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1. "I'm portable. I carry a laptop and a little recording studio on my back."
Author: Abbie Cornish
2. "More live recording. I have missed the boat over my career by not doing every second or third CD live because things happen onstage that don't happen in the studio."
Author: Al Jarreau
3. "His mind wandered, seeking other examples. People—particularly older ones—still spoke of putting film into a camera, or gas into a car. Even the phrase "cutting a tape" was still sometimes heard in recording studios—though that embraced two generations of obsolete technologies."
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
4. "After school, my mom would pick me up and I would just go to visit my dad in the recording studio, and I would see him working with Mark Hamill or hear him doing the 'Transformers' or a 'G.I. Joe' or the 'Rugrats.'"
Author: Ashley Bell
5. "An album is a whole universe, and the recording studio is a three-dimensional kind of art space that I can fill with sound. Just as the album art and videos are ways of adding more dimensions to the words and music. I like to be involved in all of it because it's all of a piece."
Author: Bat For Lashes
6. "I'd do a demo recording by myself, layering instruments on top of one another, and while that's fun, it doesn't have the same impact as getting some great players together in a great studio with a great engineer and producer, then waiting for the magic."
Author: Bernie Leadon
7. "T Bone and I grew up together in Fort Worth, Texas. He had his own recording studio by the time he was seventeen years old. When we were both nineteen he made the first archival recording of my voice."
Author: Betty Buckley
8. "Unlike other voice-over situations which are done in a recording studio, Roger Rabbit was live action and animation combined, and there was a time factor, so my voice was recorded live on the set. So I'm on the set rehearsing and recording my voice as a performance with the other actors, and they're all wearing costumes, and it made sense to me."
Author: Charles Fleischer
9. "I now have a home recording studio, which I can operate entirely on my own, as well as a portable version of the same which allows me to record anywhere I like and simply swap out the hard drives for use in the home studio."
Author: Clint Black
10. "I can't get that live and I don't have the time to take the tape, after I've finished recording it, into a little studio somewhere else where I can get a different kind of percussion sound."
Author: Danny Elfman
11. "We've never performed the song live outside of recording it in the studio. That was a dream come true because Whitney, she's an icon and she's been one of my main mentors in this business."
Author: Deborah Cox
12. "I had this instinct and I just knew it. It was a very strange thing and as soon as I finished recording it, we were all in the studio saying we have something really special here."
Author: Deborah Cox
13. "My old man was a musician - that's what he did for a living. And like most fathers, occasionally he'd let me visit where he worked. So I started going to his recording studio, and I really dug it."
Author: Dimebag Darrell
14. "That's what so great about making movies. It's that you get to do stuff you never would be able to do in real life. You get to go to a recording studio, you get to go to Navy ships and fly all over the world for press. And it's just a great job."
Author: DJ Qualls
15. "The thing is, it really did take us too long to get these recordings done. We've had our rough times in the studio in the past, but after four weeks most of the material would have been recorded. This time it seemed like it just goes on and on."
Author: Ed O'Brien
16. "Music was definitely a way out. Instead of playing basketball, I was going to recording studios."
Author: Flo Rida
17. "Recording an album and doing it live are like two different animals. There are some people that are great singers live, horrible in the studio."
Author: Frank Stallone
18. "I like being in a recording studio. I like watching a song go from the simplicity of the original music."
Author: Grace Slick
19. "I don't have a formal home recording studio, but I can record tracks on my computer upstairs in my office."
Author: Huey Lewis
20. "I started a recording studio. I started producing people and doing remixes."
Author: James Iha
21. "It is a lot cheaper to spend eight hours in a rehearsal hall than in a recording studio."
Author: Jim Messina
22. "And for me the only way to live life is to grab the bull by the horns and call up recording studios and set dates to go in recording studios. To try and accomplish something."
Author: John Frusciante
23. "The modern recording studio, with its well-trained engineers, 24-track machines and shiny new recording consoles, encourages the artist to get involved with sound. And there have always been artists who could make the equipment serve their needs in a highly personal way - I would single out the Beatles, Phil Spector, the Beach Boys and Thom Bell."
Author: Jon Landau
24. "I don't like recording studios - except my own, which is just a little room above the garage."
Author: Keith Jarrett
25. "The dream world of sleep and the dream world of music are not far apart. I often catch glimpses of one as I pass through a door to the other, like encountering a neighbor in the hallway going into the apartment next to one's own. In the recording studio, I would often lie down to nap and wake up with harmony parts fully formed in my mind, ready to be recorded. I think of music as dreaming in sound."
Author: Linda Ronstadt
26. "Love it or hate it, thrive in it or still getting the hang of it, the recording studio is the place where your main product is going to be captured, recorded, mixed and created. You need a clear platform from preproduction to the schedule, tracking to the overdubs, vocals to the final mix. The best-laid studio planning will save you the most money and greatly reduce stress."
Author: Loren Weisman
27. "My job of being a musician in a recording studio has nothing to do with being a musician being on tour performing."
Author: Moby
28. "Briggs was living in Toronto at the time and had started a studio called Thunder Sound. He recorded the Massey Hall show. He thought this live show should have come out right away and was disappointed and disagreed with my decision to instead put out Harvest-he thought it was not as good as the Massey Hall recording. "It's great, Neil," Briggs said. "Put it out there." But that was not to be.When I heard the show thirty-four years later while reviewing tapes for my archive performance series, I was a little shocked-I agreed with David. After listening, I felt his frustration. This was better than Harvest. It meant more. He was right. I had missed it. He understood it. David was usually right, and when I disagreed with him, I was usually wrong. Every time I go into the studio or onstage, he is missed."
Author: Neil Young
29. "Of course Tucker Crowe was in pain when he made [the record], but he couldn't just march into a recording studio and start howling. He'd have sounded mad and pathetic. He had to calm the rage, tame it and shape it so that it could be contained in the tight-fitting songs. Then he had to dress it up so that it sounded more like itself."
Author: Nick Hornby
30. "I think of all the things that I've gotten to do, all the wonderful people that I've played with, being in the recording studio with Phil Spector tops them all. And of course, now he is in prison. I hope to visit him, I still consider him a friend, and what can you say? A terrible way for a guy like that to be remembered."
Author: Paul Shaffer
31. "I bought a Dutch barge and turned it into a recording studio. My plan was to go to Paris and record rolling down the Seine."
Author: Pete Townshend
32. "Back 20 years ago, I was recording with Bruce Springsteen, and his producer called me and said I had to be in the studio the next day to finish the sessions, and I couldn't. I had to be in court, in California. All this took like 10 years out of my life."
Author: Ronnie Spector
33. "What producers did was mostly recording in the studio, so it never changed our sound just that much."
Author: Stephen Malkmus
34. "I also have a recording studio that I use to produce bands."
Author: Steve Brown
35. "I got out of high school, bought a recording studio and started operating it as an engineer and a producer."
Author: T Bone Burnett
36. "I am such a gearhead. In my recording studio, I personally engineer and edit everything on computers."
Author: Tommy Lee
37. "Out of the closets and into the museums, libraries, architectural monuments, concert halls, bookstores, recording studios and film studios of the world. Everything belongs to the inspired and dedicated thief…. Words, colors, light, sounds, stone, wood, bronze belong to the living artist. They belong to anyone who can use them. Loot the Louvre! A bas l'originalité, the sterile and assertive ego that imprisons us as it creates. Vive le vol-pure, shameless, total. We are not responsible. Steal anything in sight."
Author: William S. Burroughs

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