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1. "I never had trouble getting an agent. I went out and got my first couple roles, and literally within six months I never had to have another job other than acting."
Author: Dean Norris
2. "Too many actors try to get too much out of scenes that they ought to be leaving alone, just doing them quickly and getting the hell out."
Author: Howard Hawks
3. "Deborah was the only person on earth who knew what I really was, and even though she was still getting used to the idea, I had thought she understood the very careful boundaries set up by Harry, and understood, too, that I would never cross them."
Author: Jeff Lindsay
4. "You're the sexiest, most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever seen.""Aw, baby, you're so sweet. But you don't have to keep complimenting me because you're so getting laid tonight."
Author: Katie Ashley
5. "I have a Bible study that my friends and I go to here in L.A. I go to church every Sunday. I've always been a believer. I love singing. I don't have the best voice - I just love getting my emotions out."
Author: Kellan Lutz
6. "You've been assigned an identity since birth. Then you spend the rest of your life walking around in it to see if it really fits. You try on all these different selves and abandon just as many. But really it's about dismantling all that false armor, getting down to what's real. -Going Bovine"
Author: Libba Bray
7. "At teenage parties he was always wandering into the garden, sitting on a bench in the dark . . . staring up at the constellations and pondering all those big questions about the existence of God and the nature of evil and the mystery of death, questions which seemed more important than anything else in the would until a few years passed and some real questions had been dumped into your lap, like how to earn a living, and why people fell in and out of love, and how long you could carry on smoking and then give up without getting lung cancer."
Author: Mark Haddon
8. "I'm not really a computer guy. It's like recess. I'd rather be outside getting dirty in the sandbox."
Author: Matt Barr
9. "You might also see that some of my playlists are simply two songs on repeat fifteen times, like I'm a psycho getting pumped up to murder the president."
Author: Mindy Kaling
10. "When we were all getting ready to leave, I walked up to my grandfather and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. He wiped my lip print off with his palm and gave me a look. He doesn't like the boys in the family to touch him. But I'm very glad that I did it anyway in case he dies. I never got to do that with my Aunt Helen."
Author: Stephen Chbosky
11. "And I remember leaving my place in L.A. and - my father is a big fight fan - and I said, 'Dad, I got a couple of days off and I'm getting ready to go to Houston to sign to fight Muhammad Ali."
Author: Wilt Chamberlain

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Quotes About Romeo Getting Banished
Quotes About Romeo Getting Banished
Quotes About Romeo Getting Banished

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