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1. "Didn't the people who made those license plates care about little girls named Ramona?"
Author: Beverly Cleary
2. "I am not a pest," Ramona Quimby told her big sister Beezus."
Author: Beverly Cleary
3. "Ramona stepped back into her closet, slid the door shut, pressed an imaginary button, and when her imaginary elevator had made its imaginary descent, stepped out onto the real first floor and raced a real problem. Her mother and father were leaving for Parents' Night."
Author: Beverly Cleary
4. "People are inclined to say that I am Ramona. I'm not sure that's true, but I did share some experiences with her."
Author: Beverly Cleary
5. "Anyway, how are you and Ramona doing?' Uh... you know. Pretty good.'Have you said the L-Word yet?'The L-Word? You mean? Lesbian?' Uh... No. The other L-Word.' ?'Okay. Uh, It's "love." I wasn't trying to trick you or anything."
Author: Bryan Lee O'Malley
6. "Will not the Senorita trust me?"Ramona smiled faintly through her tears. "Yes," she said. "I will trust you. You are Alessandro, are you not?""Yes, Senorita," he answered, greatly surprised, "I am Alessandro."
Author: Helen Hunt Jackson
7. "Wait. Was that a thank you, or a lecture?" I stared back at Ramona, eyebrows raised. "A bit of both, I suppose." She laughed. "Just do not do anything that stupid again. Got it?" "Would you believe me if I swore to you that I wouldn't anything stupid, ever again?" "Not for a second."
Author: Nicole Sobon
8. "His hair was think and curly and reddish-brown, his eyes a clear ice blue; Ramona had told him many times that she could see the sky in them, clouds when he was angry and rain when he was sad. Now, if she had looked into his eyes closely enough, she might've seen the approaching storm."
Author: Robert McCammon

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