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1. "You've seen a herd of goatsgoing down to the water.The lame and dreamy goatbrings up the rear.They are worried faces about that one,but now they're laughing,because look, as they return,the goat is leading!They are many different kind of knowing.The lame goat's kind is a branchthat traces back to the roots of presence.Learn from the lame goat,and lead the herd back home."
Author: Rumi
2. "Just as I can't see a clear brook without at least stopping to dangle my feet in it, I can't see a meadow in May and simply pass by. There is nothing more seductive then such fragrant earth, the blossoms of clover swaying above it like a light foam, and the petal-bedecked branches of the fruit trees reaching upward, as if they wanted to rescue themselves from this tranquil sea. No, I have to turn from my path and immerse myself in this richness . . . When I turn my head, my cheek grazes the rough trunk of the apple tree next to me. How protectively it spreads its good branches over me. Without ceasing the sap rises from its roots, nuturing even the smallest of leaves. Do I hear, perhaps, a secret heartbeat? I press my face against its dark, warm bark and think to myself: homeland, and am so indescribably happy in this instant."
Author: Sophie Scholl

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Quotes About Roots And Home
Quotes About Roots And Home

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