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1. "Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate."
Author: Alvin Toffler
2. "Potential," I said, "doesn't mean a thing. You've got to do it. Almost every baby in a crib has more potential than I have."
Author: Charles Bukowski
3. "For Emily Dickinson every philosophical idea was a potential lover. Metaphysics is the realm of eternal seduction of the spirit by ideas."
Author: Charles Simic
4. "I learned to pick up each piece, one at a time, from my pile of potential matches and try to fit it from any angle into the socket, then discard it and move on. Each failure is meaningless. It's not me, it's the pieces, and I have to, absolutely must, try each and every piece every possible way until I find one that fits. They aren't failures, they're steps, small bits of progress."
Author: Craig Clevenger
5. "How you live today has the potential to impact all eternity."
Author: Dillon Burroughs
6. "The real power of effective leadership is maximizing other people's potential which inevitably demands also ensuring that they get the credit. When our ego won't let us build another person up, when everything has to build us up, then the effectiveness of the organization reverts to depending instead on how good we are in the technical aspects of what we do. And we have stopped leading and inspiring others to great heights."
Author: John Dickson
7. "This wasn't the person he'd thought he was, or would have chosen to be if he'd been free to choose, but there was something comforting and liberating about being an actual definite someone, rather than a collection of contradictory potential someones."
Author: Jonathan Franzen
8. "She walked with a ghost of herself, one full of potential and possibility. One who was fearless. Where had that girl gone?"
Author: Nora Roberts
9. "For women not to fear rape because we can successfully defend ourselves against it is not anachronistic but revolutionary. For women to be considered as potential warriors (in every sense of the word, including its physical representation) is not anachronistic but revolutionary. If realized, it might imply a radical change in modern life."
Author: Phyllis Chesler
10. "Comics deal with two fundamental communicating devices: words and images. Admittedly this is an arbitrary separation. But, since in the modern world of communication they are treated as independent disciplines, it seems valid. Actually, the are derivatives of a single origin and in the skillful employment of words and images lies the expressive potential of the medium."
Author: Will Eisner

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