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1. "I'm more inclined to linger in the science pages of 'The Week' magazine. But my principle obsessions are still watching sitcoms and football."
Author: Alan Davies
2. "I could have stayed in L.A. and done sitcoms for awhile and will probably go back and do one I hope."
Author: Andrea Martin
3. "In sitcoms, the women are so beautiful, understanding and well-bred. They have humor, but sort of display it with a twinkle of the eye and not a guffaw. But there's no juice in that for me."
Author: Bea Arthur
4. "As far as sitcoms go, I thought Jenna Elfman in 'Dharma and Greg' was a wonderful physical comedienne who had great timing."
Author: Carol Burnett
5. "Tyler, I'm grateful to you; for everything that you've done for me. But this is too much. I don't want this.What do you want? Wanna go back to the shit job, fuckin' condo world, watching sitcoms? Fuck you, I won't do it."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
6. "I'll get to make a lot of money and do some bad sitcoms."
Author: Darrell Hammond
7. "I decided sitcoms weren't for me."
Author: David Alan Grier
8. "Brendan Harris loved everyone now because he loved Katie and Katie loved him. Brendan loved traffic and smog and the sound of jackhammers. He loved his worthless old man who hadn't sent him a single birthday or Christmas card since he'd walked out on Brendan and his mother when Brendan was six. He loved Monday mornings, sitcoms that couldn't make a retard laugh, and standing in line at the RMV. He even loved his job, though he wouldn't be going in ever again."
Author: Dennis Lehane
9. "I'm surprised how many commercials and sitcoms and movies have a need for, 'We just need something to come by the camera that's really weird.' They call Doug Jones."
Author: Doug Jones
10. "Xiang wei is the character a good dish has when it's robust, flavorful, and balanced but still maintains a certain light quality. That flavor comes, lingers on your tongue, stays long enough to make you crave it, but just when you think you have it figured out, it's gone. Timing is everything. Soup dumplings, sitcoms, one-night stands—good ones leave you wanting more."
Author: Eddie Huang
11. "I love sitcoms, and I grew up on sitcoms. That's my tasty junk food."
Author: Felicia Day
12. "Definitely not a sitcom, that's my first condition. No sitcoms."
Author: Hector Elizondo
13. "There's a real sense of camaraderie with sitcoms."
Author: Jack Whitehall
14. "Sitcoms are making a comeback, but you've got to have a little quirkiness in there now."
Author: Jackee Harry
15. "I just love doing sitcoms. I'd be in them till I was gray if they'd have me."
Author: Jason Bateman
16. "Sitcoms are what got me excited about show business."
Author: Jen Kirkman
17. "I grew up doing sitcoms and theater and even playing with the Beach Boys, where you're programmed to perform, your body gets into a rhythm and you know it has to perform."
Author: John Stamos
18. "I mean, sitcoms shouldn't be doing 'Saturday Night Live.' You can't just do bit after bit after bit. You have to string it together with tight writing and performances. Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to do this."
Author: Joyce DeWitt
19. "Yes, 1960's North American sitcoms have led me to study the United States 1920's and 1930's crime bosses— QET Jenkins"
Author: Kim Welsman
20. "More teenagers go to movies or rent a tape of a movie than sit down and watch sitcoms on television."
Author: Mindy Cohn
21. "One day the English language is going to perish. The easy spokenness of it will perish and go black and crumbly — maybe — and it will become a language like Latin that learned people learn. And scholars will write studies of Larry Sanders and Friends and Will & Grace and Ellen and Designing Women and Mary Tyler Moore, and everyone will see that the sitcom is the great American art form. American poetry will perish with the language; the sitcoms, on the other hand, are new to human evolution and therefore will be less perishable."
Author: Nicholson Baker
22. "The entrance to the natural EM senses is now guarded by artificially monstrous EM waves carrying every kind of pattern irrelevant to nature, from TV sitcoms to defense radar broadcasts. It is as though we have covered the whole surface of the globe with a slum of slovenly, impalpable constructions during the past eighty years or so since Marconi. They are literally skyscrapers in as much as they touch the ionosphere and are reflected from it. They are tenements full of the disorderly displays of sitcoms and the sterile reflections of military radar."
Author: Peter Redgrove
23. "I love doing sitcoms. I love doing comedy. I love the whole shooting match."
Author: Rachael Harris
24. "Today's television sitcoms...the father is typically depicted as a clumsy buffoon, an inane and even unnecessary appendage. In creating that caricature, producers and directors have done irreparable damage to the God-ordained image of what may be one of the most significant roles and offices in eternity - that of a father, that of a real man."
Author: Robert L. Millet
25. "I do have a regard for the musicality of language that came from BBC sitcoms like 'Fawlty Towers.'"
Author: Russell Brand
26. "I watch sitcoms like Seinfeld, and here's a newsflash, but what a great show."
Author: Scott Wolf
27. "There are only about three really, really good sitcoms on the air."
Author: Sharon Gless
28. "I don't think American family sitcoms are mean. I guess I really love 'Arrested Development.' I guess they are quite mean in that, but that is also a very silly, surreal, absurd show as well, and it has got a heart as well."
Author: Simon Bird
29. "I enjoy watching sitcoms where the team behind it have successfully created a whole alternate reality that you can enter into for half an hour every week."
Author: Simon Bird
30. "I love watching old sitcoms. It's very inspiring to watch 'Mary Tyler Moore' and 'Golden Girls.' I have watched them over and over again for years."
Author: Valerie Azlynn
31. "I'm an actor first and foremost, who happens to do improv. I've also done sitcoms, I've done stage."
Author: Wayne Brady
32. "I loved doing sitcoms."
Author: Will Estes

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