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1. "I think they got caught up in how much money they could get from each of the city governments as far as tax rebates. But that stuff works when you make money. It's a little bit phantom money."
Author: David Neeleman
2. "It's financially advantageous to make a picture in Berlin, Germany. They have a very effective rebate system."
Author: Joel Silver
3. "-Gracias por esto, Ángel, pero no me gusta el Coco Pops. Le fruncí el ceño, confundida. Siempre estaba comiendo mi cereal. -Claro que sí, te lo comes todos los días.Se echó a reír.-No, no lo hago. Hago un plato cada día y pretendo comerlo, antes de que vengas y me lo arrebates.-¿Por qué diablos harías un plato y pretender comerlo? ¿Te gusta hacerme enojar?-No, Ángel. Me gusta hacerte el desayuno."
Author: Kirsty Moseley
4. "They kept yelling at me to pay attention during school, since education hasn't panned out for me can I get a refund, or at least a rebate?"
Author: Neil Leckman
5. "Colleges typically did not tell you that ninety percent of your education came after you hung the parchment on the wall. People might ask for a rebate."
Author: Tom Clancy
6. "In the deregulated realm of US banking and finance, crime does occasionally pay for its foul deeds, not in prison time but by making modest rebates to the victims."
Author: William Greider

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