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1. "Mungkin ini aneh, tapi kurasa selain bunga sakura, ada sesuatu yang tumbuh di hatiku sejak pertama kali kita bertemu."
Author: Cindy Pricilla
2. "I am not... your Sakura"
Author: CLAMP
3. "Sakura menekan tombol teleponnya, menelepon orang yang sempat melintas dalam hidupnya itu. Meninggalkan jejak, meninggalkan bekas, tapi tidak pernah muncul kembali. Apakah ia hanya melintas, lalu pergi?"
Author: Fenny Wong
4. "Kazuhiko could have taken his gun and aimed it at the person behind them. But Sakura wouldn't want that. What she wanted was to leave this world quietly before they got sucked into this horrible massacre. Nothing was more important to him than her. There was no room for compromise. If this were what her trembling soul wanted, then he would follow her. Had he been more eloquent he might have described his feelings as something like, "I'm going to die for her honor."Their two bodies danced in the air beyond the cliff, their hands still clasped together, the black sea under them."
Author: Koushun Takami
5. "Even the sweetest girl needs a hard center, or she's not gonna make it out there!!" - Sakura"
Author: Masashi Kishimoto
6. "Sakura: Never figured you for the artistic type.Sai: Looks can be decieving."
Author: Masashi Kishimoto
7. "Sakura...Thank you."
Author: Masashi Kishimoto
8. "The water-dragon's name was Lady Kiyomizu, although much to Junichiro's horror she breezily told Laurence to call her Kiyo, and not to stand on formality. "You have no manners anyway," she said, "and there is no sense your trying to put out sakura blossoms, when you are a bamboo."
Author: Naomi Novik
9. "Ive told you before and my feelings haven't changed. I love you Sakura. Even if I cant match up to Natsume, my feelings would not lose to his. Even if we part ways and you forget about me, I will always think of you. Even if I grow old and leave this academy, I will definitely come see you. I'm here for you, until the day you look my way, I will always... I will always wait for you, together with Natsume. And this time around, I wont let Natsume steal you away again. Next time we meet, I will be more straight forward with my feelings, so that this time around, it wont be Natsume, but me you will choose, and me you will love. I wont lose, definitely." - Ruka"
Author: Tachibana Higuchi
10. "Pohon sakura berbunga satu tahun sekali. Calon bunganya mulai terlihat sejak pertengahan Januari, tapi baru akan mekar pada awal April. Sakura yang telah berkembang bertahan selama satu sampai dua minggu, lalu gugur dan kelopak-kelopaknya terbawa angin.Keindahan sakura hanya sebentar, tapi karena itu dia berharga.Sakura adalah ciri kehidupan yang tidak abadi"
Author: Windry Ramadhina
11. "On my fourteenth birthday when the sakura was in full bloom, the men came to kill us."
Author: Zoë Marriott

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