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1. "When people are coming to Krakow and we show them how and where we practice, they are like, 'Seriously? Are you kidding me?' But we're always saying that what matters about the courts - the lines, the nets - are the same. I'm practicing in Poland even when I don't have good facilities."
Author: Agnieszka Radwanska
2. "It was just after the war. There was nothing left in Warsaw for me. He and his brother were coming to Krakow to make a fresh start. And he loved me so. He would have done anything for me."
Author: Brigid Pasulka
3. "Krakow is one of my favorite places on earth. It is a medieval city full of young people. A wonderful, striking combination."
Author: Jonathan Carroll
4. "„-Tego jeszcze brakowalo!" - i od tej chwili mysli Stiopy pobiegly dwutorowo, ale, jak to sie zwykle dzieje w chwili katastrofy, w jednym kierunku i w ogóle diabli wiedza dokad."
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
5. "Zreszta trudno miec mi to za zle, przeciez nie co dzien czlowiek spotyka sie z sila nieczysta!-Tego jeszcze brakowalo – przytaknal Azazello. - Gdyby sie spotykal co dzien, to by bylo za dobrze!"
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
6. "Ekspedienci z dzialu rybnego oslupieli z nozami w dloniach, lila cudzoziemiec odwrócil sie w strone rabusiów i wtedy wyszlo na jaw, ze Behemot nie mial racji – twarzy liliowego nie tylko nie brakowalo niczego, ale raczej czegos bylo w niej za duzo – za duzo obwislych policzków i rozbieganych oczu."
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov

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Quotes About Rakow
Quotes About Rakow
Quotes About Rakow

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