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1. "All though I didn't meet him. His legend and his saga and his story is just that. Jackie Robinson, we all have to tip our hat to him. Because he made the game available to guys like me."
Author: Dave Winfield
2. "I'm doing research for a large comic book on the Beat Generation guys - Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac and those guys."
Author: Harvey Pekar
3. "I saw 'Tintin' in Europe - it is 'Indiana Jones' on steroids. Unbelievable. What a fantastic movie. Steven Spielberg, you rock the house. And working with those young English guys like Edgar Wright, and also Peter Jackson; what a great combination."
Author: Harvey Weinstein
4. "It's really better this way, Ryan," Paige said with a sympathy that made me nauseous."Better for who?" he asked her. "For Jamie? For me? Or maybe just better for you. I can't believe you, Paige! You have no idea what she's beenthrough! Pain like you could never imagine! And you're throwing it in her face over and over again for what? Because I'd rather go out with her thanwith you?You call her the ice queen, but Jamie would never do something like that to anyone.""But look at what she's doing to you," Paige said."She's done nothing but make me happy, and she's had to turn her entire life around just to do it.You guys are the ones doing all the damage!"
Author: Kelly Oram
5. "On the ground, Cash gave a signal, and all the guys lined up by the pool. In unison, they stripped off their shirts and tossed them onto the grass. An audible sigh- like the ones you hear on a sitcom that is "filmed in front of a live studio audience"- filled the room. It was almost funny, really. Such a strong reaction to a bunch of shirtless boys."
Author: Kody Keplinger
6. "You can't put those guys like Marciano or anyone else in with today's class of fighters."
Author: Larry Holmes
7. "At that time, the people that were in the animated film business were mostly guys who were unsuccessful newspaper cartoonists. In other words, their ability to draw living things was practically nil."
Author: Marc Davis
8. "But who wants to hang aroundfrat guys ? I want to be with guys who have more on their minds than where the next keg party is. I want to be with guys who care about making this world a better place—the way Andrew does. I want to be with guys who know that what's important isn't the size of a girl's waistband but the size of her heart—like Andrew. I want to be with guys who are able to see past a girl's outward appearance, and into her soul—like Andrew."
Author: Meg Cabot
9. "It's not that guys aren't interested in me, because they are, it's that most of the guys I know are either:1. Shorter than me;2. Pansies;3. On my team;4. All of the above."
Author: Miranda Kenneally
10. "I'm going to fall on my face if I have to run next to you looking like that." "I don't look any different than most guys on the beach," he tried to persuade me. "It's you," I stressed. "Any other guy could look exactly like that shirtless,s but it's you shirtless that makes my brain go all stupid."
Author: Rebecca Donovan
11. "When I was 16, I was in Boston and some friends said, 'You want to go to New York?,' I went with my roommate... These guys said, 'We're going to this club. Just don't go in the washroom.' It was CBGB. I had no idea what it was or the history of all the music. All I knew was this was my first 21-and-over club and I managed to get in!"
Author: Stana Katic

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