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1. "{When Abraham Lincoln was 26 years old in 1835, he wrote a defense of Thomas Paine's deism; a political associate, Samuel Hill, burned it to save Lincoln's political career. Historian Roy Basler, the editor of Lincoln's papers, said Paine had a strong influence on Lincoln's style:}No other writer of the eighteenth century, with the exception of Jefferson, parallels more closely the temper or gist of Lincoln's later thought. In style, Paine above all others affords the variety of eloquence which, chastened and adapted to Lincoln's own mood, is revealed in Lincoln's formal writings."
Author: Abraham Lincoln
2. "Abraham wasn't perfect. He failed, made mistakes. But, he would go back, get right with God, and then just keep moving forward. He didn't quit when things got hard. He just kept on going. And everywhere he went, God was there. God was with him."
Author: Anne Graham Lotz
3. "How did Abraham know that it was God that bid him offer his son, being a breach of the sixth commandment?"
Author: Anne Hutchinson
4. "Aku tersandung pada salah satu rahasia yang tersimpan dengan baik tentang orang-orang kulit hitam: kebanyakan orang kulit hitam tidak tertarik dengan revolusi; kebanyakan kami merasa lelah dengan masalah ras."
Author: Barack Obama
5. "God said: "Abraham, kill me a son. Abe said: "Man, you must be putting me on." God said: "No." Abe said: "What" God said: "You can do what you want Abe but the next time you see me coming you'd better run". Abe said: "Where you want this killing done?" God said: "Out on Highway 61."
Author: Bob Dylan
6. "...pwede nga ring yung TV ang may sumpa. dahil ang TV, para ring drugs, pero ligal. isipin mo, bakit isa ito sa mga unang-unang ipinupundar ng mga Pilipino kahit gaano sila kahirap? kasi malaking tulong ang telebisyon para lumimot. para tumakas sa realidad. kahit mag-isa ka lang sa bahay, nababawasan ang lungkot kung may TV. nakakatanggal-buryong kung wala kang trabaho. mas entertaining kesa sa diyaryo, at mas accessible kesa sa sine. pwede rin itong tagapag-alaga ng mga anak mo. pwedeng ulam kung sakto lang ang budget pambili ng ng bigas. at pwedeng bintana kung parang bartolina lang ang tirahang tinutulugan ng mag-anak mo, dahil may magaganda itong lugar at magagandang tao. kumpleto sa sayawan, kantahan, tawanan, pantasya, at boksing. burado ang mga suliranin mo. pag sinuswerte ka, pwede ka pang manalo."
Author: Bob Ong
7. "I was ten," I said. "Give me a little credit.""To a boy with aspirations like that, I would extend my respect—but not credit. Or life insurance." Abraham sounded amused. "You are an interesting man, David Charleston, but you sound like you were an even more interesting child."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
8. "Once I saw Graham - wholly unconscious of her proximity - push her with his restless foot. She receded an inch or two. A minute after one little hand stole out from beneath her face, to which it had been pressed, and softly caressed the heedless foot."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
9. "Much better," I said calmly. "Much better, I thank you, Dr. John." For, reader, this tall young man - this darling son - this host of mine - this Graham Bretton, was Dr. John: he, and no other; and, what is more, I ascertained this identity scarcely with surprise. What is more, when I heard Graham's step on the stairs, I knew what manner of figure would enter, and for whose aspect to prepare my eyes. The discovery was not of to-day, its dawn had penetrated my perceptions long since. Of course I remembered young Bretton well; and though ten years (from sixteen to twenty-six) may greatly change the boy as they mature him to the man, yet they could bring no such utter difference as would suffice wholly to blind my eyes, or baffle my memory. Dr. John Graham Bretton retained still an affinity to the youth of sixteen."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
10. "The Emancipation Proclamation, signed by President Abraham Lincoln, was put into effect on January 1, 1863, but news of the Proclamation and enforcement did not reach Texas until after the end of the Civil War almost two years later."
Author: Corrine Brown
11. "Kipo kitu kinaendelea kufanyika katika siku zetu za furaha na katika siku zetu za huzuni kwa kila mmojawetu hapa duniani bila ya upendeleo wowote. Kitu hicho ni kuingia na kutoka kwa pumzi, au kupumua. Ukiithamini pumzi inayoingia na kutoka ndani ya mwili wako utapata zawadi ya amani katika maisha yako. Utapata pia zawadi ya furaha, uelewa na ufasaha! Ijapokuwa una matatizo mengi katika maisha, kitu bora cha kufanya ni kushukuru Mungu kwa maana wewe ni mzima."
Author: Enock Maregesi
12. "Kõik, mida rahaga saab joonde ajada, on odavalt saadud."
Author: Erich Maria Remarque
13. "Rosemary je s gnušanjem slušala tu baljezgariju; da bi se takva groteska cijenila, bio je potreban mnogo robusniji smisao za humor od njezinog. Taj mali covjek sa svojom prenosivom tvornicm, njegove neiskrene oci, koje bi s vremena na vrijeme zakolutale pokazujuci bijele polukrugove straha; Abeova spodoba, lica zbrckana koliko god dopuštaju njegove lijepe košcate crte - sve je to bilo od nje daleko kao bolest."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
14. "You'll never make sense of his notes. You just have to listen to his lecture," Graham whispered confidentially. "It's a challenge, but the good news is that he's been giving the same tests for forty years. The answers are carved right into the tops of the desks. See?"
Author: G. Norman Lippert
15. "O that unbelievers would learn of faithful Abraham, and believe whatever is revealed from God, though they cannot fully comprehend it! Abraham knew God commanded him to offer up his son, and therefore believed, notwithstanding carnal reasoning might suggest may objections."
Author: George Whitefield
16. "Pathetic creatures on their knees...Tirelessly, naively repeating, "Don't take our word for it! Alas, we're not all that logical. We say God–though in reality God is a person, a particular individual. We speak to him. We address him by name–he is the God of Abraham and Jacob. We treat him just like anybody else, like a personal being...""So he's a whore?"
Author: Georges Bataille
17. "Graham glared him into silence, his eyes cold enough to make a penguin wish it had stocked up on thermal underwear."
Author: Ian Barker
18. "I don't mean to get all religious here, but I'm pretty sure key lime martinis (with a graham cracker & sugar rim) are proof that Jesus loves us."
Author: Jen Lancaster
19. "Hart caressed the letters of baby Graham's name. "Mac likes to say, We're Mackenzies. We break what we touch. But this little Mackenzie… he broke me."
Author: Jennifer Ashley
20. "It was on the eve of Yom Kippur, the holiest of holy days, that a fly flew under the door of the synagogue and began to pester the hanging congregants. It flew from face to face, buzzing, landing on long noses, going in and out of hairy ears. AND IF THIS IS ATEST, the Venerable Rabbi enlightened, trying to keep his congregationtogether, SHOULD WE NOT RISE TO ITS CHALLENGE? AND I URGE YOU: CRASH TO THE GROUND BEFORE YOU RELEASE THE GREAT BOOK!But how pestering that fly was, tickling some of the most ticklish places. AND AS GOD ASKED ABRAHAM TO SHOW ISAAC THE KNIFE'S POINT, SO IS HE ASKING US NOT TO SCRATCH OUR ASSES! AND IF WE MUST, BY ALL MEANS WITH THE LEFT HAND!"
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
21. "Tengo un pensamiento que no me deja, Qué pensamiento, preguntó Abraham, Pienso que había inocentes en Sodoma y en las otras ciudades que fueron quemadas, Si los hubiera, el señor habría cumplido su promesa que me hizo de salvarles la vida, Los niños, los niños eran inocentes, Dios mío, murmuró Abraham, y su voz fue como un gemido, Sí, será tu dios, pero no fue el de ellos."
Author: José Saramago
22. "Rouva Charlotte Phelanin opas aviomiehenmetsästykseen, sääntö numero yksi: pienikokoinen, sievä tyttö korostakoon viehätysvoimaansa meikillä ja hyvällä ryhdillä. Pitkä ja ruma omalla rahastolla."
Author: Kathryn Stockett
23. "Abraham Lincoln did not shoot John Wilkes Booth. Titanic did not sink a North Atlantic iceberg. And Fox News is neither fair nor balanced. These are simple historical facts intelligible to all adults, most children, and some of your more discerning domesticated animals. But not... to Bill O"
Author: Keith Olbermann
24. "Gentlemen. You are looking at the true Abraham Lincoln of Arabia. And in order to end our internal bickering - our civil war, if you will - I have solicited your aid."
Author: Leonard Leventon
25. "They took him last night, and tried him," the man continued. "At dawn they led him before Pilate. Twice the Roman denied his guilt; twice he refused to give him over. At last he washed his hands, and said, 'Be it upon you then;' and they answered--" "Who answered?" "They--the priests and people--'His blood be upon us and our children.'" "Holy father Abraham!" cried Ben-Hur; "a Roman kinder to an Israelite than his own kin! And if--ah, if he should indeed be the son of God, what shall ever wash his blood from their children? It must not be--'tis time to fight!"
Author: Lew Wallace
26. "Miss Dearly: I'll be outside, if you don't want to open the door. But when you're ready, I'd like to play a game with you. Ask me any question you like, and I'll answer truthfully. If the answer makes you feel a little safer, reward me by undoing one of the locks. I play to get my room back, you play for the confidence to be able to leave it.Oh, by the way: Could you wind my alarm clock?-Captain Abraham Griswold"
Author: Lia Habel
27. "I teethed on books of heroes such as Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and King David."
Author: Luke Ford
28. "Smoke was a person with a sense of history. Do you know what I mean?" truth, I DID know what she meant. Da Vinci, Martin Luther King, Jr., Genghis Kahn, Abraham Lincoln, Bette Davis - if you read their definitive biographies, you learned even when they were a month old, cooing in some wobbly crib in the middle of nowhere, they already had something historic about them. The way other kids had baseball, long division, Hot Wheels, and hula hoops, these kids had History and thus tended to be prone to colds, unpopular, sometimes plagued with a physical deformity (Lord Byron's clubfoot, Maugham's severe stutter, for example), which pushed them into exile in their heads. It was there they began to dream of human anatomy, civil rights, conquering Asia, a lost speech and being (within a span of four years) a jezebel, a marked woman, a little fox and an old maid."
Author: Marisha Pessl
29. "If you are to use Alexander Graham Bell's product, which is to say the blower, you should, in all courtesy, use it as he would have wished; and Dr Bell insisted that all phone calls should begin with the words ‘Ahoy, ahoy'. Nobody knows why he insisted this – he had no connection to the navy – but insist he did and started every phone call that way. Nobody else did, and it was at the suggestion of his great rival Edison that people took to saying ‘Hello'. This seems unfair."
Author: Mark Forsyth
30. "Y ahora Graham se va a morir porque tú ya no crees en ella."
Author: Matthew Dicks
31. "Everyone gets so worried about the people who are still living when the people who are really hurting are the dead ones. People like Grandma and Graham.They don't exist anymore.There is nothing worse than that"
Author: Matthew Green
32. "Dikkatli olmalisin," dedi Raphael dogal olmayan bir sakinlikle.Elena rahatlamadi, agit hava tehditkar bir vaatle aralarinda asili duruyordu. "Oyun oynamayi sevmem.""Ögren." sy.33"
Author: Nalini Singh
33. "You like a cracker?What kind of cracker?Graham, chocolate, cocoanut, whatever you want.Maybe just a plain cracker.I don't have plain crackers. I got graham, chocolate and cocoanut.Alright, a graham cracker.They're in the kitchen, in the closet.Maybe later."
Author: Neil Simon
34. "The playwright's rendition of Abraham Lincoln remembers a pitiful little paddlewheel he saw that he could only generate steam to EITHER blow the ship's whistle OR move the wheel. Just as the little ship could not do both, Lincoln fears that very few can actually think and speak at the same time."
Author: Norman Corwin
35. "God in His mercy had sent messengers to convey His message, to different peoples, in different times. Each prophet came with guidance and miracles that were relevant for his time, and for his people, but the message was the same: That there is only one God, and worship is for him alone. This "Islam" was the religion brought by all the prophets of God. Islam was the religion of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them all). God has in His Grace, addressed this issue to man in His final revelation, the Noble Quran."
Author: Nosrat Rasool Allah
36. "I've done a lot of Super Bowls and appeared in a lot of big, big events and places and the Masters and what have you, but there was nothing as intimidating as speaking with Billy Graham."
Author: Pat Summerall
37. "Yoksul uluslarda halkin rahati yerindedir.Zengin uluslardaysa, halk, genellikle yoksuldur."
Author: Paul Lafargue
38. "Setiap pejuang bisa kalah dan terus-menerus kalah tanpa kemenangan, dan kekalahan itulah gurunya yang terlalu mahal dibayarnya. Tetapi biarpun kalah, selama seseorang itu bisa dinamai pejuang dia tidak akan menyerah. Bahasa Indonesia cukup kaya untuk membedakan kalah daripada menyerah (Prahara Budaya, h. 187)"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
39. "Temelji. To je bilo ono što nam je poklonio trener Graham. Temelji, temelji, temelji. Kao profesor uvidio sam da ovu lekciju mnogi preskacu, najcešce na vlastitu štetu. Uvijek se moraju postaviti temelji, jer onaj zanimljivi i zabavni dio bez njih nece funkcionirati."
Author: Randy Pausch
40. "Tubuhmu adalah tubuhku. Aku milikmu. Kamu milikku. Tidak ada rahasia lagi. Tidak ada penghalang lagi. Sakitmu adalah sakitku . Tawamu, airmatamu, marahmu, semuanya adalah tanggung jawabku."
Author: Rangga Wirianto Putra
41. "?"Ne kadar çok insan var, diye düsündü. Bizim gibi milyarlarca insan var, ne kadar fazla. Kimse kimseyi bilmez. Yabancilar gelip seni rahatsiz ederler. Yabancilar gelir, yüregini kesip alirlar."
Author: Ray Bradbury
42. "We know enough at this moment to say that the God of Abraham is not only unworthy of the immensity of creation; he is unworthy even of man."
Author: Sam Harris
43. "In the face of God's obvious inadequacies, the pious have generally held that one cannot apply earthly norms to the Creator of the universe. This argument loses its force the moment we notice that the Creator who purports to be beyond human judgment is consistently ruled by human passions— jealousy, wrath, suspicion, and the lust to dominate. A close study of our holy books reveals that the God of Abraham is a ridiculous fellow—capricious, petulant, and cruel—and one with whom a covenant is little guarantee of health or happiness. If these are the characteristics of God, then the worst among us have been created far more in his image than we ever could have hoped."
Author: Sam Harris
44. "Judge us not equally, Abraham"
Author: Seth Grahame Smith
45. "If this had not been the case with Abraham, then perhaps he might have loved God but notbelieved; for he who loves God without faith reflects upon himself, he who loves God believingly reflects upon God."
Author: Søren Kierkegaard
46. "Tis because we be on a blighted star, and not a sound one, isn't it, Tess?" murmured Abraham through his tears."
Author: Thomas Hardy
47. "When you're dodging, you're "afraid of getting hit." When you're attacking, you're "afraid of hitting me." When you're protecting someone, you're "afraid of them dying."It's pathetic! You can't give into fear in a fight!When you're dodging, think "I won't let you hit me!" When you're protecting someone, think "I won't let you die!" When you're attacking, think "I will cut you!"--Urahara Kisuke"
Author: Tite Kubo
48. "Finally, in the midst of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November 1863 as Thanksgiving: a day to solemnly acknowledge the sacrifices made for the Union....Shopping was part of the American Dream, too. So in 1939, at the urging of merchants, FDR moved Thanksgiving ahead a week, to lengthen the Christmas shopping season. And there it has remained, a day of national gluttony, retail pageantry, TV football, and remembrance of the Pilgrims, a folk so austere that they regarded Christmas as a corrupt Papist holiday."
Author: Tony Horwitz
49. "Oh! Mengapa manusia harus sombong?Secepat bintang jatuh, awan yang diterbangkan angin,Kilatan petir, ombak yang memecah,Manusia beralih dari hidup ke peristirahatannya di makam."
Author: William Knox
50. "Biliyorum sizi. Küçük sürtünmelerle yetinirsiniz.Büyüklerinden korkarsiniz. Aksamlari elinizde paketlerle dönersiniz. Sizi bekleyenler vardir. Rahatsiniz. Hem ne kolay rahatliyorsunuz. Içinizde bosluklar yok. Neden ben de sizin gibi olamiyorum? Bir ben miyim düsünen bir ben miyim yalniz?"
Author: Yusuf Atılgan

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