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1. "Most people know me at Pixar as the guy that doesn't like to do sequels or very reluctant to do sequels."
Author: Andrew Stanton
2. "Maybe Oliver Stone doesn't lend himself well to remakes or sequels, because he does them so well the first time."
Author: Ben Barnes
3. "We wanted to do a sequel with Jim and Jeff. They said that the word was that Jim didn't want to do any sequels. We approached him and he said he would do it, but not until next year. New Line said it was too long to wait."
Author: Bobby Farrelly
4. "I hate sequels. They're never as good as the first book."
Author: Connie Willis
5. "Donegan Bane and Gracious O'Callahan - the Monster Hunters. Adventurers, inventors, authors of Monster Hunting for Beginners and it's sequels, Monster Hunting for Beginners is Probably Inadvisable and Seriously, Dude, Stop Monster Hunting."
Author: Derek Landy
6. "I never actually plan sequels. They demand to be done."
Author: Ellen Hopkins
7. "As long as we, again, kind of keep earning the sequels with material and I'm confident Mike can, I'm in. You know I always want to do those. But I also want to keep going in some of the direction as Meet the Parents has."
Author: Jay Roach
8. "I think sequels should be earned and we won't do it unless the script is better than the first one."
Author: Jay Roach
9. "Clearly any film company that makes a film is always going to talk about sequels particularly if they see something as being successful, which Werewolf was."
Author: Jenny Agutter
10. "I was skeptical about doing Texas Chainsaw at first because it's such a cult classic. I'd seen some of the sequels and was not a fan of those."
Author: Jessica Biel
11. "You know for years before the notion of sequels, actors were the franchise. John Wayne would rarely do sequels, but he kind of played the same guy with a different name in every movie. I have no problem with using actors as franchises. And that's what is fun to do."
Author: Joel Silver
12. "I'm still an English professor at Rice University here in Houston. They've been very generous in letting me on a very long leash to just work on 'The Passage' and its sequels."
Author: Justin Cronin
13. "Stories are better than fiction, so let's hope for some real-life sequels."
Author: Katherine Ramsland
14. "But, George and Steven asked me to write the Indiana Jones sequels, and I didn't want to."
Author: Lawrence Kasdan
15. "I like to leave a film open-ended, with a lingering feeling. I'll not do sequels of any of my films till I have subjects to explore."
Author: Madhur Bhandarkar
16. "All novels are sequels; influence is bliss."
Author: Michael Chabon
17. "Sequels are very rarely a good idea, and in any case, the success of the book changed my relationship with the club in some ways."
Author: Nick Hornby
18. "Because I want to be treated as equals, not sequels."
Author: Nina Ardianti
19. "I've always made sequels, even when I was making Super 8 movies if the audience liked it."
Author: Sam Raimi
20. "As far as expense, I think if 'Twilight' does well enough, then we should be able to do the big expensive stuff for the sequels. I mean, we have to have werewolves, there's no way around it. They have to be there."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
21. "When you do films that have multiple sequels, you develop a character for a film."
Author: Warwick Davis
22. "Audiences can be leery of sequels; the studios make a hit, they see dollar signs, and they make a cheap rip-off."
Author: William Katt

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