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1. "I developed a mania for Fitzgerald - by the time I'd graduated from high school I'd read everything he'd written. I started with 'The Great Gatsby' and moved on to 'Tender Is the Night,' which just swept me away. Then I read 'This Side of Paradise,' his novel about Princeton - I literally slept with that book under my pillow for two years."
Author: A. Scott Berg
2. "Andy: Andrew Makepeace Ladd, the Third, accepts with pleasure the kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Channing Gardner for a birthday party in honor of their daughter Melissa on April 19th, 1937 at half past three o'clock.Melissa: Dear Andy: Thank you for the birthday present. I have a lot of Oz books, but not 'The Lost Princess of Oz.' What made you give me that one? Sincerely yours, Melissa.Andy: I'm answering your letter about the book. When you came into second grade with that stuck-up nurse, you looked like a lost princess.Melissa: I don't believe what you wrote. I think my mother told your mother to get that book. I like the pictures more than the words. Now let's stop writing letters."
Author: A.R. Gurney
3. "Buku adalah sahabat paling setiarela mendampingi sepanjang waktudi mana pun aku beradatanpa pernah memikirkan dirinya."
Author: Abdurahman Faiz
4. "When I observe Gram, I see how fragile the notion of tradition can be. If I take my eyes off the way she kneads her Easter bread, or if I fail to study the way she sews a seam in suede, or if I lose the mental image I have of her when she negotiates a better deal with a button salesman, somehow, the very essence of her will be lost. When she goes, the responsibility for carrying on will fall to me. My mother says I'm the keeper of the flame, because I work here, and because I choose to live here. A flame is a very fragile thing, too, and there are times when I wonder if I'm the on who can keep it going."
Author: Adriana Trigiani
5. "Caci în fata lui Dumnezeu nu se pune atît problema libertatii cît problema raului. E cunoscuta alternativa: sau nu suntem liberi, si Dumnezeu cel atotputernic este responsabil pentru raul din lume, sau suntem liberi si responsabili, dar atunci Dumnezeu nu mai este atotputernic. Toate subtilitatile unor scoli de gîndire n-au schimbat cîtusi de putin caracterul definitiv al acestui paradox."
Author: Albert Camus
6. "Kyle had gone from confused and possibly hurt to a card-carrying member of PFLAG. Literally; he'd shown Brad the card the other day."
Author: Anne Tenino
7. "All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind."
Author: Aristotle
8. "The last generation's worst fears became the next one's B-grade entertainment."
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
9. "Judging from all the colorful brochures and fulsome eulogies, Hell is a deserted tropical paradise."
Author: Bauvard
10. "Know then, proud man, what a paradox you are to yourself. Be humble, impotent reason! Be silent, feeble nature! Learn that man infinitely transcends man, hear from your master your true condition, which is unknown to you."
Author: Blaise Pascal
11. "And gradually we will rot like old ships or treesBut keep Pain far from Me o Lord"
Author: Breyten Breytenbach
12. "Far better for a man that he had never been born than that he should degrade a pulpit into a show box to exhibit himself in."
Author: Charles H. Spurgeon
13. "When I was in fifth grade, a boy put a rose on my desk and I threw it away. The attention makes me nervous."
Author: Claire Coffee
14. "The Sufi saint Rabi'a Al-Adawiyya was seen carrying a firebrand and a jug of water - the firebrand to burn Paradise, the jug of water to drown Hell...So that both veils disappear, and God's followers worship, not out of hope for reward, nor fear of punishment, but out of love."
Author: Craig Thompson
15. "Love is never a fulfillment. Life is never a thing of continuous bliss. There is no paradise. Fight and laugh and feel bitter and feel bliss: and fight again. Fight, fight. That is life."
Author: D.H. Lawrence
16. "Most conservative and progressive talk radio is primarily just that - bloviated opinion and whacky viewer calls."
Author: David Shuster
17. "Why are we so afraid of the body? Is it because it's a mess, unpredictable, mortal, unreliable? We take pains to perfect it, to keep it healthy, but we probably wouldn't go to such extremes if we weren't scared to death to lose it. A paradox: we pretend we don't need it, that it's our minds that matter, and yet the body is the thing we can't ignore and that knocks our thinking minds flat to the floor."
Author: Emily Rapp
18. "Hence, within the space of two generations there has been a complete revolution in the attitude of the trades-unions toward the women working in their trades."
Author: Florence Kelley
19. "- Escute mais isso. Por outro lado, forças jovens, frescas, sucumbem em vão por falta de apoio, e isso aos milhares, e isso em toda parte! Cem, mil boas ações e iniciativas que poderiam ser implementadas e reparadas com o dinheiro da velha, destinado a um mosteiro! Centenas, talvez milhares de existências encaminhadas; dezenas de famílias salvas da miséria, da desagregação, da morte, da depravação, das doenças venéreas - e tudo isso com o dinheiro dela. Mate-a e tome-lhe o dinheiro, para com sua ajuda dedicar-se depois a servir toda a humanidade e a uma causa comum: o que você acha, esse crime ínfimo não seria atenuado por milhares de boas ações? Por uma vida - milhares de vidas salvas do apodrecimento e da degeneração. Uma morte e cem vidas em troca - ora, isso é uma questão de aritimética."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
20. "If there's just one kind of folks, why can't they get along with each other? If they're all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other? Scout, I think I'm beginning to understand something. I think I'm beginning to understand why Boo Radley's stayed shut up in the house all this time. It's because he wants to stay inside."
Author: Harper Lee
21. "People you don't like are pigheaded. Your friends are stubborn, or hold to their purpose.~Victor Radcliff"
Author: Harry Turtledove
22. "The methods by which a trade union can alone act, are necessarily destructive; its organization is necessarily tyrannical."
Author: Henry George
23. "Her words imbued it with a peculiar fragrance; it was no longer just her private organ, but a treasure, a magic, potent treasure, a God-given thing--and none the less so because she traded it day and day out for a few pieces or silver."
Author: Henry Miller
24. "Fighting and scars are part of a trader's overhead. But fighting is only useful when there's money at the end, and if I can get it without, so much the sweeter."
Author: Isaac Asimov
25. "We decided to go the way of trading and getting younger players."
Author: Isaiah Thomas
26. "All his court were cast down in slumber, and all the fires faded and were quenched; but the Silmarils in the crown on Morgoth's head blazed forth suddenly with a radiance of white flame; and the burden of that crown and of the jewels bowed down his head, as though the world were set upon it, laden with a weight of care, of fear, and of desire, that even the will of Morgoth could not support. Then Lúthien catching up her winged robe sprang into the air, and her voice came dropping down like rain into pools, profound and dark. She cast her cloak before his eyes, and set upon him a dream, dark as the outer Void where once he walked alone."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
27. "Immortal amarant, a flower which onceIn paradise, fast by the tree of life,Began to bloom; but soon for man's offenceTo heaven removed, where first it grew, there grows,And flowers aloft, shading the fount of life,And where the river of bliss through midst of heavenRolls o'er elysian flowers her amber stream:With these that never fade the spirits electBind their resplendent locks."
Author: John Milton
28. "¿Cómo va a entender que esas cosas, que se pueden hacer pensando en otras, no agotan como las que no pueden hacerse ni pensando constante, profunda, desgarradoramente en ellas mismas?"
Author: Josefina Vicens
29. "-A veces eres realmente... -Gideon sacudió la cabeza, y luego inspiró hondo y dijo muy serio-: Cuando me besas, Gwendolyn Sheperd, es como si perdiera el contacto con el suelo. No tengo ni idea de cómo lo haces ni de dónde lo has aprendido. En todo caso, si ha sido en una película, tenemos que verla juntos. -Se detuvo un momento-. Lo que quiero decir es que cuando me besas, ya no quiero hacer nada más que sentirte y tenerte entre mis brazos. ¡Mierda, estoy tan terriblemente enamorado de ti que es como si hubieran volcado una lata de gasolina en mi interior y le hubieran prendido fuego! Pero en este momento no podemos... al menos uno de nosotros debe mantener la cabeza fría. -La mirada que me lanzó disipó mis dudas-. Gwenny, todo esto me da un miedo horrible. Sin ti mi vida ya no tendría ningún sentido, sin ti... querría morirme si a ti te pasara algo."
Author: Kerstin Gier
30. "Another Kilgore Trout book there in the window was about a man who built a time machine so he could go back and see Jesus. It worked, and he saw Jesus when Jesus was only twelve years old. Jesus was learning the carpentry trade from his father.Two Roman soldiers came into the shop with a mechanical drawing on papyrus of a device they wanted built by sunrise the next morning. It was a cross to be used in the execution of a rabble-rouser.Jesus and his father built it. They were glad to have the work. And the rabble-rouser was executed on it. So it goes."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
31. "This was his acknowledgment of the impossibility of changing a man's convictions by words, and his recognition of the possibility of everyone thinking, feeling, and seeing things each from his own point of view. This legitimate peculiarity of each individual which used to excite and irritate Pierre now became a basis of the sympathy he felt for, and the interest he took in, other people. The difference, and sometimes complete contradiction, between men's opinions and their lives, and between one man and another, pleased him and drew from him an amused and gentle smile."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
32. "Curiosity, that is, the separate drive to explore the world disinterestedly, without being stimulated by danger or physiological dissatisfaction, is, according to students of evolution, rooted in specific morphological characteristics of our species and thus cannot be eliminated from our minds as long as our species retains its identity. As both Pandora's most deplorable accident and the adventures of our progenitors in Paradise testify, curiosity has been a main cause of all the calamities and misfortunes that have befallen mankind, and it has unquestionably been the source of all its achievements."
Author: Leszek Kołakowski
33. "Ee, sey, bizim ülkemizde,' dedi Alice nefes almakta hala zorlanarak, 'bizim yaptigimiz gibi bir süre çok hizli kosarsaniz,...genellikle bir yere varirsiniz.''Sizinki agir bir ülkeymis!' dedi Kraliçe. 'Simdi, gördügün gibi burada, var gücünle kostugunda ancak oldugun yerde kalirsin. Bir yerlere varmak istiyorsan, en azindan su an kostugunun iki kati kosmalisin!"
Author: Lewis Carroll
34. "Sleeping in a hallway around Bedford Park later that week, I took out my blank transcripts and filled in the grades I wanted, making neat little columns of A's. If I could picture it—if I could take out these transcripts and look at them—then it was almost as if the A's had already happened. Day by day, I was just catching up with what was already real. My future A's, in my heart, had already occurred. Now I just had to get to them."
Author: Liz Murray
35. "Philosophize: you are a mistress, part of a great hysterical you mean historical tradition."
Author: Lorrie Moore
36. "Una vida así requería una autoestima exagerada. Suponía tener cantidades excesivas de esperanza y desesperación, y ponerlas al tuntún, como países tercermundistas del continente de las emociones."
Author: Lorrie Moore
37. "Lo que había esperado resultaba ser su perdición y lo que había odiado su salvación."
Author: Michael Ende
38. "Perhaps as the sway of tradition in our eating decisions weakens, habits we once took for granted are thrown up in the air, where they're more easily buffeted by a strong idea or a breeze of fashion."
Author: Michael Pollan
39. "I would listen to something on the radio and try to tap out the melody, then the harmonies."
Author: Michel Legrand
40. "Stau întins în pat, cufundat în dulceata semisomnului. La ora sase, în prima faza a usoarei treziri, întind mîna spre micul tranzistor aflat lînga perna mea si apas pe buton. Se aud primele stiri ale diminetii... Abia izbutesc sa disting cuvintele si adorm din nou; în felul acesta frazele crainicilor se transforma în vise. E faza cea mai frumoasa a somnului, momentul cel mai încîntator al zilei: datorita radioului gust savoarea neîncetatelor mele adormiri si treziri — acea sublima leganare între starea de somn si trezie, care, în sine, constituie un motiv îndestulator ca omul sa nu regrete faptul de a se fi nascut."
Author: Milan Kundera
41. "He used to talk to me about Russia all the time and had sworn up and down that I'd love it here. "To you, it'd be like a fairy tale," he'd told me."Sorry, comrade. Borg and out-of-date music aren't part of any happy ending I've ever imagined.""Borscht, not borg. And I've seen your appetite. If you were hungry enough, you'd eat it." "So starvation's necessary for this fairy tale to work out?"
Author: Richelle Mead
42. "But I think the only thing that annoys me about that is if I suddenly find someone on commercial radio or something like that, mimicking my voice or actions and trying to promote a product and pretending it's me doing it."
Author: Richie Benaud
43. "The great myth that many social scientists want to encourage is that there is an incompatibility between modern technology and traditional religion. This is absolute nonsense. If anything, it's the reverse."
Author: Rodney Stark
44. "As we have seen, French culture and language interacted with native English culture for several generations after the Norman Conquest. A common word such as 'castle' is a French loan word, for example; and the whole romance tradition comes from the French. But this sensibility, culture, and language becomes integrated with native culture.As well as the beginnings of what came to be called a courtly love tradition, we can find in Early Middle English (around the time that Layamon was writing Brut) the growth of a local tradition of songs and ballads."
Author: Ronald Carter
45. "The ground we walk on, the plants and creatures, the clouds above constantly dissolving into new formations - each gift of nature possessing its own radiant energy, bound together by cosmic harmony."
Author: Ruth Bernhard
46. "Then faith's paradox is this: that the single individual is higher than the universal, that the single individual determines his relation to the universal through his relation to God, not his relation to God through his relation through the universal... Unless this is how it is, faith has no place in existence; and faith is then a temptation."
Author: Søren Kierkegaard
47. "Mientras no estás enamorada, mientras tu corazón es libre y tu mirada no es de nadie, entre todos los hombres que podrían interesarte ni uno solo se digna a prestarte atención; después, en el momento en que te sientes atrapada por una única persona y no te importan los demás absolutamente nada, todos te persiguen, pronuncian dulces palabras, te galantean."
Author: Susanna Tamaro
48. "By the time these students enter the workforce, many of the jobs they will apply for ill be in industries that don't even exist yet. That's a hard future to prepare someone for. Teachers have their sights set on the real goal: not to produce Ivy League graduates, but to encourage the development of naturally curious, confident, flexible, and happy learners who are ready for whatever the future has in store."
Author: Taylor Mali
49. "Anger ... it's a paralyzing emotion ... you can't get anything done. People sort of think it's an interesting, passionate, and igniting feeling — I don't think it's any of that — it's helpless ... it's absence of control — and I need all of my skills, all of the control, all of my powers ... and anger doesn't provide any of that — I have no use for it whatsoever."[Interview with CBS radio host Don Swaim, September 15, 1987.]"
Author: Toni Morrison
50. "We have become a more juvenile culture. We have become a childish "me, me, me" culture with fifteen-second attention spans. The global village that television was supposed to bring is less a village than a playground...Little attempt is made to pass on our cultural inheritance, and our moral and religious traditions are neglected except in the shallow "family values" arguments."
Author: Wes Jackson

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