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1. "His arrival detonated two sheepdogs that began barking even before they emerged at a dead run from behind the garage."
Author: Anita Shreve
2. "Is that a scanning electron microscope? "This'll do, pig, this'll do," I murmur."Excuse me?""Sorry. Film reference, wasn't meant as an insult.""Ah. I see." His tone tells me he clearly doesn't. I briefly consider educating him, but explaining a movieabout a talking pig who wants to be a sheepdog to a Japanese vampire just isn't all that high on my to-dolist."
Author: D.D. Barant
3. "Even if a tamed wolf makes a good sheepdog, he will never understand how the sheep feel....You are most fortunate. For having been, as you thought, a coward, and helpless to fight - you know what that is like. You know what bitterness that feeling breeds - you know in your own heart what kind of evil it brings. And so you are most fit to fight it where it occurs."
Author: Elizabeth Moon
4. "Do you remember Vlek, who was such a good sheepdog that she and Jakob alone could drive a whole flock past you at the counting-post? Do you remember how Vlek grew old and sickly and could not hold down her food, and how there was no one to shoot her but you, and how you went for a walk afterwards because you did not want anyone to see you cry?"
Author: J.M. Coetzee
5. "A Christian's duty is to win souls for Christ. It would seem to me that tearing down a church you disagree with is like shooting holes in someone else's overloaded lifeboat to prove it's not as safe as yours. (from "Bullies, Wolves, Sheep and Sheepdogs)"
Author: Tom King

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