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1. "The way he's watching me makes me feel needed like no one's ever been able to make me feel. In a way, he makes me feel necessary. Like my existence alone is necessary for his survival."
Author: Colleen Hoover
2. "Aunque no me corresponde probar la inexistencia de Dios sí puedo hacerlo. No puede existir un ser tan dañino que pudiendo en su omnipotencia hacer el bien haga la chambonada de este mundo con todos sus horrores."
Author: Fernando Vallejo
3. "He had asked me earlier in the summer to marry him, then he promptly forgot about it. He staked me out, marked as his property, said I was the only girl he would ever love, then he neglected me."
Author: Harper Lee
4. "Mes souvenirs continuent à briller comme les étoiles mortes. Le passé me semble parfait, le futur pas très sûr. Je préfère conjuguer l'irréel du present."
Author: Jean Louis Fournier
5. "Probably not needing to be published would give me more time to think about a book."
Author: Kate Atkinson
6. "On a trip to Russia I bought one of those Matryoshka "nested dolls" that break apart at the waist to reveal smaller and smaller dolls inside…it occurred to me to me later that each of us, like the nested dolls, contains multiple selves, making us a mysterious combination of good and evil, wisdom and folly, reason and instinct… (pp.80)"
Author: Philip Yancey
7. "I have seen vast, perhaps unbelievable, changes during the journey that has brought me from the flicker of a lamp in a small Bengal village to the chandeliers of Delhi."
Author: Pranab Mukherjee
8. "I've never reacted well to other people telling me what to do."
Author: Tom Selleck
9. "All truths wait in all things,They neither hasten their own delivery nor resist it,They do not need the obstetric forceps of the surgeon,The insignificant is as big to me as any,(What is less or more than a touch)..."
Author: Walt Whitman
10. "Being famous is not something that would make me feel successful - unless one was striving for mediocrity."
Author: William Hurt

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