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1. "He saw nature - he saw books through me; and never did I weary of gazing for his behalf, and of putting into words the effect of the field, tree, town, river, cloud, sunbeam - of the landscape before us; of the weather round us and impressing by sound on his ear what light could no longer stamp on his eye."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
2. "A heart pulsating in harmony with the circulation of sap and the flow of rivers? A body with the rhythms of the earth in its movements? No. Instead: a mind, shut off from the oxygen of alert senses, that has wasted itself on 'treasons, stratagems and spoils'--of importance only within four walls. A tame animal--in whom the strength of the species has outspent itself, to no purpose."
Author: Dag Hammarskjöld
3. "Beggin' your pardon, miss, but I was told you be the one to help me cross on to the next world.""Who told you this?"His eyes widen. "A fearsome creature with a head full of snakes!""You musn't fear her," I say, taking the man's hand and leading his toward the river. "She's as tame as a pussycat. She'd probably lick your hand given the chance.""Didn't seem harmless," he whispers, shuddering."Yes, well, things are not always as they appear, sir, and we must learn to judge for ourselves."
Author: Libba Bray
4. "The woman rolled her eyes. "DarkRiver males are damn possessive and complete exhibitionists during the mating dance."Sascha ran through her dictionary of changeling terminology and could find no fit. "Mating dance?"Mercy whistled. Dorian winced. Tamsyn suddenly got interested in her dough. Clay and Vaughn mysteriously disappeared. Behind her, Lucas's body was a hard wall of heat. "I think we need to discuss this upstairs."
Author: Nalini Singh
5. "Perché ha sempre voglia di troppe cose e sempre di quelle che non può avere, di quelle passate o, peggio ancora, di quelle che non arriveranno mai? È una condanna, la sua? A vent'anni comincia a desiderare che tutte quelle voglie spariscano senza lasciare traccia. Deve pur giungere il momento in cui un uomo smette di essere diviso a metà, in cui un uomo si trova esattamente dove vuole stare."
Author: Paolo Giordano
6. "You pay for that," he told Ian as he hopped off the hood. "You pay for that, now."Ian and Peter ignored him, circling around the car. The passenger jumped out and ran off at a sprint, as if the very hounds of hell were nipping at his heels. The taxi driver watched him go and stamped his foot in rage. "You pay for him, too," he yelled at the men, seething in anger."
Author: Rose Wynters
7. "The river, it's banks as yet untamed wandered languidly through thickets of rush and papyrus. Ibises waded in the shallows; in the deeps hippos rose and sank slowly like pickled eggs."
Author: Terry Pratchett

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Quotes About River Tam
Quotes About River Tam
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