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1. "The last time I'd been alone with Cal, he'd kissed me. It had definitely been a kiss of the "We Might Die So This Is Just Us Saying Good-Bye (Maybe)" variety, but still. He was, technically, my fiancé (you know, as if Prodigium aren't weird enough, they also have arranged marriages). Being engaged brought a whole new level of weirdness to my and Cal's friendship.Cal gave one quick glance back at me, and even though I couldn't be sure, I thought his gaze fell on my mouth for just a second. I tried hard not to gulp, and when he left the room, I followed him."
Author: Rachel Hawkins

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Half way down, he encountered Saphira, who had jammed her head and neck as far up the stair as she could, gouging the wood in her frenzy. Little one. She flicked out her tongue and caught him on the hand with its rough tip. He smiled. Then she arched her neck and tried to pull back, but to no avail. What's wrong? I'm stuck. You're... He could not help it;he laughed even though it hurt. The situation was too absurd."
Author: Christopher Paolini

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