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1. "High tech companies that focus on research, development and production will learn that they can be the perfect complement to our world-renowned agriculture heritage."
Author: Alan Autry
2. "We seldomrealize, for example, that our most private thoughts and emotions arenot actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and imageswhich we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society. Wecopy emotional reactions from our parents, learning from them thatexcrement is supposed to have a disgusting smell and that vomiting issupposed to be an unpleasant sensation. The dread of death is alsolearned from their anxieties about sickness and from their attitudes tofunerals and corpses. Our social environment has this power justbecause we do not exist apart from a society. Society is our extendedmind and body.Yet the very society from which the individual is inseparable is usingits whole irresistible force to persuade the individual that he is indeedseparate! Society as we now know it is therefore playing a game withself-contradictory rules."
Author: Alan Wilson Watts
3. "Aussi, préférant mille fois la mort à une arrestation, j'accomplissais des choses étonnantes, et qui, plus d'une fois, me donnèrent cette preuve que le trop grand soin que nous prenons de notre corps est à peu près le seul obstacle à la réussite de ceux de nos projets qui ont besoin d'une décision rapide et d'une exécution vigoureuse et déterminée. En effet, une fois qu'on a fait le sacrifice de sa vie, on n'est plus l'égal des autres hommes, ou plutôt les autres hommes ne sont plus vos égaux, et quiconque a pris cette résolution sent, à l'instant même, décupler ses forces et s'agrandir son horizon. (p. 556)"
Author: Alexandre Dumas
4. "Il y a tant de gens qui poussent la sophistication jusqu'à lire sans lire. Comme des hommes grenouilles, ils traversent les livres sans prendre une goutte d'eau....- Ce sont les lecteurs-grenouilles. Ils forment l'immense majorité des lecteurs humains, et pourtant je n'ai découvert leur existence que très tard. Je suis d'une telle naïveté. Je pensais que tout le monde lisait comme moi; moi, je lis comme je mange."
Author: Amélie Nothomb
5. "No one who has lived even for a fleeting moment for something other than life in its conventional sense and has experienced the exaltation that this feeling produces can then renounce his new freedom so easily."
Author: Andre Breton
6. "She managed to finger-comb her hair into some kind of order, though it was a little too punk for her peace of mind. Not that she'd ever minded looking punk; in fact, the cut had been designed for that effect. But right now Reno was punk enough for both of them."
Author: Anne Stuart
7. "Should, is the worst wordin the English language. People always think things "should" be a certain way, and when they'renot, they're disappointed."
Author: Candace Bushnell
8. "I really like Jeff Lewis and 'Flipping Out' and 'Interior Therapy.' I don't know why I'm obsessed with American real estate and renovation."
Author: Chris Lilley
9. "On Saturday, I was a surgeon in South Africa, very little known. On Monday, I was world renowned."
Author: Christiaan Barnard
10. "Now you must cast aside your laziness,"my master said, "for he who rests on downor under covers cannot come to fame;and he who spends his life without renownleaves such a vestige of himself on earthas smoke bequeaths to air or foam to water.Therefore, get up; defeat your breathlessnesswith spirit that can win all battles ifthe body's heaviness does not deter it.A longer ladder still is to be climbed;it's not enough to have left them behind;if you have understood, now profit from it."
Author: Dante Alighieri
11. "Livia dug around in the bottom of her closet while Blake put the figurine back where it belonged. He handled her belongings like he was the curator in a world-renowned museum."
Author: Debra Anastasia
12. "Mi citamo knjige zato da bismo citanjem proširili granice svog licnog iskustva. Ako nam knjiga u tom pogledu ne daje apsolutno ništa, nijednog novog fakta, nijednog samostalnog pogleda, nijene originalne ideje, ako nicim ne pokrece i ne podstice našu misao, mi takvu knjigu nazivamo praznom i ništavnom, bez obzira na to da li je pisana u prozi ili stihu, i uvek smo spremni da autoru takve knjige sa iskrenom dobronamernošcu posavetujemo da se lati pravljenja cizama ili pecenja bureka."
Author: Dimitri I. Pisarev
13. "Naucit ce on nju da zavoli i prihvati svoje tijelo, koje je tako dugo nijekala. S puno ce je obzira nauciti svemu što se u ljubavi mora znati, a poslije ce prijeci na unosnije ciljeve i teže zadace, kada je rijec o razotkrivanju vjecne zagonetke kakva je žena. Pritom ce za promjenu on njoj biti ucitelj. Ne svidaju mu se njene tamnoplave plisirane suknje i strogi kroj njenih bluza kakve neprestano nosi da ne bi, valjda, naglasila svoju figuru. Mladenacki i šareno, tako bi se trebala oblaciti! Nositi razlicite boje! On ce joj objasniti što razumijeva pod pojmom boje. Pokazat ce joj što znaci biti mlad i ukusno odjeven i znati se tomu veseliti. A kada shvati koliko je zapravo mlada, ostavit ce je zbog mlade žene."
Author: Elfriede Jelinek
14. "Today only the person who no longer believes in a happy ending, only he who has consciously renounced it, is able to live. A happy century does not exist; but there are moments of happiness, and there is freedom in the moment."
Author: Ernst Jünger
15. "When the Bible itself becomes irksome, inquire whether you have not been spoiling your appetite by sweetmeats and renounce them; and believe that the Word is the wire along which the voice of God will certainly come to you if the heart is hushed and the attention fixed."
Author: F.B. Meyer
16. "Two seemingly antagonistic forces, equally deleterious in their actions and ultimately combining to produce their results, are at present ruling over our educational institutions, although these were based originally upon very different principles. These forces are: a striving to achieve the greatest possible extension of education on the one hand, and a tendency to minimize and to weaken it on the other. The first-named would fain spread learning among the greatest possible number of people; the second would compel education to renounce its highest and most independent claims in order to subordinate itself to the service of the State."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
17. "Me gustaba tan poco pisar en falso como iniciar a tientas un nuevo movimiento. Por eso practicaba tanto, para encontrarme en terreno seguro y perfeccionar luego los detalles."
Author: Gayle Forman
18. "Lady, I have never been a hero, no Ryam Redwyne or Barristan the Bold. I've won no tourneys, no renown in war... but I was a knight once, and you have helped me remember what that meant. My life is a poor thing, but it is yours."
Author: George R.R. Martin
19. "Renounce love and you can achieve demonic focus."
Author: Glen Duncan
20. "... Posai il mio cuscino sul terzo gradino dal basso, mi sedetti, presi il cappello e vi misi dentro la sigaretta: non proprio nel mezzo e non in un angolo, proprio così come se vi fosse stata gettata dall'alto e cominciai a cantare: "Il povero Papa Giovanni…". Nessuno badava a me, non sarebbe neppure stato un bene: dopo una, due, tre ore avrebbero pur cominciato ad accorgersi di me. Interruppi la mia strofa quando udii la voce al microfono che annunciava un treno da Amburgo… Allora andai avanti. Mi spaventai quando la prima moneta cadde nel cappello: era un soldo, colpì la sigaretta, la sospinse troppo da parte. La rimisi al posto giusto e ripresi a cantare."
Author: Heinrich Böll
21. "How love isI Iove you herenowthe way i knowthe way I cannow and forever."
Author: Ivonne Yáñez Saba
22. "But in his lapsed and sinful state, man is not capable, of any by himself, either to think, to will, or to do that which is really good, but it is necessary for him to be regenerated and renewed in his intellect, affections or will, and in all his powers, by God in Christ through the Holy Spirit, that he may be qualified rightly to understand, esteem, consider, will, and perform whatever is truly good. When he is made a partaker of this regeneration or renovation, I consider that, since he is delivered from sin, he is capable of thinking, willing, and doing that which is good, but yet not without the continued aids of Divine Grace."
Author: James Arminius
23. "Woolf drew on her memories of her holidays in Cornwall for To the Lighthouse, which was conceived in part as an elegy on her parents. Her father was a vigorous walker and an Alpinist of some renown, a member of the Alpine Club and editor of the Alpine Journal from 1868 to 1872; he was the first person to climb the Schreckhorn in the Alps and he wrote on Alpine pleasures in The Playground of Europe (1871). By the time he married Julia Duckworth in 1878, however, a more sedentary Leslie Stephen was the established editor of the Cornhill Magazine, from which he later resigned to take up the editorship of the Dictionary of National Biography in 1882, the year of Woolf 's birth. Stephen laboured on this monumental Victorian enterprise until 1990, editing single-handed the first twenty-six volumes and writing well over 300 biographical entries. He also published numerous volumes of criticism, the most important of which were on eighteenth-century thought and literature."
Author: Jane Goldman
24. "I know he is--sensitive--on some points, Detective, but you must bear in mind how hard it is for an honest man to do his work in relative obscurity, while dishonest men attain wealth and renown. That is why corruption is so pernicious. It breaks the will of good men."
Author: Jed Rubenfeld
25. "College wasn't like the real world. In the real world people dropped names based on their renown. In college, people dropped names based on their obscurity."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
26. "We are humanity, Kant says. Humanity needs us because we are it. Kant believes in duty and considers remaining alive a primary human duty. For him one is not permitted to "renounce his personality," and while he states living as a duty, it also conveys a kind of freedom: we are not burdened with the obligation of judging whether our personality is worth maintaining, whether our life is worth living. Because living it is a duty, we are performing a good moral act just by persevering."
Author: Jennifer Michael Hecht
27. "Cannabis is renowned as a powerful hallucinogen in large doses, and certainly capable of inducing profound ecstatic ecstatic states. Anyone who who doubts this has clearly not experienced its effects."
Author: John Rush
28. "Me dare con que soy simplemente una mujer, una de carne y hueso. Que soy, como (casi) todas las de mi genero, una diosa metida en el cuerpo de un mamífero hembra. Hembra, hembron, embrague, acelerador, freno. Animal, estrella fugaz, ama de casa profesional, geisha matriarca, lideresa de comedor popular, activista, consumista voraz. Una bestia de la profesión n. Toda una (neo)(anti)(post) feminista. Un solo de contradicciones."
Author: Josefina Barron
29. "In the letter he left for the coroner he had explained his reasoning (for suicide): that life is a gift bestowed without anyone asking for it; that the thinking person has a philosophical duty to examine both the nature of life and the conditions it comes with; and that if this person decides to renounce the gift no one asks for, it is the moral and human duty to act on the consequences of that decision. ... Alex showed me a clipping from the Cambridge Evening News. 'Tragic Death of "Promising" Young Man.' ... The verdict of the coroner's inquest had been that Adrian Flinn (22) had killed himself 'while the balance of his mind was disturbed.' ... The law, and society, and religion all said it was impossible to be sane, healthy, and kill yourself. Perhaps those authorities feared that the suicide's reasoning might impugn the nature and value of life as organised by the state which paid the coroner?"
Author: Julian Barnes
30. "Era un día soleado de principios de verano, y se oía el canto de los pájaros. En un huerto cercano que hasta entonces se había librado de los bombardeos, los manzanos florecían de forma espectacular. El hombre era el único animal que acababa con la vida de los de su propia especie por millones y que convertía el paisaje en un terreno yermo, plagado de cráteres provocados por las bombas y alambradas de espino. Walter tuvo el pensamiento apocalíptico de que, tal vez, la humanidad se borraría a sí misma de la faz de la tierra y dejaría el mundo a los pájaros y a los árboles. Tal vez eso fuera lo mejor."
Author: Ken Follett
31. "God help me, how Tolstoy sweats over drying up people's sources of life, of wild and joyful life, drying them up and making the world fat with the love of God and everyman. ... But the man is old, after all, his fountains of life run dry, without a trace remaining of human affections. ... Only someone who has become slow and watertight with old age, satiated and hardened with pleasure, will go to youth and say, Renounce! ... And yet the youth renounces nothing, but sins royally for forty years. Such is the course of nature!"
Author: Knut Hamsun
32. "Great dislike to the Bible was shown by those who conversed with me about it, and several have remarked to me, at different times, that if it were not for that book, Catholics would never be led to renounce their own faith."
Author: Maria Monk
33. "Ponekad nešto moraš da precutiš, da povuceš potez koji nece odmah biti jasan, da budeš neprimereno blag ili pak grub...dodavola, da li te to cini manipulatorom? Hm. (...) Ali kako beše ide prica o prvim izbeglicama? Secate se, onaj ljupki par što je proteran iz Raja? Razlog: dirnuli su u zabranjeno znanje. I šta sad, manipulacija je za osudu, Tvorac je manipulator - a isti je simbol konacnog principa dobra. Paradoks ili objašnjenje nužnosti?"
Author: Marko Šelić
34. "You should not imagine that your reason can evolve to the extent of understanding God. Rather, if God is to shine divinely within you, your natural light cannot assist this process but must become a pure nothingness, going out of itself. Only then can God enter with his light, bringing back with him all that you have renounced and a thousand times more, including a new form which contains all things in itself."
Author: Meister Eckhart
35. "Nous traversons le présent les yeux bandé tard seulement, quand est dénoué le bandeau et que nous examinons le passé , nous nous rendons compte de ce que nous avons vécu et nous en comprenons le sens..."
Author: Milan Kundera
36. "If the directions say to do it, we do it," said Maggie. "That's what everyone says. If you don't listen to the Monkey, he doesn't meet with you.""Let's hope the directions don't tell us to shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die," I muttered, and pulled out onto the street."
Author: Mira Grant
37. "Objasnjavanjem stvari, oduzimamo im nesto od one carolijeod onog zlatastog omota, ispod kojeg se kriju tolikacudesna znacenja svega sto izgleda isto.Reci su iskracale. Iznosene. I krpljene. Mereno od prevremena i mnogo posle vremena. Ostaje samo smisao kaocudo svih vidjenja.Razmisljao sam o tome i to u sebi ponavljao,jer osecao samnejasno da se tu krije mudrost i sloboda detinjstva.I hodao sam na rukama.I nosio sam zemlju u susret nebu zvezdama po drumovimasvetlosti i bespucima vasione.Eto, to je moj zivot i moja biografija.To sam ja po zanimanju: nosac zemljine kugle."
Author: Miroslav Antić
38. "It was in our power to cause the Arab governments to renounce the policy of strength toward Israel by turning it into a demonstration of weakness."
Author: Moshe Dayan
39. "Charleston has a landscape that encourages intimacy and partisanship. I have heard it said that an inoculation to the sights and smells of the Carolina lowcountry is an almost irreversible antidote to the charms of other landscapes, other alien geographies. You can be moved profoundly by other vistas, by other oceans, by soaring mountain ranges, but you can never be seduced. You can even forsake the lowcountry, renounce it for other climates, but you can never completely escape the sensuous, semitropical pull of Charleston and her marshes."
Author: Pat Conroy
40. "There in bed, happiness comes over me. Not like something that belongs to me, but like a wheel of fire rolling through the room and the world. For a moment I think I'll manage to let it pass and be able to lie there, aware of what I have, and not wish for anything more. The next moment I want to hang on. I want it to continue. He has to lie beside me tomorrow, too. This is my chance. My only, my last chance. I swing my legs onto the floor. Now I'm panic-stricken. This is what I've been working to avoid for thirty-seven years. I've systematically practiced the only thing in the world that is worth learning. How to renounce. I've stopped hoping for anything. When experienced humility becomes an Olympic discipline, I'll be on the national team. I've never had any patience for other people's unhappy love affairs. I hate their weakness."
Author: Peter Høeg
41. "A king who is renowned for mercy," said the Arobern, with heavy irony, "must also be renowned in equal measure for injustice."
Author: Rachel Neumeier
42. "I love youas much as the oceankisses the shoreno matter how many timesit is sent away."
Author: Sade Andria Zabala
43. "Gina de verdad crees que viniste aquí por tu propia voluntad? Estas atraída hacia mi así como yo así a ti. Tu debilidad es mi fortaleza. Imagina la liberación. Gina..." La voz se sereno,... El poder que crece en el lugar del miedo""Por que escoger un infierno en vida cuando puedo devorar tus miedos y desaparecerlos?""Su miedo te ha devorado el se quedara aquí para siempre" "Porque si hundes bien la nariz y respiras la vida de una rosa, su carnosidad, terrosidad y belleza hueles la muerte que hay dentro...""Solsticio significa: sol detenido, el día mas largo del ano, sol alcanza sus extremos mas meridionales, lo contrario es el solsticio de invierno. El solsticio de verano también representa el renacimiento, un despertar""Solsticio significa: sol detenido, el día mas largo del ano, sol alcanza sus extremos mas meridionales, lo contrario es el solsticio de invierno. El solsticio de verano también representa el renacimiento, un despertar"
Author: Simon Holt
44. "To give up our imaginary position as the center, to renounce it, not only intellectually but in the imaginative part of our soul, that means to awaken to what is real and eternal, to see the true light and hear the true silence."
Author: Simone Weil
45. "As soon as we renounce fiction and illusion, we lose reality itself; the moment we subtract fictions from reality, reality itself loses its discursive-logical consistency."
Author: Slavoj Žižek
46. "The renowned seventh-century Zen master Seng-tsan taught that true freedom is being "without anxiety about imperfection."
Author: Tara Brach
47. "We need not renounce the use of conventional force. We will be ready to repel any clear and present danger that poses a genuine threat to our national security and survival."
Author: Theodore C. Sorensen
48. "La recherche d'une réalité communautaire prend la forme d'une opération de sauvetage massive. J'estime que c'est la grande aventure de notre temps, infiniment plus valable pour l'homme que la conquête de l'espace. Elle représente le retour et le renouveau de l'ancienne gnose. Pour ceux qui répondent à l'appel, ce qui se passe dans le monde des sciences, malgré sa place encore considérable dans le politique gouvernementales, perdra de plus en plus son sens existentiel. À leurs yeux, les scientifiques et leurs nombreux émoules feront figure de clergé archaïque, à la liturgie professionnelle absurde, occupé à échanger ses connaissances, soi-disant à la disposition du public, dans le sanctuaire secret de leur église de l'État."
Author: Theodore Roszak
49. "Ako vam je suviše stalo do onoga što imate kazati, ako vam je ono suviše priraslo srcu, možete biti sigurni, da cete doživeti potpuni neuspeh. Postat cete pateticni, postati cete sentimentalni, pod vašim rukama nastace nešto nezgrapno, nespretno, neozbiljno, neobuzdano, bez ironije, neslano, dosadno, banalno a kraj price bice: samo ravnodušnost u ljudi, samo razocaranje i jad u vama.Jer tako vam je to , Lizaveto: Osecaj, topli, srdacni osecaj uvek je banalan i neupotrebljiv a umetnicka je samo razdraženost i hladna ekstaza našeg pokvarenog, našeg artistickog živcanog sistema"
Author: Thomas Mann
50. "Fear no more the heat o' the sun,Nor the furious winter's rages;Thou thy worldly task hast done,Home art gone, and ta'en thy wages;Golden lads and girls all must,As chimney-sweepers, come to dust.Fear no more the frown o' the great;Thou art past the tyrant's stroke:Care no more to clothe and eat;To thee the reed is as the oak:The sceptre, learning, physic, mustAll follow this, and come to dust.Fear no more the lightning-flash,Nor the all-dreaded thunder-stone;Fear not slander, censure rash;Thou hast finished joy and moan;All lovers young, all lovers mustConsign to thee, and come to dust. No exorciser harm thee! Nor no witchcraft charm thee! Ghost unlaid forbear thee! Nothing ill come near thee! Quiet consummation have; And renownéd be thy grave!"
Author: William Shakespeare

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