Bagi Shah Jahan Taj Mahal adalah gambaran kecantikan dan keanggunan isterinya yang akan selalu dikenang oleh dirinya dan rakyatnya. Shah Jahan mengutus arsitek berdarah Persia untuk membangun Taj Mahal, Isa namanya. Yang akhirnya jatuh cinta pada Jahanara, puteri Shah Jahan yang bersuamikan Khondamir. Isa sangat mengagumi kecantikan Jahanara yang sangat mirip dengan ibunya, Mumtaz Mahal. Jahanara pun selingkuh dengan Isa yang juga sangat ia cintai, karena sejatinya Jahanara tidak pernah mencintai khondamir. Mereka menikah hanya karena alasan politik. Dibalik bangunan indah dan berdiri megah itu terdapat kisah yang haru, kejam, indah sekaligus membawa pembaca pada zaman kerajaan Hindustan."
Author: John Shors
20. "The Beatles production is often so 'perfect' that it sounds computerized. 'Sgt. Pepper' really does sound like it took four months to make."
Author: Jon Landau
21. "...a woman's voice said, "if you've reached this message and you weren't trying to contact Regin the Radient" -Regin?-"then I know three things about you. One of my half sisters just tooled your ass and never wants to see you again. B. You're pop-culturally illiterate enough not to know this number is a song. And three, you'll never tell another male about this humiliating prank, so the number trick can be continued indefinitely. If however, you called for moi, then say something to amuse me after the beep."..Just as he was about to unleash his wrath in a message, a computerized voice said, "Mailbox is full."
Author: Kresley Cole
22. "The cottages are full of life. It's incredible to think they are filled with people who know nothing of computerised technology, nor even running water, sewage systems or electricity. And yet here they live. Surviving."
Author: Marianne Curley
23. "I hate the fact that so much of our life is computerised rather than mechanised."
Author: Martin Freeman
24. "Închipuiti-va ca într-o zi ar fi venit un tren si n-am fi mai avut putere sa urcam în el. L-am dorit prea mult, l-am asteptat prea mult. Ne-am epuizat în asteptare si nu ne-a ramas nicio picatura de energie pentru a ne bucura de sosirea lucrului asteptat. Numai ca ne-am fi simtit striviti de o mare tristete, amintindu-ne cât am visat trenul acela care acum pleaca fara noi. Si ce-am fi putut face dupa plecarea trenului? Singura noastra sansa ar fi fost sa uitam de el, sa uitam de toate, sa dormim, iar când ne trezeam, cu ultimile noastre puteri, sa asteptam alt tren..."
Author: Octavian Paler
25. "I grew up having to piss in a bucket 'cos there was no indoor shitter, and now I have these computerised Japanese super-loo things that have heated seats and wash and blow-dry your arse at the touch of a button. Give it a couple of years and I'll have a bog with a robot arm that pulls out my turds, so I don't have to strain."
Author: Ozzy Osbourne
26. "Ibu bapak tani—ibu bapak tanah air—akan meratapi putera-puterinya yang terkubur dalam udara terbuka di atas rumput hijau, di bawah naungan langit biru di mana awan putih berarak dan angin bersuling di rumpun bambu. Kemudian tinggallah tulang belulang putih yang bercerita pada musafir lalu, " Di sini pernah terjadi pertempuran. Dan aku mati di sini." (h. 22)"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
27. "I would not minimize the digital divide, which separates the computerized world from the rest, nor would I underestimate the importance of traditional books."
Author: Robert Darnton
28. "The ultimate downfall of the computerized holographic receptionist was that there was no amount of flattery, flirtation or chocolate that could convince one to lie for you."
Author: Scott B. Pruden

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