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1. "I grew up in musical theatre and love to perform on stage."
Author: A. J. McLean
2. "I suffered from other kinds of pangs. I was prone to the most excessive dreaming, of such intensity and realism that when I awakened I felt I lost an entire universe of legends, myths, figures and cities of such color that they made our room seem a thousand times more bare, the poverty of the table more acute."
Author: Anaïs Nin
3. "The Symbol of all Art is the Prism. The goal is unrealism. The method is destructive. To break up the white light of objective realism into the secret glories which it contains. e.e. cummings"
Author: E.E. Cummings
4. "I did a lot of community theatre and met a manager that worked out of Philadelphia, and she started sending me up to New York for auditions, and I got the part in a play at Manhattan Theatre Club when I was 15."
Author: John Gallagher Jr.
5. "If I'm in theatre, cinema doesn't even cross my mind. Similarly when I'm making a film, theatre doesn't cross my mind."
Author: John Hurt
6. "I would hate to think of the theatre world without critics. Without them, we'd not have the record of each season."
Author: Marian Seldes
7. "Once you get into your stride, the camera becomes like another person in the room. It's like being in a very small theatre where there is no getting away with anything because the audience is centimetres away from you."
Author: Saffron Burrows
8. "I love test screenings. Some directors don't, I know. But I love it. I think it's because I come from the theatre and in the theatre, previews are where you really have to listen to the audience and really feel how they're responding. I found our test screenings incredibly useful."
Author: Stephen Daldry
9. "Film is fragmented and gets into lots of other people's hands. There are a lot of pleasures that theatre gives me. You get to perform uninterrupted."
Author: Willem Dafoe

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