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1. "We write to expose the unexposed. Most human beings are dedicated to keeping that one door shut. But the writer's job is to see what's behind it, to see the bleak unspeakable stuff, and to turn the unspeakable into words - not just into any words but if we can, into rhythm and blues."
Author: Ann Lamott
2. "For Daisy was young and her artificial world was redolent of orchids and pleasant, cheerful snobbery and orchestras which set the rhythm of the year, summing up the sadness and suggestiveness of life in new tunes. All night the saxophones wailed the hopeless comment o the 'Beale Street Blues' while a hundred pairs of golden and silver slippers shuffled the shiny dust. At the grey tea hour there were always rooms that throbbed incessantly with this low, sweet fever, while fresh faces drifted here and there like rose petals blown by the sad horns around the floor."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
3. "Our radio plays rhythm and blues as we pass the joint back and forth in jutjawed silence both looking ahead with big private thoughts now so vast we can't communicate them anymore and if we tried it would take a million years and a billion books - Too late, too late, the history of everything we've seen together and separately has become a library in itself - The shelves pile higher - They're full of misty documents or documents of the Mist - ..."
Author: Jack Kerouac
4. "I would think, to me, growing up in the south, growing up with all the gospel music, singing in the church and having that rhythm and blues - the blues background was my big inspiration."
Author: Jackie DeShannon
5. "The Beatles and The Stones were basically inspired by American Rhythm and Blues."
Author: Mick Taylor
6. "Our repertoire consisted of rhythm and blues, sort of country rhythm and blues, Sonny Terry things."
Author: Ray Davies
7. "I haven't sold my soul yet – well, maybe a couple bars of rhythm and blues here and there."
Author: Thomas Pynchon

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Quotes About Rhythm And Blues
Quotes About Rhythm And Blues
Quotes About Rhythm And Blues

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