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1. "The patter of tentative footfalls reached my ears. I flipped on my side to face the door and saw Ansel wander by. I rolled onto my back, rubbing sleep from my eyes. I'd crashed on my bed as soons as I'd gotten back from school, collapsing under the weight of the day. The floorboards squeaked as Ansel passed by my door again. I caught his nervous glance in my direction before he hurried down the hall. 'Ansel, I'm not the sun; stop orbiting and get in here,' I called."
Author: Andrea Cremer
2. "Young people are being elected for School Boards all over the country."
Author: Birch Bayh
3. "School boards are, for the most part ,made up of political wannabes who see a board seat as a stepping stone for political office, or well-meaning parents who represent an ethnic group or geography, or have some other narrow interests. Few people on them understand what governance is about."
Author: Eli Broad
4. "Nor, in our own country, must we fail to take notice of the establishment of School Boards."
Author: James Payn
5. "Our eyes met and his grin stretched another quarter-inch. Another schoolgirl flip--followed by a very un-schoolgirl wave of heat. He leaned even farther over the boards, lips parting to say something."Hey, Kris!" someone yelled behind him. "If you want to flirt with Eve, tell her to meet you in the penalty box. You'll be back there soon enough."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
6. "At the federal level, we must help, not hinder, local school boards, parents, teachers and administrators as they make decisions about educating our children."
Author: Mark Kennedy
7. "In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards."
Author: Mark Twain
8. "I didn't even get a computer till I was 16, so I didn't have Internet when I was in middle school and beginning of high school. I didn't think to be looking things up and looking at message boards saying whether people liked me or not."
Author: Sara Paxton
9. "I've come up through art school, through painting, through graphic design, through advertising, through TV commercials and music video. I've designed books, built billboards, matchbooks, corporate identities. I continuously paint, I've done conceptual art pictures."
Author: Tony Kaye

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Quotes About School Boards
Quotes About School Boards

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