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1. "Et ce ne sont pas seulement les bouches qui chantent, mais les mains, mais les pieds, mais les fesses, mais les sexes, et la créature tout entière qui se liquéfie en sons, voix et rythme."
Author: Aimé Césaire
2. "Personne dans la salle, les bruits de la ville en contrebas, plus loin des lumières sur la baie. J'entends l'Arabe respirer très fort, et ses yeux brillent dans la pénombre. Au loin, est-ce le bruit de la mer ? le monde soupire vers moi dans un rythme long et m'apporte l'indifférence et la tranquillité de ce qui ne meurt pas."
Author: Albert Camus
3. "J'aimais les peintures idiotes, dessus de portes, décors, toiles de saltimbanques, enseignes, enluminures populaires ; la littérature démodée, latin d'église, livres érotiques sans orthographe, romans de nos aïeules, contes de fées, petits livres de l'enfance, opéras vieux, refrains niais, rythmes naïfs."
Author: Arthur Rimbaud
4. "All dancers are creator,and all dancers are creats own world,to produce with music or rythm"."
Author: Avani Pagar
5. "But you know what? They all grinned at me in welcome,and Josh even scooted over to make room for me on the bench. At least I knew who my true friends were. Feeling grateful and loved,I sat downTHPPPPTHPPPPTHPPPPT! I farted. Or so it seemed. The boys died laughing.I pulled the whoopee cushion out from under me and flung it on the table,which only sent them into another paroxysm."Nick-Kriger-is-behind-you," Josh gasped between giggles. "He totally heard it over Galaga.Do you still want us to look without looking like we're looking?" This sent them into yet another laughing fit."But don't worry," one of his friends said. "We'll act like we think you're hot."They all snorted and dabbed at their eyes faux-girlishly with paper napkins from the holder. Then,as if on cue, they started their rythmic heavy breathing,and I knew one of Josh's raps was coming. The people in the booths around us turned to look, if they weren't already staring at us outright because of the whoopee cushion."
Author: Jennifer Echols
6. "It's odd to spend your vacation with someone else's music especially when you're alone. You're free to let loose, unobserved, but someone else has chosen the words you belt out in private, the rythms you can dance to like a fool."
Author: Julia Glass
7. "This was where she belonged with Nur, right here, here in his songs. Here within the lyrics they were intimate, caught in the rythm of his words, proppelled by the substance of his dreams.These songs would be their story and these lyrics their home."
Author: Leila Aboulela
8. "...through reading, the modern man succeeds in obtaining an "escape from time" comparable to the "emegence from time" effected by myths. (...) Reading projects him out if his personal duration and incorporates him into other rythms, makes him live in another "history"."
Author: Mircea Eliade
9. "To learn theory by experimenting and doing.To learn belonging by participating and self-rule.Permissiveness in all animal behavior and interpersonal expression.Emphasis on individual differences.Unblocking and training feeling by plastic arts, eurythmics and dramatics.Tolerance of races, classes, and cultures.Group therapy as a means of solidarity, in the staff meeting and community meeting.Taking youth seriously as an age in itself.Community of youth and adults, minimizing 'authority.'Educational use of the actual physical plant (buildings and farms) and the culture of the school community.Emphasis in the curriculum on real problems and wider society, its geography and history, with actual participation in the neighboring community (village or city).Trying for functional interrelation of activities."
Author: Paul Goodman
10. "Back in the "leather and lace" eighties, I was the fantasy editor for a publishing company in New York City. It was a great time to be young and footloose on the streets of Manhattan—punk rock and folk music were everywhere; Blondie, the Eurythmics, Cyndi Lauper, and Prince were all strutting their stuff on the newly created MTV; and the eighties' sense of style meant I could wear my scruffy black leather into the office without turning too many heads. The fantasy field was growing by leaps and bounds, and I was right in the middle of it, working with authors I'd worshiped as a teen, and finding new ones to encourage and publish."
Author: Terri Windling
11. "Demander à la poésie du sentimentalisme ... ce n'est pas ça. Des mots rayonnants, des mots de lumière ... avec un rythme et une musique, voilà ce que c'est, la poésie."
Author: Théophile Gautier
12. "Il me semblait entendre ces paroles sur un rythme d'une douceur infinie, car son regard avait presque la sonorité, et les phrases que ses yeux m'envoyaient retentissaient au fond de mon coeur comme si une bouche invisible les eût soufflées dans mon âme."
Author: Théophile Gautier

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