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1. "Prava kazivanja, rece mi pisac, ne mogu da sadrže više od osamsto sedamnaest reci. Imam mnogo toga da pricam, zato pricam kratko."
Author: Aleksandar Sekulov
2. "Das habe ich gelernt: Liebe ist ein Wort, das du nur mit blutroter Tinte schreiben solltest. Liebe treibt dich dazu, die seltsamsten Dinge zu tun. Sie lässt dich regenbogenfarbene Bonbons verteilen, sie lässt dich in roten Schuhen durch die Straßen tanzen, und sie schreckt nicht davor zurück, dich nachts mit blutenden Händen Gräber in paradiesische Gärten hacken zu lassen. Liebe schlägt dir tiefe Wunden, aber auf eine ihr eigene Art heilt sie auch deine Narben, vorausgesetzt, du vertraust ihr und gibst ihr die Zeit dazu. Meine Narben werde ich nicht anrühren. Ich werde neue Wunden davontragen, noch ehe die alten verheilt sind, und ich werde anderen Menschen Wunden zufügen. Jeder von uns trägt ein Messer." (S.456f.)"
Author: Andreas Steinhöfel
3. "I've tried plenty of telephones. I tried to get into the Samsung Galaxy and the Blackberry, but the iPhone is just too easy to use. The camera takes clear pictures and the phone itself looks great. Like all Apple products, it kind of just makes sense."
Author: Avicii
4. "Hold the sadness and pain of samsara in your heart and at the same time the power and vision of the Great Eastern Sun. Then the warrior can make a proper cup of tea."
Author: Chögyam Trungpa
5. "Involvement with the eight worldly dharmas keeps beings imprisoned in the realms of samsara and renders them susceptible to the hosts of emotions. The eight worldly dharmas are: praise and blame, gain and loss, fame and disgrace, happiness and suffering. The eight worldly dharmas constitute our attachment to hopes and fears: We hope for praise, gain, fame, and happiness while fearing blame, loss, disgrace, and suffering. Entangled in these eight concerns, we give our energy and intelligence to the pursuit of these hopes and the avoidance of these fears. Our way of thinking is completely dominated by these eight concerns, which the world proclaims to be of utmost importance. But Santideva reminds us that to achieve true peace of mind, one must "... turn this thinking upside down," becoming indifferent to hope and unmoved by fear."
Author: Dharma Publishing
6. "Through this process, wisdom clarifies the way that the mind manufacturers emotion and karma, and finally penetrates the illusion of self. Just as though one were investigating how a magician created his display of illusions, one studies mental events to understand the conditions and causes that support the operation of ordinary self-oriented experience. One first understands the root emotions as the basis for samsara, then studies the workings of the associated emotions and how each one manifests a distinctive character. Gradually, the manner in which the self supports emotion and emotion supports the sense of self becomes clear. Self and emotion are seen as relying on and reinforcing each other's existence. Understanding how this collusion gives rise to the whole range of samsaric delusion liberates the mind from all forms of deception."
Author: Dharma Publishing
7. "želja da te dodirnem pretvara seu želju da ti o tome govorimmada znam da rijeci ne moguto što mogu jagodiceRijeci sujedino što imam dok se medu namaosamsto na satdo bola zatežuvlati cežnje"
Author: Dragoslav Dedovic
8. "There Laura spent many happy hours, supposed to be picking fruit for jam, but for the better part of the time reading or dreaming. One corner, overhung by a Samson tree and walled in with bushes and flowers, she called her 'green study'."
Author: Flora Thompson
9. "Bet juk taip malonu paklusti savo impulsams, o paskui gailetis..."
Author: Françoise Sagan
10. "As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect."
Author: Franz Kafka
11. "The mind is a machine that is constantly asking: What would I prefer? Close your eyes, refuse to move, and watch what your mind does. What it does is become discontent with That Which Is. A desire arises, you satisfy that desire, and another arises in its place. This wanting and rewanting is an endless cycle for which, turns out, there is already a name: samsara. Samsara is at the heart of the vast human carnival: greed, neurosis, mad ambition, adultery, crimes of passion, the hacking to death of a terrified man on a hillside in the name of A More Pure And Thus Perfect Nation--and all of this takes place because we believe we will be made happy once our desires have been satisfied. I know this. But still I'm full of desire... --"Buddha Boy"
Author: George Saunders
12. "Og nú heldur hann þeir svensku séu ekki jafngáfaðir og hann. Ég skal segja þér: þeir eru gáfaðri en hann, þeir eru svo gáfaðir að einginn kraftur fær þá til að trúa því að það samsafn af lúsugum betlurum norðrí raskati, sem kallar sig íslendinga og nú eru bráðum allir dauðir guðisélof, hafi skrifað fornsögurnar."
Author: Halldór Laxness
13. "It was a clear steel-blue day. The firmaments of air and sea were hardly separable in that all-pervading azure; only, the pensive air was transparently pure and soft, with a woman's look, and the robust and man-like sea heaved with long, strong, lingering swells, as Samson's chest in his sleep."
Author: Herman Melville
14. "Gregor Samsa awoke one morning to find himself turned into an enormous symbol."
Author: Howard Mittelmark
15. "Eski zamanlari hatirlayin. Perilere layik Büyük Pasta'nin yapildigi zamanlari; sadece kuyruk isirandan korkan ejderhalari, kötü krallari, topraklarinizda gezinen devleri, azalmaya baslayan sövalyeler dönemini. Ve siz elinizde eski ve üzerinde yazilar bulunan bir kiliçla ejderha avlamak zorunda kalirsaniz..Yapraklari agaçtan daha iyi resmeden türden bir ressamsaniz..Yagmurlu, rüzgarli ve gün isiginin da çekip gittigi bir gece, odanizin içinde açan bir sarmasik yapraginin sesini duyarsaniz.. Elinizi beyaz kabuguna dayadiginiz agaç, bir gün, ''Uzaklara git. Rüzgar senin pesinde. Git ve asla dönme'' derse; Üstünüzde koca bir yorgunluk ve yoksunluk duygusuyla kendinize gelircesine etrafa bakip, ''Niye yalniziz?'' diye sorarsiniz; Küçük bir çocuk elinizi sessizce tutup ''Üzgünüm'' diyecektir.¦ J.R.R. Tolkien - Masallar kitabi Altikirkbes Yayinlari Arka Kapak Yazisi"
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
16. "We just think that we're being born, when we're born; (headfirst crying out of the smile of the womb, if we'd only known that it was all the same before getting involved in Samsara---saving motion and nervousness, not forsaking peace---I remember being forced out---to the discriminatory prickles and thorns of the world)--- We're still the same old substance, High Hearable Essence Light---(whatever it really is, & Empty)--- Unbornness is the above---We just think that we're dying, when we die!---headfirst falling in the airplane, falling once again, from stage-emptiness to stage-emptiness---unborn and undying and undead---Birth and death not a dualism, no difference---same Dharmakaya Universal Essence---No death, no birth, no error, no "prose", but uncreated single substance essence flow of transitory unreal words riding an unreal ride across the memory of the unreal word,I can't say that the world isNot that it is not -Because it is just from Mind"
Author: Jack Kerouac
17. "All you want to do is run out there and get laid and get beat up and get screwed up and get old and sick and banged around by samsara, you fucking eternal meat of comeback you"
Author: Jack Kerouac
18. "If you watched companies such as Sony and Samsung grow, they focused first on features and then on industrial design, which made their products look and feel better."
Author: Jefferson Han
19. "Where the realist would say, "One day Gregor Samsa woke up to the realization that he was like a cockroach," the expressionist heightens or intensifies reality by turning the metaphor to fact."
Author: John Gardner
20. "I wished i were seven feet tall. I'd hop up there and attack ol' Samson while the crowd went wild. I'd whip him good, send him flying, and become the biggest hero in Black Oak. But, for now, I could only boo him."
Author: John Grisham
21. "When we realize a constant enemy of the soul abides within us, what diligence and watchfulness we should have! How woeful is the sloth and negligence then of so many who live blind and asleep to this reality of sin. There is an exceeding efficacy nad power in the indwelling sin of believers, for it constantly inclines itself towards evil. We need to be awake, then, if our hearts would know the ways of God. Our enemy is not only upon us, as it was with Samson, but it is also in us."
Author: John Owen
22. "Bezgove ure"To je stari bezeg za hišo. To so bezgove ure.Grozljivo zelena tesnoba listov.Crnikasta barva jagod. Grenki bezgov cas pred nevihto. Pod zidom vetje kopriv.Nepokošena trava.Za zidom soba.Preležani duh samskih stricev.Votlo bezgovo steblo nedelje.Poobedna tihota.Rdeckasti peclji jagod.Njihov plehki, pusti okusv bezgovem spancu.Sladke sline zorijov medlecih ustih deckov,ki slonijo ob bezgovih bokih hiš."
Author: Kajetan Kovič
23. "I remember that story. You have read it four times." Samson shrugged. "Why should I stop with the first reading? Nobody says, 'That was a fine piece of music. I'll never listen to that again." But some people treat books that way. Not I!"
Author: Karen A. Wyle
24. "Samson had a knack for this kind of insight: he was like a grinning fisherman who could wrench a secret from the depths of your chest and dangle it in front of you, revealing it to be nothing but a common, mud–colored fish."
Author: Karen Russell
25. "I really like using my Samsung (005930:KS) tablet. I previously used the Motorola Xoom for a while and liked that."
Author: Larry Page
26. "With the sincere devotion of our employees, Samsung has achieved stellar performances since its foundation."
Author: Lee Kun Hee
27. "Samsung's future hinges on new businesses, new products and new technologies. We should make our corporate culture more open, flexible and innovative."
Author: Lee Kun Hee
28. "Naturally occurring timeless awareness—utterly lucid awakened mind—is something marvelous and superb, primordially and spontaneously present.It is the treasury from which comes the universe of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana.Homage to the unwavering state, free of elaborations."
Author: Longchen Rabjam
29. "Nations do not plunge at once into ruin - governments do not change suddenly - the causes which bring about the final blow, are scarcely perceptible in the beginning; but they increase in numbers, and in power; they press harder and harder upon the energies and virtue of a people; and the last steps only are alarmingly hurried and irregular. A republic without industry, economy, and integrity, is Samson shorn of his locks. A luxurious and idle republic! Look at the phrase! - The words were never made to be married together; every body sees it would be death to one of them."
Author: Lydia Maria Francis Child
30. "This is sams phone" there was a long,heavy pause, and then: "oh." Another pause. "Youre the girl, arent you? The girl who was in my house?" I tried to think of what i might gain by denying it and drew a blank "yes" do you have a name?"do you?"he gave a short laugh that was completely without humor but not unpleasent. "I think i might like you. Im Beck."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
31. "Samson had his Delilah, Adam his Eve, and the Jazter had you.Already, I can see my epitaph. "Here lies Jaz, lover of his fellow men, done in royally by one of them."
Author: Manil Suri
32. "This prayer in praise of Lord Vishnu be,His incarnations graced earth constantly. ?????????? ???????? ???????? ?????? ?????????? ?????????? ???????? ??????????????????????? ??????? ?????????????????? ????? ?????? ??????? ???????????????I bow to Vishnu, Master of Universe unquestionably,Who rests on great serpent bed, peaceful perpetually,From His navel sprouts Lotus of Creative Power surely,He the Supreme Lord of cosmos undeniably does be.- 146 - He supports the entire universe and all-pervading be,He dark as clouds with beautiful Lakshmi form glowingly,He the lotus-eyed, whom yogis see by meditation only,He destroyer of `Samsar' fear – the Lord of all `loks' be.- 147 -"
Author: Munindra Misra
33. "The clarity was startling and Samson wondered whether he was imagining these moments. Not that they hadn't happened at all, but that they had been embellished by details from elsewhere, fragments that survived the obliteration of other memories, vagrant data that gravitated and stuck to what was left to remember. But in the end he rejected this idea. The memories were too perfect: take one detail away and they collapsed into disorder."
Author: Nicole Krauss
34. "Every so often I would look at my women friends who were happily married and didn't cook, and I would always find myself wondering how they did it. Would anyone love me if I couldn't cook? I always thought cooking was part of the package: Step right up, it's Rachel Samstat, she's bright, she's funny and she can cook!"
Author: Nora Ephron
35. "Britain isn't a world power any more. Its just like a zombie in that regard; it doesn't know when it's dead - Samson from No Boundaries."
Author: Paul Xavier Jones
36. "Fishes love water,but not hot water.Men love women,who love Delilah(Samson&Delilah)?"
Author: Peter Irabor
37. "Don't let them get me, Cassie. Don't let me die.''You're not going to die, Sams.''Promise?'I Promised."
Author: Rick Yancey
38. "What need is there to say more?The childish work for their own benefit,The Buddhas work for the benefit of others.Just look at the difference between them.If I do not exchange my happiness, for the suffering of others, I shall not attain the state of Buddhahood.And even in Samsara I shall have no real joy. The source of all misery in the world lies in thinking of oneself;The source of all happiness lies in thinking of others."
Author: Śāntideva
39. "Oh, good grief! I've never had a man pick me up before and not grunt like he's dying. I'm in heaven. Marry me, Ash, please! (Pam)I would say yes, but I come with more baggage than even Samsonite can cover. (Acheron)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
40. "Have it compose a poem- a poem about a haircut! But lofty, tragic, timeless, full of love, treachery, retribution, quiet heroism in the face of certain doom! Six lines, cleverly rhymed, and every word beginning with the letter S!!" [sic]…. Seduced, shaggy Samson snored. She scissored short. Sorely shorn, Soon shackled slave, Samson sighed, Silently scheming Sightlessly seeking Some savage, spectacular suicide." ("The First Sally (A) or The Electronic Bard" THE CYBERIAD)"
Author: Stanisław Lem
41. "Auf dem Schulweg begegnete ich unserem Briefträger. Er sagte mir, Mutter kaeme mich am Samstag besuchen. Am liebsten wuerde ich ihn seiner Dienststelle melden, weil er Privatpost liest."
Author: Sue Townsend
42. "Oh yes, I want to play with 'Samson'. Come to Delilah."
Author: Sunny
43. "It is the rub that polishes the jewel," Enso Roshi says. "Nobody ever gets to nirvana without going through samsara. Nobody ever gets to heaven, without going through hell. The center of all things, the truth, is surrounded by demons."
Author: T. Scott McLeod
44. "As far as Samson was concerned I was just another foreigner in pursuit of a lunatic quest."
Author: Tahir Shah
45. "Open," he urged her in a soft voice.Samson to Delilah"
Author: Tina Folsom
46. "Nereye gitsem, nereye baksamSevdali sevdalidir gözlerim.Anlarlar diye herkeslerden,Bakislarimi gizlerim."
Author: Turgut Uyar
47. "Human life is full of the play of samskaras - tendencies developed by repeated actions."
Author: Vinoba Bhave
48. "……When the secret is discovered, when the Truth is seen, all the forces which feverishly produce the continuity of samsara in illusion become calm and incapable of producing any more karma-formations, because there is no more illusion, no more 'thirst' for continuity. It is like mental disease which is cured when he cause or the secret of the malady is discovered and seen by the patients."
Author: Walpola Rahula
49. "Alas, the penis is such a ridiculous petitioner. It is so unreliable, though everything depends on it—the world is balanced on it like a ball on a seal's nose. It is so easily teased, insulted, betrayed, abandoned; yet it must pretend to be invulnerable, a weapon which confers magical powers upon its possessor; consequently this muscleless inchworm must try to swagger through temples and pull apart thighs like the hairiest Samson, the mightiest ram."
Author: William H. Gass
50. "First, we must see that our negative actions arise due to prejudice and erroneous judgments. The discrimination that labels some as 'friends' and others as 'enemies' must be perceived as the root of our problems. We need to see that we label people and things in terms of our own desires, our own wishes. These wishes are transitory. The labeled objects are, themselves, impermanent. Such labeling is therefore very confused and false, yet it persists, and we continue to create suffering for ourselves. To avoid this, we need to develop equanimity for all beings suffering in samsara, tossed to and fro by their fleeting delusions, just like ourselves."
Author: Zongtrul Losang Tsöndru

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