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1. "I went to Ft Bragg and learned that Delta was indeed gearing up for the rescue. Still I was concerned the Reagan staff would not be willing to take the risk of sending an official military force into Laos."
Author: Bo Gritz
2. "The writers that I aspire to, like Joni Mitchell and Randy Newman, they'll tell you that the work gets harder, not easier. And they set that bar for us where we're always striving to do something better than the last time, whether it's the next song or just the next line."
Author: Christopher Cross
3. "My Lord, I find thy face apelike and thy form misshapen. Thy beard, moreover, is an offense against decency, resembling more closely the scabrous fir which doth decorate the hinder portion of a mongrel dog than a proper adornement for a human face. Is it possible that thy mother, seized by some wild lechery, did dally at some time past with a randy goat? -Mandorallen"
Author: David Eddings
4. "In any case, perhaps the quest for data to support our actions gets overemphasized. After all, our emotions distinguish us. Art and poetry and music are from and to the human heart, as is, for many, our relationship with the land.' ~ Randy Morgenson"
Author: Eric Blehm
5. "His supervisor, a well-liked ranger by the name of Dick McLaren, gave Randy a line of advice to which he would adhere for the rest of his career: 'The best way to teach the public isn't with a citation, it's with communication."
Author: Eric Blehm
6. "I can't believe it's you. Wait, why does my chart say Randy Johnson?" Reid chuckled at the ridiculous name he used for anonymity. "It's an alias." Wanting to erase the pained look from whatever had happened before he arrived, he gave her a wicked smile and added, "And sometimes a state of being." Her brows gathered together for the few seconds it took to sink in, then her cheeks flushed with color and her eyes grew wide. "Reid!"
Author: Gina L. Maxwell
7. "My youngest uncle Randy and I were the first members of our entire family to ever go to college."
Author: James Earl Jones
8. "Epic sex?" I sputtered. "By what standards, precisely, is sex judged to be epic?""And tons and tons of mortal simps like you used as pawns." Bob sighed happily, ignoring my question. "There are no words. It was like the Lord of the Rings and All My Children made a baby with the Macho Man Randy Savage and a Whac-A-Mole machine."
Author: Jim Butcher
9. "I can see you are a fine lady, but this boy is randy as a goat around you and it's plain to see. If he seeks the joys of wedded bliss, he can wed you. Without a weddin' he'll be havin' no bliss."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
10. "Randy Newman and I grew up together in Los Angeles. We are both products of the film studio era. Randy is one of the great songwriters of our time and one of the fun people to be with."
Author: Leonard Slatkin
11. "World-class cereal-eating is a dance of fine compromises. The giant heaping bowl of sodden cereal, awash in milk, is the mark of the novice. Ideally one wants the bone-dry cereal nuggets and the cryogenic milk to enter the mouth with minimal contact and for the entire reaction between them to take place in the mouth. Randy has worked out a set of mental blueprints for a special cereal-eating spoon that will have a tube running down the handle and a little pump for the milk, so that you can spoon dry cereal up out of a bowl, hit a button with your thumb, and squirt milk into the bowl of the spoon even as you are introducing it into your mouth. The next best thing is to work in small increments, putting only a small amount of Cap'n Crunch in your bowl at a time and eating it all up before it becomes a pit of loathsome slime, which, in the case of Cap'n Crunch, takes about thirty seconds."
Author: Neal Stephenson
12. "Otkrio sam da ljudi znatan dio vremena troše oko brige što drugi misle o njima. Kada se nitko od nas ne bi brinuo što se vrzma po tudim glavama, naši bi životi i poslovi bili 33% djelotvorniji.Kako sam došao upravo do tog postotka? Ja sam znanstvenik. Volim egzaktne cifre, cak i kad ih ne mogu opravdati. Zato krenimo s navedenom brojkom.- Ne morate se brinuti oko onoga što ja mislim. Bilo dobro ili loše, ja cu vam to dati do znanja - obicavao sam govoriti clanovima svoje istraživacke grupe.To znaci da sam govorio izravno i ne uvijek takticno ako mi nešto nije bilo po volji. Znao sam ih i umiriti prikazujuci to u pozitivnom svjetlu. - Ako ne kažem ništa, znaci da nemate o cemu brinuti — rekao bih.Studenti i kolege su cijenili ovakav nacin komunikacije jer nisu morali gubiti vrijeme opterecujuci se »što Randy misli«. Zato što je ono što sam najcešce mislio bilo: u mom timu nalaze se ljudi koji rade 33% ucinkovitije od bilo koga drugog. Eto to mi je bilo u glavi."
Author: Randy Pausch
13. "Ne želim napustiti Tigra u meni. Ne mogu ni zamisliti da se pretvaram u Sivka. Netko me upitao kakav bih natpis želio na nadgrobnoj ploci. - Randy Pausch: živio je trideset godina nakon terminalne dijagnoze - odgovorio sam.Vjerujte mi da bih u tih trideset godina unio mnogo veselja. Ali ako to ne može biti, onda cu to veselje unijeti u sve što sada radim."
Author: Randy Pausch

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