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1. "The first time Dad tried Rollerblades he had a bad wipeout on the sidewalk in front of our house- his feet went flying out from under him and he bruised his tailbone. "If God had ment us to have wheels on our feet he would have put them there," he said a few minutes later, searching the linen closet for the heating pad. And whenever Derek and I sometimes Mom went ice-skating at the rink in Ashton City, Dad would watch from the benches on the sidelines. "If God had meant for us to have blades on our feet..."
Author: Evan Kuhlman
2. "Acting is like roller skating. Once you know how to do it, it is neither stimulating nor exciting."
Author: George Sanders
3. "All persons entering a heart do so at their own risk. Management can and will be held responsible for any loss, love, theft, ambition or personal injury. Please take care of your belongings. Please take care of the way you look at me. No roller skating, kissing, smoking, fingers through hair, 3 am phone calls, stained letters, littering, unfeeling feelings, a smell left on a pillow, doors slammed, lyrics whispered, or loitering. Thank you."
Author: Pleasefindthis
4. "I took one look at it and demanded that he name three things he isn't good at."Roller skating, singing, and talking to girls.""You left out stalking," I told him as he helped me out of the bed. "I can always tell when you're lurking around corners.""You only asked for three."
Author: Rick Yancey
5. "Roller-skating and ice-skating are two different things - I found that out the hard way."
Author: Todd Bridges

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