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1. "I prefer to make up my own quotes and attribute them to very smart people, so that I can use them to win arguments"
Author: Albert Einstein
2. "The film, even when we were making it in that budget range, which was really a coup - we got it made because we pitched it to the studio head, Joe Roth."
Author: Alex Winter
3. "Peter Drucker quotes a definition of an entrepreneur as someone who moves resources from areas of lower productivity and yield to areas of higher productivity and yield."
Author: Andrew S. Grove
4. "And so he suspected the mayor of easing the budget crunch for sheltering the poor by giving them one-way bus tickets to warmer climates. And that was cold."
Author: Carol O'Connell
5. "...if Clinton's answers come off as well-intended lectures, Obama is offering soaring sermons and generational opportunity. In 1960, the articulate Adlai Stevenson compared his own oratory unfavorably with John F. Kennedy's. "Do you remember," Stevenson said, "that in classical times when Cicero had finished speaking, the people said, 'How well he spoke,' but when Demosthenes had finished speaking, the people said, 'Let us march.' " At this hour, Obama is the Democrats' Demosthenes."
Author: E.J. Dionne Jr.
6. "The quotes were good, if overpolished. I find this common, and in direct proportion to the amount of TV a subject watches. Not long ago, I interviewed a woman whose twenty-two-year-old daughter had just been murdered by her boyfriend, and she gave me a line straight from a legal drama I happened to catch the night before: I'd like to say that I pity him, but now I fear I'll never be able to pity again."
Author: Gillian Flynn
7. "Even the Congressional Budget Office and the Social Security trustees appointed by the president say that Social Security is financially sound, without any changes for the next 40 to 50 years."
Author: James Roosevelt
8. "I think quotes are very dangerous things."
Author: Kate Bush
9. "We do all the appropriating. They do not do any of it down at the White House. They send a budget up here, and we don't have to pay any attention it to at all. We do what we want to do."
Author: Lamar Alexander
10. "I don't buy into this, 'Oh, poor us. We've got tough budget problems.'"
Author: Lisa Murkowski
11. "BaBa Ram Dass could only be appreciated by Hippies and college students on acid in the 60's..!!When you read his quotes now, you say to yourself..."how the FUCK did this burned out dude get SO MANY gullible follower's..??"
Author: Ram Dass

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