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1. "But now he's taken up residence in my REM once more. He's here every time Jeb is gone, keeping me company—even though I don't ask him to.Sharing that much of your subconscious with someone, you tend to learn things about him. Sometimes you even develop feelings for him, no matter how you try to fight it."
Author: A.G. Howard
2. "Quality conversation is quite different from the love language words of affirmation. Affirming words focus on what we are saying, whereas quality conversation focuses fully as much on what we are hearing. If I am sharing my love for you by means of quality time and we are going to spend that time in conversation, it will be with a genuine desire to understand your thoughts, feelings and desires."
Author: Gary Chapman
3. "If it's just you sharing your feelings, perhaps you can voice it less like an order," I suggested."I'm used to giving orders and if it sounds like one then there's always a chance you'll obey."
Author: Kristen Ashley

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Quotes About Sharing Your Feelings
Quotes About Sharing Your Feelings
Quotes About Sharing Your Feelings

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