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1. "It wasn't right to have someone charge into you your world without even asking, acting as if you were nothing more than an egg to be flipped and flopped, sunny-side up or scrambled, depending on the whims on whoever ran your life..._"
Author: Alice Hoffman
2. "When the Nobel award came my way, it also gave me an opportunity to do something immediate and practical about my old obsessions, including literacy, basic health care and gender equity, aimed specifically at India and Bangladesh."
Author: Amartya Sen
3. "Stop changing the subject," Taylor snapped. "And think before you speak."Roo pressed her lips together and then sighed. "How long do you want me to think?"Niall let out a snort of laughter."
Author: Barbara Elsborg
4. "There is no intimacy without vulnerability. Yet another powerful example of vulnerability as courage."
Author: Brené Brown
5. "I'm a big fan of Coach Dorrell. I watched UCLA football for many, many years. I've grown accustomed to the Pac-10 style."
Author: Brian Bosworth
6. "If we long to believe that the stars rise and set for us, that we are the reason there is a Universe, does science do us a disservice in deflating our conceits?"
Author: Carl Sagan
7. "- Não haverias de rir se estivesses cá quando cheguei a casa ontem à noite.-Porquê?-A minha mãe. Não ficou lá muito contente por termos chegado tarde. Passou-se. Foi uma confusão.-O quê? a culpa não foi nossa, foi do trânsito! - protestou Simon. Era o mais novo de três irmãos e tinha um sentido extremamente apurado da injustiça familiar."
Author: Cassandra Clare
8. "The words of the Greeks are born on their lips, but those of the Romans in their hearts."
Author: Cato
9. "He thought each memory recalled must do some violence to its origins. As in a party game. Say the words and pass it on. So be sparing. What you alter in the remembering has yet a reality, known or not."
Author: Cormac McCarthy
10. "I have never played the lottery in my life and never will. Voltaire described lotteries as a tax on stupidity. More specifically, I think, on innumeracy."
Author: Daniel Tammet
11. "We're all storytellers. We choose to tell ourselves the kind of tale we want to hear."
Author: Danielle Ganek
12. "The Libyan program recently discovered was far more extensive than was assessed prior to that."
Author: David Kay
13. "I wrote five issues of that and got the sack. Actually, they paid me for eight, but they changed their minds about the direction and threw three issues out the window."
Author: Eddie Campbell
14. "You call it hope-that fire of fire!It is but agony of desire."
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
15. "Existence is a party. You join after its started and you leave before its finished."
Author: Elsa Maxwell
16. "My head was always bubbling over with facts and it seems to me this had little to do with my paying close attention in school and more to do with my voracious and omnivorous reading habits."
Author: Eric Allin Cornell
17. "She stood looking carefully at the labeled portraits Ursala had put up: Little Crow, Chief of the Santees, Geronimo, last of the Apaches, and Ursala's favorite, Big Foot, dying in the snow at Wounded Knee."Isn't that where the massacre was?" asked Ellen."Yes. I'm going to go there when I'm grown up. To Wounded Knee.""That seems sensible," said Ellen."
Author: Eva Ibbotson
18. "The Jesus Factor it's called, instant resurrection and a second cumming."
Author: Gillibran Brown
19. "Life is real, not ideal."
Author: Heather Muzik
20. "I always say you can never be extravagant with beauty. Beauty is God made real. Beauty is life."
Author: Imelda Marcos
21. "To begin an ethnographic project with a goal, with an object of research and a set of presumptions, is already to stymie the process of discovery; it blocks one's ability to learn something new that exceed the frameworks with which one enters."
Author: J. Jack Halberstam
22. "So, tell me, Ford—is that a family name? Or did your parents just like trucks?"
Author: J.A. Huss
23. "The way some people read the parables reminds me of Aesop's Fables. And the way others read them reminds me of the way some discern clue after perplexing clue in their Beatle albums as evidence for a cover-up of Paul's having died in a car accident."
Author: Jared C. Wilson
24. "My favorite passage is from Rule: "I hated guys that called a girl "baby". Baby was what you used when you couldn't remember a girl's name or you were just too lazy to come up with your own nickname for her."
Author: Jay Crownover
25. "It's hard to tell whether the ship or airplane - they're all the same, I'm convinced - is male or female; it may shift back and forth."
Author: John C. Hawkes
26. "I thought his performance was absolutely wonderful and had said so, but he seemed, as actors quite often are when they first see.something, to be disappointed. I think he expected more from the film and himself."
Author: John Schlesinger
27. "As a cop, I dealt with every kind of bum and criminal. They all have more integrity than some Hollywood people."
Author: Joseph Wambaugh
28. "Rejection is a cancer, Edie. It eats away at a person."
Author: Kate Morton
29. "Hoo! You're like a giant mood ring! I wonder if I can make different colors show up depending on where i touch you- Nell Harris"
Author: Katie MacAlister
30. "Care less for your harvest than for how it is shared and your life will have meaning and your heart will have peace."
Author: Kent Nerburn
31. "He delivered his hand to my ass, so I delivered my knee to his balls." -- Nina Wrigley"
Author: Lynn Weingarten
32. "No hay duda, la aparición de un determinado asunto como objeto de recreación artística siempre está en relación estrecha con su presencia en las distintas esferas de la vida social."
Author: Martha Elena Munguia Zatarain
33. "God will and can be known in no other way than in and through Christ according to the statement of John 1:18, "The only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him." Christ is the only means whereby we can know God and His will. In Christ we perceive that God is not a cruel judge, but a most loving and merciful Father who to bless and to save us "spared not his own Son, but gave him up for us all." This is truly to know God."
Author: Martin Luther
34. "But really there was no hurry. It is time to love, he had said downstairs. And time was not always just one second long or even one minute or one hour. Those were artificial divisions, imposed by humankind. Time was infinite. And it was time to love......Even infinity had an end. They had loved. And somehow having loved was quite as beautiful as loving. For of course there was no real end to it. Infinity might have an end, but love did not."
Author: Mary Balogh
35. "It is so long before the mind can persuade itself that she whom we saw every day and whose very existence appeared a part of our own can have departed forever — that the brightness of a beloved eye can have been extinguished and the sound of a voice so familiar and dear to the ear can be hushed, never more to be heard. These are the reflections of the first days; but when the lapse of time proves the reality of the evil, then the actual bitterness of grief commences."
Author: Mary Shelley
36. "I'm not good at normal things. I can't drive a car. I couldn't read till I was 10."
Author: Michael Lindsay Hogg
37. "The only people that you really have, that I learned, are your family, because they love you no matter what."
Author: Miley Cyrus
38. "Things shouldn't hinge on so very little. Sneeze and you're highway carnage. Remove one tiny stone and you're an avalanche statistic. But I guess if you can die without ever understanding how it happened then you can also live without a complete understanding of how. And in a way that's kind of relaxing."
Author: Miriam Toews
39. "But to mourn, that's different. To mourn is to be eaten alive with homesickness for the person."
Author: Olive Ann Burns
40. "I mean, really, can someone answer this for me: Why are all female superheroes packed into spandex and hot shorts? Okay, of course I know the answer. I know why they're all scantily clad. It's because men draw them and if there is one thing men love it's boobs! And legs! And boobs! But really what they love is boobs."
Author: Olivia Munn
41. "What have I done to her?" Gabriel muttered to himself as he crossed the room to crank open a window. Cool air washed over his skin. "What the devil did she do to me?"
Author: Olivia Parker
42. "Because we lack a divine Center our need for security has led us into an insane attachment to things. We really must understand that the lust for affluence in contemporary society is psychotic. It is psychotic because it has completely lost touch with reality. We crave things we neither need nor enjoy. 'We buy things we do not want to impress people we do not like'. Where planned obsolescence leaves off, psychological obsolescence takes over. We are made to feel ashamed to wear clothes or drive cars until they are worn out. The mass media have convinced us that to be out of step with fashion is to be out of step with reality. It is time we awaken to the fact that conformity to a sick society is to be sick. Until we see how unbalanced our culture has become at this point, we will not be able to deal with the mammon spirit within ourselves nor will we desire Christian simplicity."
Author: Richard J. Foster
43. "Aquel día, un harapiento, por las trazas un mendigo, tal vez un peregrino, quizás un poeta..."
Author: Rubén Darío
44. "I think when you work with really wonderful directors who have a really strong vision, it lets you as an artist set the tone for your own career."
Author: Sarah Gadon
45. "You are bad and mean and I'm going to spit on your cupcakes."
Author: Sarra Manning
46. "You're barely one step up from the Australopithecines, aren't you? (Acheron)Hey, be respectful when you say that, snot nose. Haven't you seen the commercials? Us cavemen are very sensitive people. (Savitar)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
47. "How did my relatively inexperienced dating life suddenly become so complicated?"
Author: Suzanne Young
48. "This place,' Annabel waved her left arm in a circle. 'It is a place filled with misery, hatred, jealousy...and then there are the lawyers."
Author: Tanya Thistleton
49. "We're making it up. The world, the universe, life, reality. Especially reality."
Author: Tom Robbins
50. "We want to live in the black and white, but we don't. The world is gray. And, I'm always fascinated by people who are clearly, 'This is black and this is white, and that's the way life is.' Life always has something to say about that."
Author: Tony Goldwyn

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