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1. "Education is a fundamental principle of what made America a success. We can't afford to throw any young people away."
Author: Benjamin Carson
2. "On Slavery: The saddest slap in the face is we have NO monument, no real statues or memorials, no special day of Atonement or Remembrance (NOT ONE), no thanks for 400+ years of free labor, forced servitude across the Trans-Atlantic, ass beatings, buying ourselves and families out of slavery, rape and plunder...but everyone else has monuments, special museums, and even movies. This is what America thinks of black people, so-called black president and all, who has been largely silent on this subject...we'll even celebrate Leprechauns, Easter Bunnies, and Secretary's Day before we acknowledge our history."
Author: Brandi L. Bates
3. "In 1973, America imported 30 percent of its crude oil needs. Today, that number has doubled to more than 60 percent. Gas prices are as high as they are now in part because we've had no comprehensive national energy policy for the past few decades."
Author: Gary Miller
4. "We must get back to a very strong Christianity... Christianity shaped America and England, and we need to get back to those moral foundations that made us great."
Author: George Carey
5. "I was born in Costa Rica and we moved to America where it was a whole new world for me."
Author: Harry Shum Jr.
6. "In the South America of the forties and fifties, everyone was into beauty and glamour and fashion."
Author: Mario Testino
7. "When it comes to renewable energy, there's no reason America should settle for second best."
Author: Martin Heinrich
8. "Everything in America is so uniform. In Russia, everywhere you go is completely insane."
Author: Matt Taibbi
9. " Pakistan, America is, after all, a former English colony..."
Author: Mohsin Hamid
10. "If politicians continue to promote separatism in Australia, they should not continue to hold their seats in this parliament. They are not truly representing all Australians, and I call on the people to throw them out."
Author: Pauline Hanson

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