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1. "Unlike other voice-over situations which are done in a recording studio, Roger Rabbit was live action and animation combined, and there was a time factor, so my voice was recorded live on the set. So I'm on the set rehearsing and recording my voice as a performance with the other actors, and they're all wearing costumes, and it made sense to me."
Author: Charles Fleischer
2. "I generally give the title-page a fair chance," Roger said. "Once can't always judge books merely by the cover."
Author: Charles Williams
3. "And that's the mistake that was made with Steel Pier. Roger was caught between a rock and hard place. It would have cost a couple of million dollars more to take it to Boston or someplace first. So we opened about a month too early."
Author: Gregory Harrison
4. "Let me read to you," said Roger Nowell. "It is a night for reading."
Author: Jeanette Winterson
5. "I don't think Roger Dodger is really about men. I think it is more about relationships and about how you present yourself, not only to the opposite sex, but to yourself. What lies are you going to tell yourself in order to get through the day?"
Author: Jennifer Beals
6. "Any flights would be taken business class, since Roger thought that the whole point of having money, if it had to be summed up in a single point, which it couldn't, but if you had to, the whole point of having a bit of money was not to have to fly scum class."
Author: John Lanchester
7. "No, Roger had not seen the funny side. But there had been a moment when, after looking at his watch, he had thought: I can remember when Christmas morning would start at about half past ten with a glass of Buck's Fizz in bed. Now it begins at half past five, with a test of my fine motor skills and ability to read Korean."
Author: John Lanchester
8. "I will find her.""And when you do?" Roger asked."I will make her mine," the warrior answered in a hard, determined voice. "She will be mine."The vow was made."
Author: Julie Garwood
9. "From Roger Bacon, the 13th century Franciscan who pioneered the scientific method, to George Lemaitre, the 20th century Belgian priest who first developed a mathematical foundation for the 'Big Bang,' people of faith have played a key role in advancing scientific understanding."
Author: Kenneth R. Miller
10. "A good man's prayers are golden recompense!" rejoined old Roger Chillingworth, as he took his leave. "Yea, they are the current gold coin of the New Jerusalem, with the King's own mint-mark on them!"
Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
11. "Love gets bigger after forty," Fenton tells me. "After forty,, love says, 'Come one, come all."
Author: Pam Houston
12. "Ian Gillan, Roger Glover and I wanted to be a hard rock band - we wanted to play rock and roll only."
Author: Ritchie Blackmore
13. "Were we ever that beautiful?""You still are," Roger told him. "Maybe we should make the most of the hurricane.""This was definitely foreplay.""It's like Tumblr, the live version."Dave chuckled. "True. But I did not see it coming.""Maybe hurricanes affect gaydar?""How much did you have to drink?""Enough to pretend we can still have sex like that."
Author: S.E. Jakes
14. "My hero is Roger Federer."
Author: Saina Nehwal
15. "You meet me after school right here", I said."Why?" he asked.I couldn't believe he was so stupid."Because we're going to finish this fight.""You're crazy," Roger said.He got to his feet and walked away. His gang stared at me like I was a serail killer, and they followed their leader.I was absolutely confused.I had followed the rules of fighting. i had behaved exactly the way I was supposed to behave. But these white boys had ignored the rules. In fact, they followed a whole other set of mysterious rules where people apparently DID NOT GET INTO FISTFIGHTS.(65)"
Author: Sherman Alexie
16. "I am really close friends with Roger Federer and also with Benoit Paire."
Author: Stanislas Wawrinka
17. "My biggest hero was Roman Gabriel, who was the QB of the Rams, and Roger Staubach. Those were the two guys I tired to emulate when I was little."
Author: Warren Moon

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