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1. "Do not be content with showing friendship in words alone, let your heart burn with loving kindness for all who may cross your path"
Author: Abdu'l Bahá
2. "In another Christmas story, Dale Pearson, evil developer, self-absorbed woman hater, and seemingly unredeemable curmudgeon, might be visited in the night by a series of ghosts who, by showing him bleak visions of Christmas future, past, and present, would bring about in him a change to generosity, kindness, and a general warmth toward his fellow man. But this is not that kind of Christmas story, so here, in not too many pages, someone is going to dispatch the miserable son of a bitch with a shovel. That's the spirit of Christmas yet to come in these parts. Ho, ho, ho."
Author: Christopher Moore
3. "Being popular comes when you have everything. But to be liked, it means that you must be treating people with respect and you must be showing kindness toward them."
Author: Queen Rania Of Jordan
4. "I used to think mercy meant showing kindness to someone who didn't deserve it, as if only the recipient defined the act. The girl in between has learned that mercy is defined by its giver. Our flaws are obvious, yet we are loved and able t love, if we choose, because there is that bit of the divine still smoldering in us."
Author: Susan Meissner

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Quotes About Showing Kindness
Quotes About Showing Kindness
Quotes About Showing Kindness

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