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1. "Words cannot express my disappointment that I must pass on the invitation to once again witness your gelatinous buttocks swaying as you try to climb a greased pole naked in search of athletic glory. Sadly, the last occasion on which I witnessed this event had a deleterious effect on my psyche for which I am still seeking the attention of a therapist.A.C. Kemp as Lady Arabella Snark"
Author: A.C. Kemp
2. "How is it possible that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes, such enchanted musical instruments as the ears, and such fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain can experience itself anything less than a god."
Author: Alan Watts
3. "Personne dans la salle, les bruits de la ville en contrebas, plus loin des lumières sur la baie. J'entends l'Arabe respirer très fort, et ses yeux brillent dans la pénombre. Au loin, est-ce le bruit de la mer ? le monde soupire vers moi dans un rythme long et m'apporte l'indifférence et la tranquillité de ce qui ne meurt pas."
Author: Albert Camus
4. "Sarabeth wondered at the sheer energy it must have taken for her mother to be dissatisfied by so much. Her psyche was like a huge grid of mousetraps, set to spring at the lightest touch. There were traps for Sarabeth's father,traps for Sarabeth. The biggest trap, though, was the grid itself,the trap of being Lorelei."
Author: Ann Packer
5. "What geomancy reads what the windblown sand writes on the desert rock? I read there that all things live by a generous power and dance to a mighty tune; or I read there all things are scattered and hurled, that our every arabesque and grand jete is a frantic variation on our one free fall."
Author: Annie Dillard
6. "C'était ainsi que les Noirs parlaient du maire [noir] de Chicago, avec une familiarité et une affection normalement réversées à un parent. On voyait sa photo partout: chez le cordonnier et dans les salons de beauté; ou encore collée sur les poteaux des lampadaires depuis la dernière campagne; et jusque dans les vitrines des blanchisseurs coréens et des épiciers arabes, exposée en bonne place tel un totem protecteur. Cette photo me regardait à présent, du haut du mur de la boutique: une belle tête grisonnante, des sourcils et une moustache en broussaille, une étincelle dans les yeux."
Author: Barack Obama
7. "Inzwischen geht es ihm besser, manche Tage seien schon fieberfrei, auch die Träume, in denen er Baron Humboldt erwürge, zerhacke, erschieße, anzünde, vergifte oder unter Steinen begrabe, würden seltener."
Author: Daniel Kehlmann
8. "Clarabelle...Clarabelle... You worked as Kenspeckle Grouse's assistant, did you not?''One of the. He fired all the others.''But not you?''He fired me on the second day, but I kept coming in. I had nowhere else to go.''And then you killed him.''Yes.''A Remnant squirmed inside you, and you killed Kenspeckle Grouse.''Yes.'Nye grinned. 'You're hired. But I have warn you, if you try to kill me, I will dissect you and sing along to your screams.''Can I have Mondays off?''You may."
Author: Derek Landy
9. "Massignon a combattu infatigablement en faveur de la civilisation musulmane et, comme en témoignent de nombreux essais et lettres écrits après 1948, pour soutenir les réfugiés palestiniens, pour défendre les droits des Arabes musulmans et chrétiens de Palestine contre le sionisme, contre ce qu'il appelé, de manière caustique, "le colonialisme bourgeois" des Israéliens" (...) Pourtant, Massignon place implicitement l'Orient islamique dans une période ancienne pour l'essentiel, et l'Occident dans la modernité. Comme Robertson Smith, il considère que l'Oriental n'est pas un homme moderne, mais un Sémite (...)"
Author: Edward W. Said
10. "Dire, comme le font Lewis et ses imitateurs, que toutes ces opinions ne font qu'épouser des "causes à la mode" ne répond pas à la question de savoir pourquoi, par exemple, tant de spécialistes de l'islam étaient et sont encore régulièrement consultés par des gouvernements, pour lesquels il travaille activement, et dont le dessein se résume à l'exploitation, la domination et l'agression ouverte du monde islamique ; ; ou pourquoi tant de spécialistes de l'islam - comme Lewis lui-même - estiment de leur propre chef qu'il fait parti de leur devoir d'organiser l'attaque contre les peuples musulmans et arabes contemporains tout en prétendant que la culture arabe "classique" peut néanmoins faire l'objet d'études désintéressées."
Author: Edward W. Said
11. "Insanlardan nefret ettigin anlamina gelmez bu, ne diye onlardan nefret edesin ki? ne diye kendinden nefret edesin ki? keske insan türüne ait olmak, o dayanilmaz ve sagir edici gürültüyü de beraberinde getirmeseydi; keske hayvanlar aleminden çikip asilan o birkaç gülünç adimin bedeli, sözcüklerin, büyük tasarilarin, büyük atilimlarin o dinmek bilmeyen hazimsizligi olmasaydi! karsi karsiya getirilebilen basparmaklara, iki ayak üstünde durusa, omuzlar üzerinde basin yarim dönüsüne fazla agir bir bedel bu. yasam denen bu kazan, bu firin, bu izgara, bu milyarlarca uyari, kiskirtma, tembih, coskunluk, bu bitmek bilmeyen baski ortami, bu sonsuz üretme, ezme, yutma, engelleri asma, durmadan ve yeniden bastan baslama makinesi, senin degersiz varolusunun her gününü, her saatini yönetmek isteyen bu yumusak dehset."
Author: Georges Perec
12. "Am vazut deci arzand un om pe rug, si asta mi-a inspirat dorinta de a disparea in acelasi mod. In acest fel totul dispare imediat. Omul grabeste opera lenta a naturii... Trupul e mort, spiritul a disparut. Focul ce purificca imprastie in cateva ore ce a fost candva o fiinta" Insemnarile lui Maupassant din 7 septembrie 1884"
Author: Guy De Maupassant
13. "Mirabeau: "If you have been told to clear us from this hall, you must ask for orders to use force. We shall leave our seats only at bayonet point. The King can cause us to be killed; tell him we all await death; but he need not hope that we shall separate until we have made the constitution."Audible only to his neighbor, he adds, "If they come, we bugger off, quick."
Author: Hilary Mantel
14. "Both [Quine and Feyerabend] want to revise a version of positivism. Quine started with the Vienna Circle, and Feyerabend with the Copenhagen school of quantum mechanics. Both the Circle and the school have been called children of Ernst Mach; if so, the philosophies of Feyerabend and Quine must be his grandchildren."
Author: Ian Hacking
15. "On sul mõnikord kõigest villand? On sul mõnikord hirm, et kõik läheb kuradile, kui sa ise ei hakka vastu rabelema?"
Author: J.D. Salinger
16. "Arabella- Why you felt it was imperative for me to leave my house in a traveling trunk is still beyond me. You did see Zayne and Hamilton drop it, didn't you?Theodore- They told me to tell you they were very sorry about that.Arabella- Yes, I could tell they were dreadfully sorry, especially with all the laughter I heard through the one air hole someone considerately remembered to provide. I think gentlemen in general are deranged."
Author: Jen Turano
17. "Finn lowers his voice to a confidential whisper. ‘Arabella wasmy first literary infatuation. I had a mad crush on her."
Author: Jessica Spotswood
18. "Islam and Christianity promise eternal paradise to the faithful. And that is a powerful opiate, certainly, the hope of a better life to come. But there's a Sufi story that challenges the notion that people believe only because they need an opiate. Rabe'a al-Adiwiyah, a great woman saint of Sufism, was seem running through the streets of her hometown, Basra, carrying a torch in one hand and a bucket of water in the other. When someone asked her what she was doing, she answered, 'I am going to take this bucket of water and pour it on the flames of hell, and then I am going to use this torch to burn down the gates of paradise so that people will not love God for want of heaven of fear of hell, but because He is God."
Author: John Green
19. "François Rabelais. He was this poet. And his last words were ‘I go to seek a Great Perhaps.' That's why I'm going. So I don't have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps."
Author: John Green
20. "I was born into Bolivar's labyrinth, so I must believe in the hope of Rabelais' Great Perhaps."
Author: John Green
21. "Arabella was good at making life seem easy, except when she suddenly and dramatically wasn't."
Author: John Lanchester
22. "The idea of luxury, even the word "luxury," was important to Arabella. Luxury meant something that was by definition overpriced, but was so nice, so lovely, in itself that you did not mind, in fact was so lovely that the expensiveness became part of the point, part of the distinction between the people who could not afford a thing and the select few who not only could, but also understood the desirability of paying so much for it. Arabella knew that there were thoughtlessly rich people who could afford everything; she didn't see herself as one of them but instead as one of an elite who both knew what money meant and could afford the things they wanted; and the knowledge of what money meant gave the drama of high prices a special piquancy. She loved expensive things because she knew what their expensiveness meant. She had a complete understanding of the signifiers."
Author: John Lanchester
23. "On the opposite wall was a Damien Hirst spot painting, bought by Arabella after a decent bonus season. Roger's considered view of the painting, looking at it from aesthetic, art-historical, interior-design, and psychological points of view, was that it had cost forty-seven thousand pounds, plus VAT."
Author: John Lanchester
24. "Etiquette was so confounding in this country. Still, looking at Mirabella-her fists balled together like small, white porcupines, her brows knitted in animal confusion-I felt a throb of compassion. How can people live like they do? I wondered. Then I congragulated myself. This was a Stage 3 thought."
Author: Karen Russell
25. "Han måtte rehabilitere seg ved et bedrag; når han lot gjelde at han var som andre, at han var kommensurabel, så måtte jo stakkaren bruke sin egen målestokk og overtale seg til å tro på den. Han hadde kanskje sin lille lykke ved dette, han hadde iallfall ingen annen. Kunst altsammen altså? Kunst altsammen. Men intet dårlig kunstverk."
Author: Knut Hamsun
26. "Oh happy Meat. Oh happy Soul. Oh happy Rabo Karabekian."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
27. "Rabo Karabekian: I'm in the middle of a sentence.Circe Berman: Who isn't?."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
28. "Gods, the love that saturated the room was so potent that Arabella couldn't breathe.This was what she wanted. Someone who wouldn't let go, someone who would love her so much he'd wait decades to be reunited with her."
Author: Libby Bishop
29. "...ei, daca asa s-ar fi intamplat lucrurile, va asigur ca mi-asi fi scos palaria si asi fi zis: domnule, este o lege! Daca e buna, daca e rea, nu discutam acum! buna sau rea, e pentru toata lumea si daca tu, care ai facut-o, o s-o simti si tu pe coaja ta ca e rea, o sa te grabesti cat mai repede s-o schimbi. Da, dar tu vii si nu respecti legea, il iai tot pe ala lovitu si-l judeci, iar pe ala care a lovit stai cu el in sedinta..."
Author: Marin Preda
30. "Sevgi bazen yaninda aciyi da getirir ama su an hissettigin acinin beraberinde sevgiyi de getirip getiremeyecegini bilmenin hiçbir yolu yoktur."
Author: Mercedes Lackey
31. "There is a class whose value I should designate as Favorites: such as Froissart's Chronicles; Southey's Chronicle of the Cid ; Cervantes ; Sully's Memoirs ; Rabelais ; Montaigne ; Izaak Walton; Evelyn; Sir Thomas Browne; Aubrey ; Sterne ; Horace Walpole ; Lord Clarendon ; Doctor Johnson ; Burke, shedding floods of light on his times ; Lamb; Landor ; and De Quincey ;- a list, of course, that may easily be swelled, as dependent on individual caprice. Many men are as tender and irritable as lovers in reference to these predilections. Indeed, a man's library is a sort of harem, and I observe that tender readers have a great pudency in showing their books to a stranger."
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
32. "Insan yasadigi yerlerde beraber bulundugu insanlara görünmez ince tellerle baglanirmis; ayrilik vaktinde bu baglar gerilmeye, kopan keman telleri gibi aci sesler çikarmaya baslar, hep birinin gönlümüzden kopup ayrilmasi bir ayri sizi uyandirirmis. Bunu yazan sair ne kadar hakliymis!"
Author: Reşat Nuri Güntekin
33. "I was doing a play out in L.A. 20-some-odd years ago called 'Goose and Tomtom' by David Rabe, and somebody saw it and the next thing I know I'm doing the table read of the film version of 'Glengarry Glen Ross' with Al Pacino and Jack Lemmon - one of the great films of our generation."
Author: Richard Schiff
34. "Mum said no one has ever called me by my first name so I've always assumed that even as a baby they could tell I wasn't an Arabella, a name with loops and flourishes in black-inked calligraphy; a name that contains within it girls called Bella or Bells or Belle - so many beautiful possibilities. No, from the start I was clearly a Beatrice, sensible and unembellished in Times New Roman, with no one hiding inside."
Author: Rosamund Lupton
35. "Mums answer is so unexpected and I am a litte stunned, actually. I wonder whether, had I known the reason for my name as a child, I would have tried to live up to it. Instead of being a failed Arabella, I might have become a Shakespearean plucky Beatrice."
Author: Rosamund Lupton
36. "Bir aksam eve dönerken mahallenin bakkalina ugramis, öteberi almistim. tam kapidan çikacagim sirada, karsi evin bir odasinda kira ile oturan bekarin radyosu weber'in oberon operasi uvertürünü çalmaya basladi. az daha elimdeki paketleri yere düsürecektim. maria ile beraber gittigimiz birkaç operadan biri de buydu ve onun weber'e hususi bir muhabbeti oldugunu biliyordum; yolda hep onun uvertürünü islikla çalardi. kendisinden daha dün ayrilmis gibi taze bir hasret duydum. kaybedilen en kiymetli esyanin, servetin, her türlü dünya saadetinin acisi zamanla unutuluyor. yalniz kaçirilan firsatlar asla akildan çikmiyor ve her hatirlayista insanin içini sizlatiyor. bunun sebebi herhalde "bu öyle olmayabilirdi!" düsüncesi yoksa insan mukadder telakki ettigi seyleri kabule her zaman hazir."
Author: Sabahattin Ali
37. "Bana rast geldiginden memnun görünüyordu. Ihtimal, eristigi mertebeleri gösterebildigine, yahut da, benim halimi düsünerek, benim gibi olmadigina seviniyordu. Nedense, hayatta bir müddet beraber yürüdügümüz insanlarin basina bir felaket geldigini, herhangi bir sikintiya düstüklerini görünce bu belalari kendi basimizdan savmis gibi ferahlik duyar ve o zavallilara, sanki bize de gelebilecek belalari kendi üstlerine çektikleri için, alaka ve merhamet göstermek isteriz. Hamdi de bana ayni hislerle hitap eder gibiydi."
Author: Sabahattin Ali
38. "Kitaplar yeni tanidiklarina karsi çok ketum olurlar. Bir kere de onlarla laubali oldunuz mu size malik olduklari her seyi verirler ve onlar bizim isteyebilecegimiz her seye fazlasiyla maliktirler. Kitaplari bir kadin gibi sevenler, yalniz bekar odalarinin azabini daha az duyarlar. Ellerinde bir kitapla beraber yattiklari, basuçlarindaki lambayi yaktiklari zaman, bahtiyar bir evlilik hayatinin daima tekrar edilen saadetini hissederler. Kitaplarla zifafa girmesini bilen adam, beserliginden kurtulmaya baslamistir.Ve biz daima, daima beseriz."
Author: Sabahattin Ali
39. "Önümüzde hayat... Her gün bir baska uykuya yatip bir baska rüya görecegiz. Halbuki her zaman, agir agir bizimle beraber akan nehir, bir göle variyordu. Bu gölde artik biz akmiyor, dalgalanmiyorduk. Yahut bana öyle geliyordu."
Author: Sait Faik Abasıyanık
40. "In the middle section of the book Mirabelle breaks into not one, but two houses near Belgravia Books. I had fun scoping these out - checking which windows looked least secure and figuring out how to scale the mews houses to the rear to get her inside. A man came out at one point, 'What are you doing?' he questioned me. 'The thing is, I'm writing a book,' I started with a smile. He waved me off, his hand as wide as a tennis racket. 'Everyone is writing a book, my dear,' he said. Between you and I, it's his house that MIrabelle ends up breaking into."
Author: Sara Sheridan
41. "Mirabelle and Vesta have plenty in common because they are facing descrimination in different ways, but they're also a nice contrast."
Author: Sara Sheridan
42. "Nereye gidersen git kendini de beraberinde götürürsün."Düsünceyi zihninin derinliklerine ittirdi. Ustalastigi bir aliskanlik. Zihninin derinlikleri ne çöplerle doluydu..."
Author: Stephen King
43. "Some nights, alone, he thinks of her, and some nights, alone, she thinks of him. Some night these thoughts, separated by miles and time zones, occur at the same objective moment, and Ray and Mirabelle are connected without ever knowing it."
Author: Steve Martin
44. "He never complicates a desire by overthinking it, unlike Mirabelle, who spins a cocoon around an idea until it is immobile."
Author: Steve Martin
45. "As she sits in a booth, it never occurs to her to observe herself, and thus she is spared the image of a girl sitting alone in a bar on Saturday night. A girl who is willing to give every ounce of herself to someone, who could never betray her lover, who never suspects maliciousness of anyone, and whose sexuality sleeps within her, waiting to be stirred. .... She keeps working to make connections, but the pile of near misses is starting to overwhelm her. What Mirabelle needs is some omniscient voice to illuminate and spotlight her, and to inform everyone that this one has value, this one over here, the one sitting in the bar by herself, and then to find her counterpart and bring him to her."
Author: Steve Martin
46. "Mirabelle is not sparkling tonight, because she works only in gears, and tonight she is in the wrong gear. Third gear is her scholarly, perspicacious, witty self; second gear is her happy, giddy, childish self; and first gear is her complaining, helpless, unmotivated self. Tonight she is somewhere midshift, between helpless and childish."
Author: Steve Martin
47. "At first I did not love you, Jude; that I own. When I first knew you I merely wanted you to love me. I did not exactly flirt with you; but that inborn craving which undermines some women's morals almost more than unbridled passion--the craving to attract and captivate, regardless of the injury it may do the man--was in me; and when I found I had caught you, I was frightened. And then--I don't know how it was-- I couldn't bear to let you go--possibly to Arabella again--and so I got to love you, Jude. But you see, however fondly it ended, it began in the selfish and cruel wish to make your heart ache for me without letting mine ache for you."
Author: Thomas Hardy
48. "Yes. I—I can't help liking her—just a little bit! She's not an ungenerous nature; and I am so glad her difficulties have all suddenly ended." She explained how Arabella had been summoned back, and would be enabled to retrieve her position. "I was referring to our old question. What Arabella has been saying to me has made me feel more than ever how hopelessly vulgar an institution legal marriage is—a sort of trap to catch a man—I can't bear to think of it. I wish I hadn't promised to let you put up the banns this morning!"
Author: Thomas Hardy
49. "Bu an için, sadece bu an için, beraberiz. Seni bana bastiriyorum. Gel, aci, beslen benden. Sivri dislerini etime batir. Beni ikiye ayir. Agliyorum, agliyorum."
Author: Virginia Woolf
50. "Pride is the chalice into which all human sins are poured: it glitters and jingles and its arabesque lures your gaze, while your lips involuntarily touch the seductive beverage."
Author: Vladimir Odoevsky

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