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1. "Heartbreak can definitely give you a deeper sensibility for writing songs. I drew on a lot of heartbreak when I was writing my first album, I didn't mean to but I just did."
Author: Adele
2. "All of this vain heartbreak that we cling to as important or tragic would one day be revealed - by TV scientists - for what it is: just behavior."
Author: Arthur Phillips
3. "Alice hands Annawake a handkerchief. Young people never carry them, she's noticed. They haven't yet learned that heartbreak can catch up to you on any given day. p. 285"
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
4. "At the end of this journey, it seems to me that reconciling the long shadows cast by the uneasy past may ultimately depend on elements so basic that they bring to mind a simple Slav proverb I once came across and never forgot: Eat bread and salt and speak the truth. They are the recovery of fact, public accountability and the instituting of fair trials of one sort or another, to help mark ends and beginnings and to return the moral compass as close to the centre as possible."
Author: Erna Paris
5. "I think the ethos for Gov. Romney is to use a whole variety of policies, of which tax policy is one, to try to raise the rate of growth. We've had a recovery from the financial crisis that would be well below what one might normally expect for a recovery from such a deep recession. And to counteract that we need better tax policy."
Author: Glenn Hubbard
6. "A lot of the off-ice is actually spent sort of as a recovery process. Because the closer we get to a competition, the more and more you do on-ice. So if you're already on the ice three to four hours, you get enough cardio doing your run-throughs. But I sometimes do the elliptical or bike."
Author: Gracie Gold
7. "Very large scale disasters, especially those that have occurred in the developing world, have very long recovery periods."
Author: Irwin Redlener
8. "I could feel my insides sink. My knees too. So I sat on the ground, against the wall, letting it support me. I thought I knew what heartbreak felt like. I thought heartbreak was me, standing alone at the prom. That was nothing. This, this was heartbreak. The pain in your chest, the ache behind your eyes. The knowing that things will never be the same again. It's all relative, I suppose. You think you know love, you think you know real pain, but you don't. You don't know anything."
Author: Jenny Han
9. "Mr. Speaker, as a grateful recovering alcoholic of 24 years myself, I am living proof that treatment does work and that recovery is real."
Author: Jim Ramstad
10. "Some people recovering from drugs or alcohol stay with the programs indefinitely, making the recovery program their family, a long-term source of attention rewards."
Author: Keith Henson
11. "[...] I'm about to get on a plane here, and I'm packing recovery literature. All I know is I'm going to be the guy reading the book on co-dependency. That's what I know about me."
Author: Marc Maron
12. "A small step toward recovery is giant progress."
Author: Mark Cortes
13. "In our recovery package we put new standards of accountability and transparency, which we hope will now apply."
Author: Nancy Pelosi
14. "Even as she'd come to know the real Ralston—the Ralston who was not cut from heroic cloth—Callie had failed to see the truth. And, instead of seeing her own heartbreak coming, she had fallen in love, not with her fantasy, but with this new, flawed Ralston."
Author: Sarah MacLean
15. "Every great tragedy forms a fertile soil in which a great recovery can take root and blossom...but only if you plant the seeds."
Author: Steve Maraboli
16. "Privately, I consider religion to be a load of bollocks, but when you have a sobbing five year old wanting to know what happened to her hamster, you develop an instant belief in anything that dissolves some of the heartbreak off her face."
Author: Tana French

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