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1. "When you Love.. you Expect.. Once u start Expecting.. u have Hope.. Hopes in return makes you to put Trust.. and Trust makes u prone to Betrayal.. and whn u r Betrayed.. Hell falls over U...!!!"
Author: Abhijeet Sawant
2. "Mungkin beginilah seharusnya ujian disambut, sebuah perayaan terhadap ilmu. Dengan gempita. Selain itu, aku kira, pesta ujian yang meriah ini juga dibuat agar kami sekali-kali tidak boleh pernah takut apalagi trauma dengan ujian. Bahkan diharapkan kami kebal terhadap tekanan ujian dan bahkan bisa menikmati ujian itu. Apalagi ujian akan terus datang dalam berbagai rupa sampai akhir hayat kami."
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
3. "My art has always been in response to visions. Rather than confine my subject to representations of the outer worlds, I include portrayals of the multi-dimensional imaginal realms that pull us toward consciousness evolution."
Author: Alex Grey
4. "What I'm realizing is that a broken heart isn't a solitary event. There is the initial shatter, but then there are repeat breaks, creating more and more shards. A word that reminds you of what you used to have, a smell that reminds you of your dreams, a flashed memory in your mind's eye that reminds you of the betrayal. Each time it's a new injury. Each broken piece takes me further away from ever being whole again."
Author: Angeline Kace
5. "So this was betrayal. It was like being left alone in the desert at dusk without water or warmth. It left your mouth dry and will broken. It sapped your tears and made you hollow."
Author: Anna Godbersen
6. "While privacy strengthens all our bonds, secrecy weakens and damages connection. Lerner points out that we do not usually "know the emotional costs of keeping a secret" until the truth is disclosed. Usually, secrecy involves lying. And lying is always the setting for potential betrayal and violation of trust."
Author: Bell Hooks
7. "I think given the choice between loving Mare - betrayal included - and never knowing her, I'd chose love. I risked, and I lost, but the risk was still worth it."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
8. "The treachery of demons is nothing compared to the betrayal of an angel."
Author: Brenna Yovanoff
9. "Every town has its secrets." He began. "San Felipe is no different. Skeletons are hidden in closets for a reason my friend. And trust me when I tell you, San Felipe has many skeletons. The moral of the story is; don't go snooping into strange closets. You will only find sins and betrayal. Why do you think we drink tequila so much?"
Author: Carroll Bryant
10. "Mainly thinking, well, I'm still aliveand have the ability to expel wastes from my bodyand poems. and as long as that's happeningI have the ability to handle betrayallonelinesshangnailclapand the economic reports in the financial section."
Author: Charles Bukowski
11. "A true opium of the people is a belief in nothingness after death - the huge solace of thinking that for our betrayals, greed, cowardice, murders we are not going to be judged."
Author: Czeslaw Milosz
12. "My mom and dad passed away from cancer. Within nine months, I lost both of my folks. Immediately after that, I had a horrible betrayal where my brother, who worked for me, stole a lot of my money. He's in jail now."
Author: Dane Cook
13. "Betrayal. Lust. Secrecy. Devotion. I think we do these things to feel more alive. When the truth is that alive is alive -- you can feel it in anything, if you give it a chance."
Author: David Levithan
14. "It's effortless to let go of self-absorbed people. It's challenging to let go of someone you care about and it's exceedingly difficult to let go of an ideal and a belief in someone because what exacerbates the disappointment of finding out they weren't who they presented themselves to be, is the betrayal of it."
Author: Donna Lynn Hope
15. "She didn't want to forget how deeply she had loved him, how important it had been to her; she felt as if to discard the memory would be a betrayal of her younger self."
Author: Harriet Evans
16. "The pure beauty of death is impossible to describe as the birth of a child, the betrayal of a lover, the moment of orgasm"
Author: Heidi Postlewait
17. "I wonder if he really could rationalize what I did to him, really treat betrayal like the slight transgression of a recalcitrant business partner. I wonder if I hurt him. If he can rationalize what I did to him, it's easy to imagine how he rationalized what he did to me."
Author: Holly Black
18. "Betrayal. It's one of the worst things."
Author: Jay Asher
19. "Betrayal was a stone beneath a mattress of thr bed you shared, something you felt digging into you no matter how you shifted position. What was the point of being able to forgive, when deep down, you both had to admit you'd never forget?"
Author: Jodi Picoult
20. "You see I learnt at an early age what it was to be angry - angry and helpless. And I can never forget it. I knew more about - love... betrayal... and death, when I was ten years old than you will probably ever know in your life."
Author: John Osborne
21. "Love is understood, in a historical way, as one of the great human vocations - but its counterspell has always been infidelity. This terrible, terrible betrayal that can tear apart not only another person, not only oneself, but whole families."
Author: Junot Diaz
22. "Cesaret nedir haberin bile yok senin,"dedi Eyüp Baba."Cesaret göstermek için bir seyin tehlikede olmasi lazim.Oysa ben buraya kaybedecek hiçbir seyim olmadan geldim."
Author: Khaled Hosseini
23. "He dropped to his knees, and the air between them rippled with Karou's crippling magic and with memory. The day of her death, this is what she had seen, this: Akiva on his knees, sick with the weight of this same magic coursing off Thiago's soldiers, and he had struggled to hold his head up and look at her—just like this—with horror and despair and love—and she had wanted more than she had ever wanted anything to go to him and hold him, whisper to him that she loved him and was going to save him, but she couldn't, not then, and she couldn't now, not because of shackles or pinions or the executioner's ax but because he was the enemy. He had proven it beyond any horror she would ever have believed, beyond any betrayal she could ever have dreamed, and he could never be forgiven, not ever.But… then… her hands fell to her sides."
Author: Laini Taylor
24. "Maybe it was different for you and Valerie, since you didn't like each other much. But many, perhaps most siblings share a private universe tropical with benevolence, betrayal, vendetta, reconciliation, and the use and abuse of power of which their parents know practically nothing."
Author: Lionel Shriver
25. "He had no tolerance for acts of betrayal or cruelty and lacked Angelo's taste for the minute details of a business deal. He was a man totally in the moment, who knew only to respond to the action with an action. He was a pure gangster."
Author: Lorenzo Carcaterra
26. "Hace unos días encontré, entremedio de sus papeles, el discurso que dio el arquitecto Renzo Piancuando cuandofue galardonado con el Pritzker. Natasha había subrayado la siguiente frase: «… y asi seguimos remando contra la corriente empujados sin pausa hacia el pasado. Es una imagen maravillosa, que representa la condición humana. El pasado es un refugio seguro, una tentación constante y, sin embargo, el futuro es el único sitio donde podemos ir»."
Author: Marcela Serrano
27. "Always seek less turbulent skies. Hurt. Fly above it. Betrayal. Fly above it. Anger. Fly above it. You are the one who is flying the plane."
Author: Marianne Williamson
28. "The truth now.He was disappointed in human beings.He had seen too many betrayals,too many pitiful weaknesses,too much greed for money and fame.The falseness between lovers,husbands and wifes,fathers,sons,mothers,daughters"
Author: Mario Puzo
29. "And herein lies the key to the brilliance of Mark Haddon's choice of narrator: The most wrenching of emotional moments are chronicled by a boy who cannot fathom emotion. The effect is dazzling, making for a novel that is deeply funny, poignant, and fascinating in its portrayal of a person whose curse and blessing is a mind that perceives the world literally."
Author: Mark Haddon
30. "All these portrayals we see of knights fighting must be absolute rubbish because knights in armour could literally have only had two or three blows and then they'd have had to sit down to have a cup of tea."
Author: Mark Strong
31. "My best friend in all the world really did have a boyfriend and had never told me. My best friend was sharing me with someone else and I knew whatever she had been giving me was only what she had left over from him, the scraps, the tokens, the lies. I had fought for this friendship, worried over it, made sacrifices for it, measured myself against it, lost myself inside it, had little to show for it but this bewildered sense of betrayal. Now I knew that I had never been the one she loved, I was a convenient diversion, a practice run until the real thing came along to claim her."
Author: Meera Syal
32. "Oh lovers! be careful in those dangerous first days! once you've brought breakfast in bed you'll have to bring it forever, unless you want to be accused of lovelessness and betrayal."
Author: Milan Kundera
33. "Film seems to be a medium designed for betrayal and violence."
Author: Nick Cave
34. "I would not have stayed at a university if it told me upfront that a condition for me getting tenure. my views have to be filtered through Catholic values. I would consider it a betrayal of my parents' legacy."
Author: Norman Finkelstein
35. "...buraya rüyalarimizi gerçeklestirmek gerçek cenneti kurmak ve kötü hayalleri kovmak üzere toplanmis bulunuyoruz onlari gözyaslarimizla mi eglendirecegiz onlar bu çesit eglenceyi daha çok severler ama ne agladik ne agladik diye heyecandan titrerler birbirlerine anlattikça oysa biz onlara cenneti sunacagiz cennet muhallebiden duvarlar demek degildirsayin yetkili cennet insanlarin birbirlerini dinlemeleri demektir birbirlerine aldirmalari birbirlerinin farkinda olmalari demektir sen beni dinleyeceksin sayin yetkili benim reyimle oraya geldin bana kulak vereceksin yanimdan hisim gibi özel muhafizlarin ve kursun islemez camli arabalarinla rüzgar gibi geçmeyeceksin öyle sahte bir samimiyet de istemiyorum benimle el sikisirken resimler çektirmen gereksiz..."
Author: Oğuz Atay
36. "He realized that trust between people is what makes us happy. Any totalitarian state is based on betrayal. It needs people to inform on each other, to avoid socializing to interact only through the state and to avoid unsanctioned meetings."
Author: Oliver Bullough
37. "Aku pernah mendengar kalau... dua orang bisa bersatu ketika semua partikel di jagad raya mendukung mereka. Ketika mereka berpisah, terasa ada yang mengganjal. Ganjil dan aneh. Yang satu tak bisa melupakan yang lainnya, sekalipun sangat menginginkannya. Keduanya melakukan apa pun agar bisa bertemu lagi, atau tanpa sadar melakukan sesuatu untuk mencegah satu sama lain hilang dari benak mereka."
Author: Prisca Primasari
38. "I kind of hate Nick right now, too, but there's someone else higher on my list, someone I hate more than Saddam Hussein and any asshole named Bush combined, hate more than that fuckhead who canceled 'My So-Called Life' and left me with a too-small boxed DVD set that does not answer the questions whether Angela and Jordan Catalano did it, or if Patty and Graham got a divorce, or if there really was something to all that lesbian subtext between Rayanne and Sharon."
Author: Rachel Cohn
39. "The issue of the Betrayal was so central to that, I felt the need to comment upon it. My choices were to ignore the games and put them 'outside' of continuity or to integrate them. I chose the latter."
Author: Raymond E. Feist
40. "What shuts you up is, I think, the sight you've had of perfection: why speak if you can't manage perfect thoughts, perfect sentences? It feels like a betrayal of what you've been through. But it fades; you accept that certain compromises, closures, are required if you're to continue."
Author: Salman Rushdie
41. "Ethan didn't know anything about the fat girl, the Cootie Twin, the loner and reject. The only person who had ever picked Jennifer Harris was Cameron Quick, and sometimes when I was with Ethan I felt the smallest twinge of guilt, like being with him was a betrayal. The one thing that could never die or be buried was my loyalty to Cameron for everything he'd done for me and what we'd been through together, even if that loyalty was to a ghost."
Author: Sara Zarr
42. "We are faced with choices every moment of our lives. Whatever choice we exercise must make us comfortable and at peace. Choices that are made out of fear and anxiety often do not lead to right action---Sasha Samy, Transcending Abuse & Betrayal."
Author: Sasha Samy
43. "It may not be as dramatic or funny to make a movie about a woman who loves both her job and her family, but that would be a better reflection of reality. We need more portrayals of women as competent professionals and happy mothers—"
Author: Sheryl Sandberg
44. "Biyoloji tarafindan destekelnen kuramsal kabuller temelinde, organik hayati cansiz duruma geri döndürme görevi verilen bir ‘ölüm güdüsü' varsayimi ileri sürmüstük, öte yandan Eros; hayati, parçaciklara bölünmüs canli maddeyi karmasiklastirmak ve durmaksizin bir araya getirmek, bu arada, tabii ki onu korumak hedefine yönelir. Her iki güdü de yasamin ortaya çikmasiyla bozulmus bir durumun yeniden olusturulmasina çalisirken, kelimenin en dar anlamiyla tutucu davranirlar. O halde yasamin ortaya çikisi, yasamayi sürdürmenin ve ayni zamanda ölüme yönelen çabanin sebebi olmaktaydi; yasamin kendisi de bu iki çaba arasindaki mücadele ve uzlasma idi. Böylece yasamin kökenine iliskin soru kozmolojik bir soru olarak kalirken, hayatin hedefi ve amaci sorunu ikili bir sekilde yanitlanmis oluyor."Sigmund Freud, ‘Ben ve O', sayfa 72"
Author: Sigmund Freud
45. "But now the joy is gone and the sadness is back, the sadness feels like something deserved, the price of some not-quite-forgotten betrayal."
Author: Stephen King
46. "Maybe it would feel nice. Maybe it wouldn't feel like a betrayal. Besides, who was I betraying, anyway? Just myself."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
47. "Vengence, betrayal, and love they all are synonyms for the same word: fake."
Author: TBBishiXO
48. "I could never hurt him enough to make his betrayal stop hurting. And it hurts, in every part of my body."
Author: Veronica Roth
49. "Animals are nothing but the portrayal of our virtues and vices made manifest to our eyes, the visible reflections of our souls."
Author: Victor Hugo
50. "We are not wounded so deeply when betrayed by the things we hope for as when betrayed by things we try our best to despise.In such betrayal comes the dagger in the back."
Author: Yukio Mishima

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