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1. "If you see lots of shark attacks in the news, you think, 'Gosh, sharks are out of control.' What you should think is 'Gosh, the news loves to cover shark attacks."
Author: David McRaney
2. "She spotted Matt Holden and her eyes began to twinkle. He was a handsome devil, even at his age. His wife had died the year before, and the husky black-eyed politician with his glimmering silver hair and elegant broad-shouldered physique was now on every widow's list of eligible. Even now, two lovely elderly society dames were attacking from both sides with expensive perfume and daring cleavage. At least one of them should have worn something high-necked, she mused, with her collarbone and skinny neck so prominent.Another pair of eyes followed her amused gaze. "Doesn't it remind you of shark attacks?" a pleasant voice murmured in her ear.She jumped, and looked up at her companion for the evening. "Good grief, Colby, you scared me out of a year's growth!" she burst out with a helpless laugh."
Author: Diana Palmer

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Quotes About Shark Attacks

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The exercise really had a lot less to do with water survival than with deliberate teamwork."
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