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1. "If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever."
Author: Alfred Tennyson
2. "Good garden of peas!"
Author: Deborah Wiles
3. "The sky-like limpid eyes,The circular infant's face,The stiffness from spats to collarNever relaxing into grace;The heavy memories of Horeb, Sinai and the forty years,Showed only when the daylight fellLevel across the faceOf Brennbaum "The Impeccable"."
Author: Ezra Pound
4. "If we don't empower ourselves with knowledge, then we're gonna be led down a garden path."
Author: Fran Drescher
5. "He stared and talked at the girl's red hair and amused face for what seemed to be a few minutes; and then, feeling that the groups in such a place should mix, rose to his feet. To his astonishment, he discovered the whole garden empty. Everyone had gone long ago, and he went himself with a rather hurried apology. He left with a sense of champagne in his head, which he could not afterwards explain. In the wild events which were to follow, this girl had no part at all; he never saw her again until all his tale was over. And yet, in some indescribable way, she kept recurring like a motive in music through all his mad adventures afterwards, and the glory of her strange hair ran like a red thread through those dark and ill-drawn tapestries of the night. For what followed was so improbable that it might well have been a dream."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
6. "Listen to me as one listens to the rain,the years go by, the moments return,do you hear the footsteps in the next room?not here, not there: you hear themin another time that is now,listen to the footsteps of time,inventor of places with no weight, nowhere,listen to the rain running over the terrace,the night is now more night in the grove,lightning has nestled among the leaves,a restless garden adrift-go in,your shadow covers this page."
Author: Octavio Paz
7. "And I walk out of spaceInto an overgrown garden of values,And tear up seeming stabilityAnd self-comprehension of causes.And your, infinity, textbookI read by myself, without people -Leafless, savage medical book,A problem book of gigantic radicals."
Author: Osip Mandelstam
8. "The adult world may seem a cold and empty place, with no fairies and no Father Christmas, no Toyland or Narnia, no Happy Hunting Ground where mourned pets go, and no angels - guardian or garden variety. But there are also no devils, no hellfire, no wicked witches, no ghosts, no haunted houses, no daemonic possession, no bogeymen or ogres. Yes, Teddy and Dolly turn out not to be really alive. But there are warm, live, speaking, thinking, adult bedf ellows to hold, and many of us find it a more rewarding kind of love than the childish affection for stuffed toys, however soft and cuddly they may be."
Author: Richard Dawkins
9. "The rain to the wind said,You push and I'll pelt.'They so smote the garden bedThat the flowers actually knelt,And lay lodged--though not dead.I know how the flowers felt."
Author: Robert Frost
10. "Humphry Repton, the leading garden theorist of the nineteenth century, defined a garden as 'a piece of ground fenced off from cattle, and appropriated to the use and pleasure or man: it is, or ought to be, cultivated and enriched by art'."
Author: Tom Turner
11. "WESLEY AYERS is the stranger in the halls of the Coronado. He is the Keeper in the garden who shares my secret. He is the boy who reads me books. He is the one who teaches me how to touch."
Author: Victoria Schwab

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