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1. "What happens next?" she whispered.Connor turned to her and smiled faintly. Always a question, that was Rebecca.There's more?" he said in mock wondermentRebecca dimpled.You know very well there is more."Tell me all about it," he encouraged.In Papa's book—"Tell me all about it without mentioning your papa."
Author: Julie Anne Long
2. "Shane: Aren't you going to ask me where I've been, who I've been with?Rebecca: Are you trying to hurt me?Shane: Maybe I am. Maybe I'm trying to see if I can.Rebecca:You can."
Author: Nora Roberts
3. "Wait," I said. "so you're saying that you proposed to me because I'm a mess and I'm a person and because we need each other, while Rebecca was —— something else? I get it, I follow you, but I'm also thinking, is the bullshit getting a little deep in here?""Yes, it is. You've caught me. And so fine, I will come clean, and I will tell you the absolutely true and naked reason why I want to marry you and only you, and not Rebecca.""Why?""Because when I'm with you, I'm the pretty one."
Author: Paul Rudnick

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