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1. "I have walked enough to see how life treats us differently in the same situation again & again...."Journey from unknown to known"
Author: Adil Adam Memon
2. "I really believe we read differently when we know even the most banal facts of an author's life."
Author: Anne Michaels
3. "In modern pharmacology it's so clear that even if you have a fixed dose of a drug, the individuals respond very differently to one and the same dose."
Author: Arvid Carlsson
4. "To see things differently requires you to be wired a little differently."
Author: Fred Wilson
5. "Tis strange,-but true; for truth is always strange;Stranger than fiction: if it could be told,How much would novels gain by the exchange!How differently the world would men behold!"
Author: George Gordon Byron
6. "Praying and sinning will never live together in the same heart. Prayer will consume sin, or sin will choke prayer."
Author: J.C. Ryle
7. "The only way a ventriloquist speaks differently is that he forgoes using his or her lips, and learns to reproduce sounds using the tongue, upper palate, and teeth only. Those 'difficult' letters are B, F, M, P, V, W, and Y."
Author: Jeff Dunham
8. "A government operates and acts differently than a company. So all we want to do is get some transparency here and then determine if the deal should go forward."
Author: Mark Foley
9. "I guess you should approach the roles differently when they're actual people who have been, this is the difference. Getting the accent exact, or the hair exact is less important in a situation like this."
Author: Mary Stuart Masterson
10. "I get extra time to take the test because of my ADD. Everybody's brains works differently and I just need longer for things to register."
Author: Mary Kate Olsen
11. "People remember my last name because it's different, and people remember me in meetings because I dress differently from other people just because I'm a woman. Those kinds of things give you an opportunity and a spotlight, so use that to your advantage. Use it as a platform to demonstrate your knowledge and your capabilities."
Author: Padmasree Warrior
12. "People seem to forget that one reason they are now thinking differently is Freud's legacy itself."
Author: Peter Gay
13. "I recently asked more than seventy eminent researchers if they would have done I their work differently if they had thought Darwin's theory was wrong. The responses were all the same: no. I also examined the outstanding biodiscoveries of the past century: the discovery of the double helix; the characterization of the ribosome: the mapping of genomes; research on medications and drug reactions: improvements in food production and sanitation; the development of new surgeries; and others. I even queried biologists working in areas where one would expect the Darwinian paradigm to have most benefited research, such as the emergence of resistance to antibiotics and pesticides. Here, as elsewhere, I found that Darwin's theory had provided no discernible guidance, but was brought in, after the breakthroughs, as an interesting narrative gloss."
Author: Philip S. Skell
14. "I see myself as quite feminine. But many people seem to think differently about that; sometimes people mistake me for a man. In Paris I often hear 'bonjour monsieur'."
Author: Saskia De Brauw
15. "...Life without sinning was like food without salt, pure but tasteless."
Author: Sharon Kay Penman

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