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1. "I have always chosen roles that I believed in - not ones that I thought might further my career."
Author: Adrian Grenier
2. "The old men send the young to die in war,But if the roles were reversed, what then the score?"
Author: Alan Cook
3. "My life is not possible to tell. I change every day, change my patterns, my concepts, my interpretations. I am a series of moods and sensations. I play a thousand roles. I weep when I find others play them for me. My real self is unknown. My work is merely an essence of this vast and deep adventure."
Author: Anaïs Nin
4. "Nothing indicts female allegiance to patriarchy more than the willingness to behave as though the problems created by cultural investment in sexist thinking about the nature of male and female roles can be solved by women's working harder."
Author: Bell Hooks
5. "When I do the roles, when I'm in the room and auditioning, I'll ask the director if they're cool with me adding stuff, or just improvising while we're doing it. And I would say, like, 90 percent of the time, they say, 'Absolutely.'"
Author: Ben Schwartz
6. "I like roles that bring the unexpected. Roles that may challenge the way people think about things and perceive things. And I like roles that reflect a reality."
Author: Bokeem Woodbine
7. "I'm definitely happy with the progression of my career. I'm glad I didn't jump to stardom immediately, because I get to enjoy the ride and the chase. Because nothing came easy, I really appreciate it when I book roles."
Author: Brittany Curran
8. "I was getting offers. I had just turned them down. Then I realized I should be grateful that at age 54, people were still offering me film roles."
Author: Candice Bergen
9. "The kinds of roles dogs fill can be hard to come by in human relationships. We touch the dog or the pet at whim. There is a lack of self-consciousness and a fluidity to it that is absent from most human relationships. If someone acted that way to you, you'd feel claustrophobic pretty quickly. It's a boundary violation."
Author: Caroline Knapp
10. "More power to the people who get to choose their roles. I don't."
Author: Chris Penn
11. "Actually ninety-nine percent of my acting has nothing to do sci-fi or fantasy, I consider it a good part of my acting, and enjoy the roles I play."
Author: Claudia Christian
12. "Women's roles are diminished for obvious reasons. It's the men whose names are on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and who were generals and soldiers."
Author: Cokie Roberts
13. "Dads. It's time to show our sons how to properly treat a woman. It's time to show our daughters how a girl should expect be treated. It's time to show forgiveness and compassion. It's time to show our children empathy. It's time to break social norms and teach a healthier way of life! It's time to teach good gender roles and to ditch the unnecessary ones. Does it really matter if your son likes the color pink? Is it going to hurt anybody? Do you not see the damage it inflicts to tell a boy that there is something wrong with him because he likes a certain color? Do we not see the damage we do in labeling our girls "tom boys" or our boys "feminine" just because they have their own likes and opinions on things? Things that really don't matter?"
Author: Dan Pearce
14. "Here is the life you have tried to throw away. here is your second chance. Here is the destiny you have tried to shake off by inventing a hundred false roles, a hundred false identities for yourself. It will look at first like a disaster but is is really good fortune in disguise, since fate too knows how to follow your evasion through a hundred forms of its own. Now you will become at last the one you intended to be."
Author: David Malouf
15. "It's quite hard to find a ballsy or complex character. So the roles I've taken are those. Lot's of people put me in the dark category."
Author: Eva Green
16. "Pure-limbed, white-canopied, one-wheeled, the cart roles on. See him that cometh: faultless, stream-cutter, bondless he."
Author: Gautama Buddha
17. "Although some observers believe that feminism and sexual liberalism no longer threaten family values, little in fact has changed. Contemporary sexual liberals are merely less honest than earlier feminists in facing the inevitable antifamily consequences of their beliefs. They continue to maintain that the differences between men and women, such as men's greater drive to produce in the workplace, are somehow artificial and dispensable. They still insist that men and women can generally share and reverse roles without jeopardizing marriage. They still encourage a young woman to sacrifice her twenties in intense rivalry with men, leaving her to clutch desperately for marriage as her youthfulness and fertility pass. Although they declare themselves supporters of the family, they are scarcely willing to define it."
Author: George Gilder
18. "I wanted to be on the stage, doing very important emotional roles."
Author: Gloria Stuart
19. "Back when I was looking for my next step and was researching Gannett, I was interested in who was leading the various businesses within the organization: Are there a lot of women and minorities in important, operational roles, senior management and the board of directors?"
Author: Gracia Martore
20. "Career is important, but nothing really supersedes my roles as a mother."
Author: Halle Berry
21. "Seul,Être à soi-même son pain,Et encore, il s'engrange qu'il dit,Et pète par toutes les fissures.En blocs, en lames, en jets et en cristal,Mais derrière le mur de ses paroles,C'est un grand sourd."
Author: Henri Michaux
22. "I don't want to do romantic roles where I have to lip sync to a song. A role that explores romance on a new level would suit me."
Author: Irrfan Khan
23. "Leaders are not known by their positions; they are known by their roles in those position. You have many gifts as a leader, but your dominant gift is what you will use to lead."
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
24. "I became the stage for the great argument between Nietzsche and Rousseau. I was the extra ready to take on all the roles."
Author: Jacques Derrida
25. "There just aren't that many Jesus roles around."
Author: Jeffrey Hunter
26. "I was warned not to do it. Actors who play Jesus are supposed to have a hard time getting other roles to follow, but I felt this was a myth. After all, how can you be typecast as Christ?"
Author: Jeffrey Hunter
27. "I couldn't really experience being an author when I was still working in publishing - I was trying to negotiate being both. Sometimes the knowledge doesn't translate between the two roles."
Author: Jennifer Gilmore
28. "And the truth is, sometimes my sisters and I do get jealous, and sometimes we do say things to-and about-one another that are thoughtless and rude. We don't meant them, though. It's just whenever we're together, we slip into our old familiar roles."
Author: Jillian Medoff
29. "I've played a lot of younger, more coming-of-age roles as well as roles that aren't such an imposing physical presence."
Author: Josh Keaton
30. "We don't knoe when we're going to make our exits. But one day we'll pass away from this carnival with all its masks and roles, and only a few transient props will remain after us, until they too are swept away. We will step outside time, leave what we call 'reality'."
Author: Jostein Gaarder
31. "You like to assign roles to the people in your life. And when they don't play their parts right, you have a hard time accepting that."
Author: Kasie West
32. "The choice of roles as I grow older gets more and more limited, so if I pin myself to one kind of part I would get in trouble. So, these oddball ladies came along for me to do - I guess Terry Gilliam helped in this respect. I have found them more interesting, flashier and I get more mileage out of them."
Author: Katherine Helmond
33. "I have no desire to play most of the roles being offered."
Author: Kathleen Turner
34. "I never played the right roles, or very rarely got the right roles offered, except on stage."
Author: Maximilian Schell
35. "Fame is useful in certain ways, because it helps you get more roles."
Author: Mia Wasikowska
36. "Most people say I look mean, and because I play so many tough roles and because of my size and my martial arts background, they think I am, but I'm really not."
Author: Michael Jai White
37. "I broke into acting doing Latino roles. I played a Latino casanova in 'The Winner' and a Latino character on 'Hannah Montana.'"
Author: Michael Steger
38. "I do intelligent roles. I don't want to be labeled as doing silly movies. I'm more mature than kids my age because I'm constantly surrounded by adults."
Author: Mischa Barton
39. "Tous les hommes sont semblables par les paroles,ce n'est que les actions qui les découvrent différents"
Author: Molière
40. "I'm always glad to be offered roles, but wouldn't take any role as this could do you more harm than good, but I've been at what they call 'on the top' as far as being known for twenty years."
Author: Peter Cushing
41. "In a way, I loved him. But I loved the roles that we both played a lot more. I had assigned him the role of my protector."
Author: Portia De Rossi
42. "I definitely see myself continuing to transition into more acting roles. I'll always be a coach. I'm always going to have a training center, always going to work with guys that are looking for some input and want help. I love commentating, and that's something I can always go back to and enjoy doing."
Author: Randy Couture
43. "Obviously, I play a villain in 'Downton Abbey'. As an actor, you want to get a variety of roles, so to be offered the part of Joe, it was perfect."
Author: Rob James Collier
44. "I was reading through endless junk scripts that were being sent my way. Typically the roles were to play his wife or his girlfriend - leading roles for women were few and far between."
Author: Roma Downey
45. "I didn't even dance at my high school prom, and I have turned down so many movie roles because I didn't know how to dance."
Author: Romeo Miller
46. "I admire them for making their way up and opening new opportunities for other Latin newcomers. Latinos have come a long way and the roles and opportunities just seem to be improving."
Author: Roselyn Sanchez
47. "A person is either himself or not himself; is either rooted in his existence or is a fabrication; has either found his humanhood or is still playing with masks and roles and status symbols. And nobody is more aware of this difference (although unconsciously) than a child. Only an authentic person can evoke a good response in the core of the other person; only person is resonant to person."
Author: Sydney J. Harris
48. "The clown figure has had so many meanings in different times and cultures. The jolly, well-loved joker familiar to most people is actually but one aspect of this protean creature. Madmen, hunchbacks, amputees, and other abnormals were once considered natural clowns; they were elected to fulfill a comic role which could allow others to see them as ludicrous rather than as terrible reminders of the forces of disorder in the world. But sometimes a cheerless jester was required to draw attention to this same disorder, as in the case of King Lear's morbid and honest fool, who of course was eventually hanged, and so much for his clownish wisdom. Clowns have often had ambiguous and sometimes contradictory roles to play. ("The Last Feast Of The Harlequin")"
Author: Thomas Ligotti
49. "I think part of my reputation has to do with the difficult roles I've played. Actors do tend to get identified with their characters."
Author: Val Kilmer
50. "Il paraît que les paroles des hommes forts doivent toujours recevoir de l'approche de la mort une certaine grandeur."
Author: Victor Hugo

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