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1. "I stitched an itch to my side. As far as surgeries go, I'm just barely scratching the surface."
Author: Jarod Kintz
2. "The person with a secular mentality feels himself to be the center of the universe. Yet he is likely to suffer from a sense of meaninglessness and insignificance because he knows he's but one human among five billion others - all feeling themselves to be the center of things - scratching out an existence on the surface of a medium-sized planet circling a small star among countless stars in a galaxy lost among countless galaxies. The person with the sacred mentality, on the other hand, does not feel herself to be the center of the universe. She considers the Center to be elsewhere and other. Yet she is unlikely to feel lost or insignificant precisely because she draws her significance and meaning from her relationship, her connection, with that center, that Other."
Author: M. Scott Peck

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Quotes About Scratching The Surface
Quotes About Scratching The Surface

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