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1. "Families, particularly, tend to be the ones that you take the most for granted. They seem to slip under the radar, all those important things - it almost becomes second nature to do so."
Author: Adam Garcia
2. "I grew up at a time with androgyny in the 1980s; it was easy to pass under the radar as a gay may."
Author: Alexis Arquette
3. "With the historical radar of Marx's theories, on whose screen observers who have not swallowed the alcohol of the intoxicating bourgeois ideology cannot read lies, in the fog of the depths off Nantacket, in the dark of the walled tomb of the living in Marcinelle, in the bitterness of the slime of the stagnant ponds of the Arabian Desert, while the forces of the Revolution seem to be hiding and Great Capital carouses in the bright sunlight, we have again found, at his inexhaustible work, the Old Mole who undermines the curse of the infamous social forms, who prepares for the not near, but most certain, destructive explosion."
Author: Amadeo Bordiga
4. "I want to stay below the radar and make good films. I have to be careful; I don't want my life to change. I really don't want to be a movie star."
Author: Amelia Warner
5. "It was a pity that there was no radar to guide one across the trackless seas of life. Every man had to find his own way, steered by some secret compass of the soul. And sometimes, late or early, the compass lost its power and spun aimlessly on its bearings.Alan Bishop"
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
6. "Embora a classe social e o dinheiro possam sempre contar com um tratamento priveligiado na sociedade, com isso a capacidade intelectual não pode contar: o maior favor que podem prestar à inteligência é ignorá-la, e se as pessoas a percebem, é porque a consideram uma impertinência, ou algo a que o seu possuidor não tem nenhum direito legítimo, e do qual ele apenas ousa se orgulhar; e, em retaliação e vingança por sua conduta, as pessoas secretamente tentam humilhá-lo de alguma forma; e se demoram para fazer isso é só porque esperam pela ocasião mais adequada. (...) se um homem quer agradar, deve ser intelectualmente inferior."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
7. "The best under-the-radar rivalry is Dodgers-Giants. I had no idea how deep that one was until I moved to California... that one goes waaaaaaaaay back, and both sides absolutely detest each other. Fights in the stands, fights in the parking lot, the whole thing. It's every bit as bitter as Yankees-Red Sox without nearly the same hype."
Author: Bill Simmons
8. "One of the most astounding dynamics in human relationships is how the unconscious intuition of our brain's right hemisphere is able to act as radar to find us just the right person to provoke and recreate our childhood attachment relationship ...I've given much thought to the question of why we are designed to be drawn -like a moth to a flame- to the very person who is most likely to resurrect all our childhood anguish. It seems like a cruel hoax to play on two wounded souls."
Author: Charlette Mikulka
9. "Faith is like radar that sees through the fog -- the reality of things at a distance that the human eye cannot see."
Author: Corrie Ten Boom
10. "Seemingly minor yet persistent things penetrate the mind over time making it difficult to ever realize the impact; hence, though quite unfortunate, the most dangerous forms of corruption are those that are subtle and below the radar."
Author: Criss Jami
11. "The core of the person is what he or she loves, and that is bound up with what they worship - that insight recalibrates the radar for cultural analysis. The rituals and practices that form our loves spill out well beyond the sanctuary. Many secular liturgies are trying to get us to love some other kingdom and some other gods."
Author: Dallas Willard
12. "Come, quando i vapori umidi e spessiA diradar cominciansi, la speraDel sol debilemente entra per essi...."
Author: Dante Alighieri
13. "By definition, poetry works with qualities and dynamics that mainstream society is reluctant to face head-on. It's an interesting phenomenon that by necessity, poetry is just below the radar."
Author: David Whyte
14. "BEAUTIFUL is stark, disquieting and, quite simply, riveting. Amy Reed is an author to keep on your radar."
Author: Ellen Hopkins
15. "My radar, after all these years of sanity, is still off when it comes to what people do or don't mean."
Author: Emma Forrest
16. "Não permito ao entorno ditar a minha forma; ganho terreno ao me propagar em voz, ganho espaço ao me degradar em luz."
Author: Filipe Russo
17. "Being mean about other people isn't on my radar."
Author: Geri Halliwell
18. "I try to stay under the radar."
Author: Jason Patric
19. "¿Qué otra cosa es el destino del hombre, más que soportar su medida y apurar su vaso? Y si el cáliz le resultó amargo al Dios del cielo, ¿por qué debo pavonearme como si me agradara? ¿Y por qué debo avergonzarme, cuando toda mi existencia tiembla entre el ser y no ser, cuando el pasado brilla como un rayo sobre el oscuro abismo del futuro y todo a mi alrededor se hunde y el mundo se pierde conmigo?"
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
20. "While my radar gently beeps."
Author: John Alejandro King
21. "Os homens, de modo geral, não sabem o quanto destroem seu próprio prazer quando esquecem o respeito e o carinho devidos a nosso sexo, mesmo aquelas que vivem apenas para agradar-lhes."
Author: John Cleland
22. "Well," Ben went on,"someone should just tell her to come on home, because she can find the world's largest balls right here in Orlando, Florida. They're located in a special display case known as 'my scrotum.'" Radar laughed, and Ben continued. "I mean seriously. My balls are so big that when you order french fries from McDonald's, you can choose one of four sizes: small, medium,large, and my balls."
Author: John Green
23. "Ben, there are more important things going on," I answered."DESIGNATED DRIVER!""What?""You're my designated driver! Yes! You are so designated! I love that you answered! That's so awesome! I have to be home by six! And I designate you to get me there! YESSSSSSS!""Can't you just spend the night there?" I asked."NOOOO! Booooo. Booo on Quentin. Hey, everybody! Boooo Quentin!" And then I was booed. "Everybody's drunk. Ben drunk. Lacey drunk. Radar drunk. Nobody drive. Home by six. Promised Mom. Boo, Sleepy Quentin! Yay, Designated Driver! YESSSS!"
Author: John Green
24. "Because personally I think mattering is a piss-poor idea. I just want to fly under the radar, because when you start to make yourself into a big deal, that's when you get shot down. The bigger a deal you are, the worse your life is."
Author: John Green
25. "I'd prefer to go under the radar and just do the acting without being famous for it."
Author: Kelly Reilly
26. "I just like to be under the radar and concentrate and do my job."
Author: Melky Cabrera
27. "I loved looking at the stars—they put in perspective how small I was compared to the Universe. Each of those hundreds of billions of stars was its own sun. It could have its own solar system of planets orbiting around it, and some of those planets could even contain life. The vastness of possibilities in space reminded me that while my life felt important, it was tiny in the scheme of things. Human civilization was only a blink on the radar of time. Did anyone else have these moments of amazement over the existence of humanity, when they are in awe of how they are here, and alive, even if it's only for a short while?"
Author: Michelle Madow
28. "...the entire electromagnetic spectrum— from radar to TV, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, microwaves, and gamma rays— is nothing but Maxwell waves, which in turn are vibrating Faraday force fields."
Author: Michio Kaku
29. "Altfel spus; orice relatie de dragoste se intemeiaza pe niste conventii nescrise, pe care partenerii le stabilesc inconstient din primele saptamani. Traiesc amandoi ca intr-un vis, in acelasi timp, fara sa-si dea seama, redacteaza in amanuntime, ca niste jurnalisti intransigenti, clauzele contractului lor. O,amanti! fiti prudenti in aceste prime zile primejioase. Daca veti duce celuilalt micul dejun la pat, va trebui sa faceti asta mereu, de nu veti fi acuzati de indiferenta si tradare."
Author: Milan Kundera
30. "The reality is: By the time swine flu got on the radar screen of global public health, it had already spread. It was already in the States, it was in Mexico, it was in New Zealand. By the time it reaches that point, you've lost the ability to contain it."
Author: Nathan Wolfe
31. "There was a rivalry - and some pie-throwing. But that was probably because Gawker and Radar had more in common than they wanted to admit. Each was the other's future. Radar served up the exclusives I always envied. Gawker was actually comfortable on the web, in the medium Radar should have made its own."
Author: Nick Denton
32. "I tend to fly a bit under the radar."
Author: Paul Stanley
33. "Our route had now obviously been completely blotted out and here I reckoned less of our chances of survival. We're like a voyage ship veered off course by a ruthless storm now left with no radar or compass. Ours is a sorry tale of an unpredictable adventure. One moment it seem like we're going home to mama's warm embrace and tears of joy, the next moment we feel helplessly immersed in the blackness of hopelessness." - Dami K."
Author: Ray Anyasi
34. "I survived by keeping my emotions in check – by maintaining my composure and tucking it all away. I managed to stay under the radar, skating through school without anyone truly remembering I was here. My teachers acknowledged my academic successes and my coaches depended upon my athletic abilities, but I wasn't important enough to make a recognizable social contribution. I was easily forgettable. That's what I counted on."
Author: Rebecca Donovan
35. "Festus just detected a large group of eagles behind us—long-range radar, still not in sight."Piper leaned over the console. "Are you sure they're Roman?"Leo rolled his eyes. "No, Pipes. It could be a random group of giant eagles flying in perfect formation. Of course they're Roman!"
Author: Rick Riordan
36. "My capacity for invention is flash hot stark, I thought. Sucker sunshade. Disembodied radar-reconnaissance. Not to mention Bitter Chocolate Death and Killer Zebras. Pity about the rest of me."
Author: Robin McKinley
37. "To put it better, we believe the radar gun will get you drafted, but you have to pitch to get to the big leagues. Tools will get you drafted, but you have to be able to play to get to the big leagues."
Author: Roy Clark
38. "I've done a lot of sorts of films that are under the radar."
Author: Sam Rockwell
39. "Fuck the weather forecasters and their predictions. With magic, he'd just turned their Doppler radar upside down.Sapphire Phelan (Being Familiar With a Witch)"
Author: Sapphire Phelan
40. "I'm pretty much a loner and I've lived under the radar."
Author: Selma Blair
41. "After running for my life from hunters, a girl with too much lip gloss doesn't register on my fear radar."
Author: Sophie Jordan
42. "My past is very interesting, and I treasure it, but to write about it, it's just not on my radar."
Author: Steve Vai
43. "Naskah sutradara kita tahu di depan, naskah Tuhan kita tahu di belakang~"
Author: Sujiwo Tejo
44. "I'm not moping," I whisper back. "Of course you're not. A girl like you, spending time with a warrior demigod like me. What's to mope about? Leaving a wheelchair behind couldn't possibly show up on the radar compared to that." "You've got to be kidding me.""I never kid about my warrior demigod status."
Author: Susan Ee
45. "Pero el vacío en mi pecho se abre como una caverna dentro de mi pecho. Me siento tan malditamente solo todo el tiempo. Incluso aunque estoy rodeado de alumnos, hay una pantalla invisible entre nosotros, y detrás de la pared de vidrio estoy gritando, gritando en mi propio silencio, gritando para ser notado, para hacer amistad, para agradarle a alguien."
Author: Tabitha Suzuma
46. "When you've got an extra gear in your head where that's all you do, you've constantly got a little radar up. ... And when something hits that strikes that beeper, hits that radar, it's like my song skills kick right in and go, 'Oh, OK, there's a song in that.' And then I start trying to figure it out."
Author: Toby Keith
47. "Like most men, Sherman was innocent of the routine salutatory techniques of the fashionable hostesses. For at least forty-five seconds every guest was the closest, dearest, jolliest, most wittily conspiratorial friend a girl ever had. Every male guest she touched on the arm (any other part of the body presented problems) and applied a little heartfelt pressure. Every guest, male or female, she looked at with a radar lock upon the eyes, as if captivated (by the brilliance, the wit, the beauty, and the incomparable memories)."
Author: Tom Wolfe
48. "Well … things are beginning to stack up a little," said Gordo. It was the same old sod-hut drawl. He sounded like the airline pilot who, having just slipped two seemingly certain mid-air collisions and finding himself in the midst of a radar fuse-out and control-tower dysarthria, says over the intercom: "Well, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be busy up here in the cockpit making our final approach into Pittsburgh, and so we want to take this opportunity to thank you for flying American and we hope we'll see you again real soon." It was second-generation Yeager, now coming from earth orbit. Cooper was having a good time. He knew everybody was in a sweat down below. But this was what he and the boys had wanted all along, wasn't it?"
Author: Tom Wolfe
49. "We tend to pay attention to that which is the most current on our radar screen."
Author: Warren Rudman
50. "Well, no, I didn't because I didn't even know the nominations were coming out. I gotta say, it wasn't even on my radar. I hadn't... I hadn't even thought about it."
Author: Will Arnett

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