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1. "Go." Granmare pointed at the door. "Let me work in peace."Balthazar didn't look back when he left."Now, my dear," the witch turned to her, "let me give you what that foolish boy paid for.""He's not foolish," Arianne said. For giving a drop of his blood, the least she could do was defend the annoying oaf. "He's going out of his way to help me, so if there's anyone foolish here it's me.""My, my, my." Granmare Baba gasped, spreading her hand at the center of her chest. "You have a mouth on you. I will so enjoy watching what happens to you when the time comes."A chill went down Arianne's back. She'd almost been afraid to ask, "What do you mean?"Granmare Baba only smiled her yellow toothy smile before she went about putting things together in a large cauldron that seemed to have magically appeared in the center of the round room."
Author: Kate Evangelista
2. "Baba dropped the stack of food stamps on her desk. "Thank you but I don't want," Baba said. "I work always. In Afghanistan I work, in America I work. Thank you very much, Mrs. Dobbins, but I don't like it free money."...Baba walked out of the welfare office like a man cured of a tumor."
Author: Khaled Hosseini
3. "MEMED'E SON MEKTUBUMDUR...Ölmekten, oglum korkmuyorum, ama ne de olsais arasinda bazan,irkilip ansizin, yahut yalnizliginda uyku öncesiningünleri saymak biraz zor.Dünyaya doymak olmuyor, Memetdoymak olmuyor...Dünyada kiraci gibi degil, yazligina gelmis gibi de degil, yasa dünyada babanin eviymis gibi...Tohuma, topraga, denize inan,insana hepsinden önce. Bulutu, makinayi, kitabi sev,insani hepsinden önce. Kuruyan dalin sönen yildizinsakat hayvaninduy kederini,ama hepsinden önce de insanin. Sevindirsin seni cümlesi nimetlerinsevindirsin seni karanlik ve aydinlik, sevindirsin seni dört mevsim,ama hepsinden önce insan sevindirsin seni...."
Author: Nâzım Hikmet
4. "Raven mumbled something. "Eh? What was that? Speak up! Don't mumble like a caterpillar." "I said, I don't want to scare them." Baba Yaga picked up a blue spray bottle and squirted Raven in the face with water, making Raven blink. "This is how I train my cats not to jump up on my spell table. They learn after a while. Maybe you will, too."
Author: Shannon Hale

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Quotes About Sai Baba
Quotes About Sai Baba
Quotes About Sai Baba

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