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1. "Schrödinger's cat was a Siamese cat, must have been, because if it's at once alive and dead, it's a zombie, and the only zombie cats are Siamese cats."
Author: Jarod Kintz
2. "Nothing can scatter like 3 Siamese cats better than 2 Siamese cats."
Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
3. "She's like one of those Siamese cats. You know - totally self-interested, way too beautiful, way too aware of the fact, and totally willing to use it to get what she wants."
Author: Melinda Metz
4. "Then they decided that the fleas that lived on Siamese cats would probably be more intelligent than the fleas that lived on just ordinary alley cats. It only made sense that drinking intelligent blood would make intelligent fleas."
Author: Richard Brautigan

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Quotes About Siamese Cats
Quotes About Siamese Cats
Quotes About Siamese Cats

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