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1. "Jimmy let's out a whistle. "What?" "Your hand."I look at it. My ripped nail is still bleeding. I wipe the red off on my pants."You should get it taken care of. It looks awful" he says."I guess it does.""You must be in pain, kid. Does it hurt?"I nod. "Yeah, Jimmy. All the time."
Author: Jennifer Donnelly
2. "I was disappearing. It was as if I stripped myself away in that darkened bedroom on a spring afternoon, and when I was finished there would be a pile of clothes neatly folded and I would be another number for the cable news shows. I could almost hear it. "Another casualty today," they'd say, "vanished into thin air after arriving home." Fine. I leaned down and finished unlacing the boot and strung the dog tag back around my neck and let it lie against the other. Left boot and left sock off. Pants off. Underwear off. I was gone."
Author: Kevin Powers
3. "A black dog, tall and wide as a full grown man, took a couple of steps toward them. It bared sharp, yellow fangs big as Bowie knifes. Drool dripped from them to the dried grass below. Unable to help it, Lee wet his pants when he saw the animal's eyes. It had four glowing orbs that burned with a smoldering red light like the fires of Hell."
Author: Pamela K. Kinney
4. "I can't promise I won't soil my trousers in here," he said. "You and me both." Pete extended his hand. Mr. Stovall gripped it tight and they shook on the matter of potential pants-sh*tting, then rejoined the other vampires at the door."
Author: Scott S. Phillips

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