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1. "It is one of the unexpected disasters of the modern age that our new unparalleled access to information has come at the price of our capacity to concentrate on anything much. The deep, immersive thinking which produced many of civilization's most important achievements has come under unprecedented assault. We are almost never far from a machine that guarantees us a mesmerizing and libidinous escape from reality. The feelings and thoughts which we have omitted to experience while looking at our screens are left to find their revenge in involuntary twitches and our ever-decreasing ability to fall asleep when we should."
Author: Alain De Botton
2. "Be careful, okay, when you go there. Talia was really scared of this Malvolia chick. She could be dangerous.""What's she going to have—an assault weapon?""Worse," I say. "She's got magical powers."
Author: Alex Flinn
3. "Maxwell Arbus was the reason Saul lost an eye?" "Yes," Millie answers stiffly. "But that was a long time ago. Saul has moved on. So have I." Whatever checks I'd held on my emotions shatter. "Moved on?!" Whirling around, I storm at Millie, waving my arms like a maniacal marionette. "I don't care if it was so long ago we could only get with a TARDIS! There is no moving on because it's happening right now!"
Author: Andrea Cremer
4. "A jacketless Murdoch resumes his quiz, brushing off the assault as 'an overexcited autograph-hunter wanting to have his shaving foam signed."
Author: Andy Zaltzman
5. "An acre of poppies and a forest of spruce boggle no one's mind. Even ten square miles of wheat gladdens the hearts of most . . . No, in the plant world, and especially among the flowering plants, fecundity is not an assault on human values. Plants are not our competitors; they are our prey and our nesting materials. We are no more distressed at their proliferation than an owl is at a population explosion among field mice . . . but in the animal world things are different, and human feelings are different . . . Fecundity is anathema only in the animal. "Acres and acres of rats" has a suitably chilling ring to it that is decidedly lacking if I say, instead, "acres and acres of tulips"."
Author: Annie Dillard
6. "Holivuda patiesiba ir noskana, gara stavoklis, mits, nevis noteikta vieta… Visur, kur sapulcejas laudis, kas reprezente un veido filmu, ir Holivuda. Ta ir sabiedriba, kura neviens nekam netic un tomer visi partiek no pasakam. Kur visi liekulo un tomer cer klut bagati, pardodot savu sirsnibu… Holivudu visi noniecina, bet katrs tai velas piederet. Holivuda neatzist nekadus likumus un tomer verte visas lietas ar visneiecietigako merauklu – naudu. Talantam, skaistumam, izglitibai, gaumei, genialitatei pašai par sevi nav nozimes. Ja šis lietas nevar tudal parverst nauda, tad tas ir škitums, pie ka nav verts kaveties… Nekur pasaule vienuviet nesapulcejas tik daudz ieverojamu makslinieku un sava aroda labako meistaru ka Holivuda, un tomer reti kur makslai tik smagi tiek nodarits pari!"
Author: Anšlavs Eglitis
7. "Your Majesty would have a perfect right to strike off his head," said Peridan. "Such an assault as he made puts him on a level with assassins.""It is very true," said Edmund. "But even a traitor may mend. I have known one that did." And he looked very thoughtful."
Author: C.S. Lewis
8. "All of us cherish our beliefs. They are, to a degree, self-defining. When someone comes along who challenges our belief system as insufficiently well-based – or who, like Socrates, merely asks embarrassing questions that we haven't thought of, or demonstrates that we've swept key underlying assumptions under the rug – it becomes much more than a search for knowledge. It feels like a personal assault."
Author: Carl Sagan
9. "Israel's first king, Saul, looked like he was born for the role. He was tall, handsome, intelligent, and sensitive to God's leading. But he eventually lost most of his attractive qualities, the most important being obedience."
Author: Charles R. Swindoll
10. "The last ever dolphin message was misinterpreted as a surprisingly sophisticated attempt to do a double-backwards-somersault through a hoop whilst whistling the 'Star Spangled Banner', but in fact the message was this: So long and thanks for all the fish."
Author: Douglas Adams
11. "You don't lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault, not leadership."
Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
12. "Mes amžinai pamirštam, kad gyvenam šitoje planetoje tik trumpa laika. Todel ir isigyjame absoliuciai klaidinga pasaulio kompleksa. Lyg butue žmones, kuriems butu duota gyventi amžinai."
Author: Erich Maria Remarque
13. "When she quieted the jet engine buzz of worries assaulting her brain, when she stopped thinking altogether and just felt, she knew this was right. Feeling the silence of peace and conviction was so foreign to her she wasn't even sure what to do with it."
Author: Erin McCarthy
14. "Tokia šypsena, skleidžiancia neišsenkama pasitikejima, padrasinima, pamatai tik kekius keturis penkis kartus gyvenime. Akimirka ji tarsi aprepia visa išorini pasauli, paskui, negaledama atsispirti jusu žavesiui, grižta ir susitelkia prie jusu. Ir jauciate, kad jus supranta taip, kaip pageidaujate buti suprastas, tiki jumis taip, kaip pats noretumet savimi tiketi, ir mato jus tiksliai toki, koks labiausiai trokštate atrodyti."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
15. "Splendid to arrive alone in a foreign country and feel the assault of difference. Here they are all along, busy with living; they don't talk or look like me. The rhythm of their day is entirely different; I am foreign."
Author: Frances Mayes
16. "ô enfance du coeur humain qui ne vieillit jamais! voilà donc à quel degré de puérilité notre superbe raison peut descendre! Et encore est-il vrai que bien des hommes attachent leur destinée à des choses d'aussi peu de valeur que mes feuilles de saule."
Author: François René De Chateaubriand
17. "If these Mount Everests of the financial world are going to labor and bring forth still more pictures with people being blown to bits with bazookas and automatic assault rifles with no gory detail left unexploited, if they are going to encourage anxious, ambitious actors, directors, writers and producers to continue their assault on the English language by reducing the vocabularies of their characters to half a dozen words, with one colorful but overused Anglo-Saxon verb and one unbeautiful Anglo-Saxon noun covering just about every situation, then I would like to suggest that they stop and think about this: making millions is not the whole ball game, fellows. Pride of workmanship is worth more. Artistry is worth more."
Author: Gregory Peck
18. "Le mai le joli mai en barque sur le RhinDes dames regardaient du haut de la montagneVous êtes si jolies mais la barque s'éloigneQui donc a fait pleurer les saules riverainsOr des vergers fleuris se figeaient en arrièreLes pétales tombés des cerisiers de maiSont les ongles de celle que j'ai tant aiméeLes pétales flétris sont comme ses paupièresSur le chemin du bord du fleuve lentementUn ours un singe un chien menés par des tziganesSuivaient une roulotte traînée par un âneTandis que s'éloignait dans les vignes rhénanesSur un fifre lointain un air de régimentLe mai le joli mai a paré les ruinesDe lierre de vigne vierge et de rosiersLe vent du Rhin secoue sur le bord les osiersEt les roseaux jaseurs et les fleurs nues des vignes"
Author: Guillaume Apollinaire
19. "Over 13 percent of women in college have reported being a victim of stalking during the school year, and one out of every five college women has reported being sexually assaulted. It is simple to talk about statistics. It is more difficult to remember that each number is a victim and represents a daughter, a sister or a friend."
Author: Gwen Moore
20. "Neko šaja pasaule nevar dabut tulit. Nejedzigi iekartota pasaule."
Author: Imants Ziedonis
21. "Kita vertus, moterys ateina i pasauli su genetiškai nulemtu gyvenimo tikslu, tad joms nereikia jo išsikovoti per audras ir nuotykius."
Author: Isabel Allende
22. "Mrs Wilder stood passively with her tray, unaware of Royal fondling her, partly because she had been molested by so many men during the past months, but also because the sexual assault itself had ceased to have any meaning."
Author: J.G. Ballard
23. "...young people...who were casually profane, as though the validation of their own power could be achieved only by their assault on the sensibilities of others."
Author: James Lee Burke
24. "Most of what is wrong in horizontal church flows from attempts to get green apples interested in Jesus. Green apples are very articulate about that they do and don't want in church. They don't want to hear about money, because that is one of their idols; they don't want to be told about sin, because that assaults pride; no interest in pressure to decide for Jesus, because that threatens their autonomy. Sadly when church becomes what green apples must have or they won't come. It ceases to be what it must be for God to attend. Church needs to be offensive to green apples or it can be helpful to those who are ripe."
Author: James MacDonald
25. "Vai tev zinams, ka saskana ar ar kadu senaku indiešu mitu, Raditajs radijis pasauli no nebutibas tikai tadel, ka juties vientulš.? Vai tev zinams, ka amerikanu psihiatrijas macibu gramatas dzivi vientuliba kvalifice ka vajprata formu.?"
Author: Janusz Leon Wisniewski
26. "They?re from my best friend," I said. "They?re from my best gay friend, Curtis Chapman." He stood there, frozen, possibly thinking I was joking. "Curtis won?t be back. He got out… he was saved. He won?t have to be called names, picked on, tortured, and assaulted anymore. He?s gone to a different school, and your days of bullying him are over." "Jon, the kid?s a fag!" "And he?s my best friend, and I love him… and so does God"
Author: Jeff Erno
27. "No true fan wants to go to Comic-Con and get assaulted with a marketing blitz about just any old show."
Author: Jim Lee
28. "Sport, as I have discovered, fosters international hostility and leads the audience, no doubt from boredom, to assault and do grievous bodily harm while watching it. The fact that audiences at the National Theatre rarely break bottles over one another's heads, and that Opera fans seldom knee one another in the groin during the long intervals at Covent Garden, convinces me that theatre is safer than sport."
Author: John Mortimer
29. "The perennial conviction that those who work hard and play by the rules will be rewarded with a more comfortable present and a stronger future for their children faces assault from just about every direction. That great enemy of democratic capitalism, economic inequality, is real and growing."
Author: Jon Meacham
30. "These little things make all the great difference. When they are gone you must fall back upon your own innate strength, upon your own capacity for faithfulness. Of course you may be too much of a fool to go wrong--too dull even to know you are being assaulted by the powers of darkness. I take it no fool ever made a bargain for his soul with the devil. The fool is too much of a fool or the devil too much of a devil--I don't know which. Or you may be such a thunderingly exalted creature as to be altogether deaf and blind to anything but heavenly sights and sounds. Then the earth for you is only a standing place--and whether to be like this is your loss or your gain I won't pretend to say. But most of us are neither one or the other."
Author: Joseph Conrad
31. "There was a war between them, between love and the right thing to do, and it kept assaulting them, kept keeping them apart."
Author: Keira D. Skye
32. "He assaulted the man with a psychic wave. "You are a cockroach." In his inebraited state, Cody had no resistance at all to a vampire mind control. He fell to the floor and scurried around the foyer on all fours. "I am a cockroach" he muttered in a squeaky voice. "Hmm, about time you figured that one out," Fidelia steped back as he brushed against her long skirt."
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
33. "At one point I would read nothing that was not by the great American Jews - Saul Bellow, Philip Roth - which had a disastrous effect of making me think I needed to write the next great Jewish American novel. As a ginger-haired child in the West of Ireland, that didn't work out very well, as you can imagine."
Author: Kevin Barry
34. "How? By squishing me to death?" I wheezed, and then my eyes widened as Al's mouth covered mine, savage and demanding. The stink of demons assaulted me, hard and fast. A thread of ley line spilled into me from him, diving to my groin and flashing into heat. It could have been ecstasy, but I was too angry. His body was heavy on mine, and his leg forced its way between my knees."
Author: Kim Harrison
35. "I was raped, toosexually assaulted in seventh grade,tenth grade. the summer after graduation,at a partyi was 16i was 14i was 5 and he did it for three yearsi loved himi didn't even know himhe was my best friend's brother,my grandfather, father, mommy's boyfriend, my date, my cousin, my coachi met him for the first time that night and-4 guys took turns, and-i'm a boy and this happened to me, and-...i got pregnant i gave up my daughter for adoption... did it happen to you, too?"
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
36. "Man determines to dictate your turn, but God determines your time. It was Saul's turn, but it was David's time. Don't wait for your turn, wait for your time."
Author: Lee M. Sapp
37. "Send anyone who preaches war to a special frontline legion -into the assault, into the attack, ahead of everyone."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
38. "Our incredible bewilderment (wilderness separation) blinds us from seeing that our many personal and global problems primarily result from our assault of and separation from the natural creation process within and around us. Our estrangement from nature leaves us wanting,and when we want there is never enough. Our insatiable wanting is called greed. It is a major source of our destructive dependencies and violence."
Author: Michael J. Cohen
39. "I do not consider the AK to be the best-ever assault rifle."
Author: Mikhail Kalashnikov
40. "Prison is a second-by-second assault on the soul, a day-to-day degradation of the self, an oppressive steel and brick umbrella that transforms seconds into hours and hours into days."
Author: Mumia Abu Jamal
41. "Your book is full of piquant ideas on how sexual assault is practiced by many people but in African countries the issue is pressurized by females themselves as they tend to dress on night attires as a result males are piquant ed to commit an offense"
Author: Nicholas D. Kristof
42. "He released my arms, threading one hand roughly through my hair and the other gripping my ass. Pulling my hips harder against his, he assaulted my mouth like he was starving. He sucked on my bottom lip and then turned his attention to my jaw and neck in hot, frenzied kisses."
Author: Penelope Douglas
43. "The wind funnelled down the covered platform, jostling the passengers and tearing at their clothes. A woman's scarf whipped by overhead, somersaulting as if intoxicated by the sudden taste of freedom."
Author: Philip Sington
44. "[Leo] lunged at Passalos, but the red-furred dwarf was too quick. He sprang from his chair, bounced off Jason's head, did a flip, and landed next to Leo, his hairy arms around Leo's waist."Save me?" the dwarf pleaded."Get off!" Leo tried to shove him away, but Passalos did a backward somersault and landed out of reach. Leo's pants promptly fell around his knees.He stared at Passalos, who was now grinning and holding a small zigzaggy strip of metal. Somehow, the dwarf had stolen the zipper right off Leo's pants."Give—stupid—zipper!" Leo stuttered, trying to shake his fist and hoist up his pants at the same time."Eh, not shiny enough." Passalos tossed it away."
Author: Rick Riordan
45. "I'm giving you that chance now. (Stryker)It's too late. Too many centuries have passed. There was a time when I lived only to hear a kind word from your lips. But that ship sank under an assault of bitterness that no amount of charm or guile will recover. (Zephyra)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
46. "It has been an assault on her senses: smells that suddenly overpower her, and heat she can taste, thick as dust on her tongue. Not only does she feel powerless in the face of Indian bureaucracy, but as further punishment, the torrential downpours also keep them trapped inside Krishnan's parents' flat."
Author: Shilpi Somaya Gowda
47. "Metaksa — pats šlykšciausias pasaulyje geralas. Toki sugalvot galejo tik graikai."
Author: Sigitas Parulskis
48. "I was reading, absorbed in an assault on K2 by a team of Japanese mountaineers, my lungs constricting in the thin burning air, the deadly sting of wind-lashed ice in my face, when the record -- Le Sacre du Printemps -- caught in the groove with a gnashing squeal as if a stageful of naiads, dryads and spandex satyrs had simultaneously gone lame."
Author: T.C. Boyle
49. "A man cannot lay down the right of resisting them that assault him by force, to take away his life."
Author: Thomas Hobbes
50. "But it is always a question whether I wish to avoid these glooms. These weeks give one a plunge into deep waters. One goes down into the well & nothing protects one from the assault of truth."
Author: Virginia Woolf

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