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1. "I don't know why Sinclair Lewis fell in love with me. He didn't get even the slightest response from me. But his letters were lovely. And the poems he wrote me were lovely. I used some of them in my book."
Author: Fay Wray
2. "Across from her, Hunter devoured her meal even more completely than she had. Sinclair watched her sink sharp teeth into the chicken bone, heard it snap, then the soft grunt of satisfaction. She made soft sucking sounds then emptied her mouth of the tiny ground up remains on a corner of her dish. Hunter ate with rabbit-like intensity, biting and sucking and spitting in an even rhythm until all that was left on the plate was a small brown and beige pile of ground bones. She finally looked up and caught Sinclair staring."
Author: Fiona Zedde
3. "You can suck the life out of someone without ever touching a drop of their blood. --Raphael Sinclair"
Author: Helen Maryles Shankman
4. "Las cosas que vemos – dijo Pistorious con voz apagada – son las mismas cosas que llevamos en nosotros. No hay más realidad que la que tenemos dentro. Por eso la mayoría de los seres humanos vive tan irrealmente, porque cree que las imágenes exteriores son la realidad y no permiten a su propio mundo interior manifestarse. Se puede ser muy feliz así, desde luego. Pero cuando se conoce lo otro, ya no se puede elegir el camino de la mayoría. Sinclair, el camino de la mayoría es fácil, el nuestro, difícil. Caminemos."
Author: Hermann Hesse
5. "Sinclair, your love is attracted to me. Once it begins to attract me, i will come. I will not make a gift of myself, I must be won."
Author: Hermann Hesse
6. "What is it you want, Finley Sinclair?"Some peace. Some healing. To hear God's voice again.I wanted to find my brother's Ireland. To put it into song.And I wanted my heart back."I'll know it when I find it." I looked past Beckett and into the night sky. "Or when it finds me."
Author: Jenny B. Jones
7. "She just asked me to pick her up some tampons and a Yoo-Hoo." ~Alex Sinclair"
Author: Jenny B. Jones
8. "With you i found myself.You are the one i was waiting for, when i didn't even realize i was waiting.-dr. Emma Sinclair-"
Author: Jill Shalvis
9. "My name is Nick Sinclair," he said, and watched the young man's curious smile change to open animosity. "I would like to see Lauren.""I'm Lauren's brother," the young man retorted, "and she doesn't want to see you."Her brother! Nick's momentary relief was followed by an absurd impulse to smash the younger man's face for stealing Lauren's allowances when she was a little girl. "I've come to see her," Nick stated impacably, "and if I have to walk over you to get to her, I will."
Author: Judith McNaught
10. "Nick Sinclair will not be present today," he informed the thunderous-looking group. "He asked me to express his regrets and to explain that he was called away on an urgent matter."In unison, six outraged faces turned to glare with impotent hostility at the vacant chair of their missing member. "Last time it was a labor relations problem. What the hell is Sinclair's problem this time?" a jowly man demanded unsympathetically."A merger," the chairman answered. "He said he is going to try to negotiate the most important merger of his life."
Author: Judith McNaught
11. "Only after the words were spoken did she realize what she had said. "My sins are all your fault, Brodick, and if I have to go to purgatory, then by God, you're going with me. Ramsey, if you do not stop laughing,I swear I shall toss you over this cliff.""Do you love him, lass?" Father asked."I do not," she answered emphatically."It isn't a requirement," Laggan pointed out."I should hope not," she cried."But it would make your life easier," he countered."Gillian, you will tell the truth," Brodick demanded.He grabbed hold of her hand. She tried to pull back, but he wouldn't let go."I have told the truth. I don't love Ramsey, and if he doesn't stop laughing at me, the Sinclairs will soon be looking for a new laird.""Not Ramsey," Laggan shouted so he could be heard over Ramsey's laughter. "I'm asking you if you love Brodick.""Did you tell Father I love you? Who else did you tell?"
Author: Julie Garwood
12. "Brenna jumped to her feet the second Father Sinclair entered the chamber. "I'm so happy to see you," she cried out."Be happy sitting down," Jamie ordered, hovering over her patient like a mother hen."
Author: Julie Garwood
13. "The whole calamity would be in one of those police reports that D. B. Sinclair and his "concerned citizens" filed carefully under "T" for "Things" at the back of a locked filing cabinet in the vehicle-licensing centre a day before a bonfire got accidentally out of control."
Author: Kate Griffin
14. "No, whoever was out there didn't want to take her in. But his sights were on her, gun sights, steady. Clear. She stared into them, and with a mocking smile, mouthed the words, I dare you!" (Cassie Sinclair)***He smiled at the challenge. One day, she just might dare him too far, but he doubted it would be a bullet he'd penetrate her with. (Unknown Breed)"
Author: Lora Leigh
15. "George you were very very bad to run away from Alice. Very bad But you were very good to stomp Sinclair when he was being a dick so I think we'll call this a wash."
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
16. "I'm in a Roadrunner cartoon, Sinclair. And I'm the coyote."
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
17. "Quit doing your game show host schtick, Marc," I ordered. "You're confusing the vampires. They're not big TV watchers.""Certainly not daytime television," Sinclair sniffed."
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
18. "— Es tan sutil como un ladrillo en la frente. Volveré.— Esto es genial. Un Terminator no muerto, simplemente lo que necesito enmi vida. Dale a Sinclair una bonita patada en las pelotas de mí parte."
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
19. "Take your hands off her, Sinclair told the guy behind me, Or they'll write books about what I'll do to you."
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
20. "Sinclair doesn't love your sister." "Not yet." I said darkly. "Give him time.""Look, I'm sure he's interested in her—""Wait till you see her. Just wait.""Like he doesn't have pussy thrown at him from cars?""What a horrifying mental image."
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
21. "Also,I loathe it when you refer to me as dude" Eric Sinclair to Betsy"
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
22. "...and that bastard Breckinridge Scott, yes, the Phalanx king, still hiding like a rat in his Antarctic Fortress of Scumditude.--Arthur Sinclair"
Author: Max Brooks
23. "Just love me, Myrna," he whispered against her lips. "Please."~Brian "Master" Sinclair"
Author: Olivia Cunning
24. "I had never read Upton Sinclair. I didn't read 'The Jungle' in high school or anything like that. But it's pretty terrific writing."
Author: Paul Thomas Anderson
25. "Mr. Sinclair once asked the class to make a list of the ten most beautiful words in the English language, and the only word that really seemed beautiful to me was tenderness."
Author: Robert Cormier
26. "Having realized that her affection for Sinclair went far beyond friendship, there was only one thing for her to do. She took off her hat and banged her head against the nearest lamppost.Also realizing she was drawing attention from passerby, she put her hat back on and resumed walking."
Author: Shirley Karr
27. "I want you to stop being subhuman and become 'yourself'. 'Yourself,' I say. Not the newspaper you read, not your vicious neighbor's opinion, but 'yourself.' I know, and you don't, what you really are deep down. Deep down, you are what a deer, your God, your poet, or your philosopher is. But you think you're a member of the VFW, your bowling club, or the Ku Klux Klan, and because you think so, you behave as you do. This too was told you long ago, by Heinrich Mann in Germany, by Upton Sinclair and John Dos Passos in the United States. But you recognized neither Mann nor Sinclair. You recognize only the heavyweight champion and Al Capone. If given your choice between a library and a fight, you'll undoubtedly go to the fight."
Author: Wilhelm Reich

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