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1. "Violence does, in truth, recoil upon the violent, and the schemer falls into the pit which he digs for another."
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
2. "She had been with her share of schemers and men who were forever building castles in the sky. All of those dreams made out of clouds; when it rained - and it always did - they were left with nothing but the soggy shirts on their backs."
Author: Ayana Mathis
3. "In order to get the things I want, it helps me to pretend I'm a figure in a daytime drama, a schemer. Soap opera characters make emphatic pronouncements. They ball up their fists and state their goals out loud. ‘I will destroy Buchanan Enterprises,' they say. ‘Phoebe Wallingford will pay for what she's done to our family.' Walking home with the back half of the twelve-foot ladder, I turned to look in the direction of Hugh's loft. ‘You will be mine,' I commanded."
Author: David Sedaris
4. "O, het is met de verte als met de toekomst! Een wijd, schemerachtig vergezicht ligt voor ons, onze ziel en onze ogen drinken het in, en wij haken ernaar ons er helemaal aan over te geven, om in alle gelukzaligheid van één groot, heerlijk gevoel te zijn vervuld. Maar och, als we erop afvliegen, dan is alles zoals tevoren en staan wij in onze armoede, in onze beperktheid, en onze ziel dorst naar ontglipte lafenis."
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
5. "Please do not think that I am accusing socialists of insincerity or that I wish to hold them up to scorn either as bad democrats or as unprincipled schemers and opportunists. I fully believe, in spite of the childish Machiavellism in which some of their prophets indulge, that fundamentally most of them always have been as sincere in their professions as any other men. Besides, I do not believe in insincerity in social strife, for people always come to think what they want to think and what they incessantly profess. As regards democracy, socialist parties are presumably no more opportunists than are any others; they simply espouse democracy if, as, and when it serves their ideals and interests and not otherwise. Lest readers should be shocked and think so immoral a view worthy only of the most callous of political practitioners, ..."
Author: Joseph A. Schumpeter
6. "I would never believe it of you, my boy, regardless of the schemers your mother and sister turned out to be. You may not be the most clever boy, nor the most prudent, nor the most gentlemanlike, nor..."Edward cleared his throat."Right! But you have a good heart, and I have every hope that with the proper education and mentoring you will be credit to the family yet."
Author: Julie Klassen
7. "She was a dreamer and a schemer & one didnt dream and scheme without hope."
Author: Loretta Chase
8. "My favorite pre-Ponzi schemer was known as '520 Percent Miller' because he promised 10 percent returns a week, or 520 percent a year. Of course he was just using new investors' money to pay old investors, and soon he was on the lam."
Author: Mitchell Zuckoff
9. "Hoe weemoedig hij soms ook mocht kijken naar zulke echtparen in de vallende schemering of op zondagmiddagen, de week had nog meer uren en hun leven was niets voor hem, als hij zijn melancholie weer de baas was"
Author: Philip Roth
10. "A boy is a man in miniature, and though he may sometimes exhibit notable virtue, as well as characteristics that seem to be charming because they are childlike, he is also a schemer, self-seeker, traitor, Judas, crook, and villain - in short, a man."
Author: Robertson Davies

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