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1. "Mission One is the meeting with Zsinj. Face commands and has chosen Dia and Kell to accompany him. This is all intelligence gathering, very delicate, which is why the crew is full of deadly killers."
Author: Aaron Allston
2. "Agent Jones held Sinjin's face in his hands. "I'm going to make balloon animals. People need balloon animals.""How right you are, strange delusional man," Sinjin said."
Author: Libba Bray
3. "Maybe PTSD really is triggered by a single incident, a stressor, as it's known in the psychiatric community, and maybe the attack at Al-Waleed was that stressor for me, but as I have learned in the intervening years, I was not damaged by that moment alone. In fact, while there are specific memories that resurface with some frequency, like the suicide bomber in Sinjar or the order riot at Al-Waleed, I find myself most traumatized by the overall experience of being in a combat zone like Iraq, where you are always surrounded by war but rarely aware of when or how violence will arrive. Like so many of my fellow veterans, I understand now how that it is the daily adrenaline rush of a war without front lines or uniforms, rather than the infrequent bursts of bloody violence, that ultimately damages the modern warrior's mind."
Author: Luis Carlos Montalván
4. "Sloboda nije mjera žita da se na kantar stavlja, vec onaj soko što leti iznad Polja Sinjskog."
Author: Vinko Vrbanic

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Quotes About Sinj
Quotes About Sinj

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